NDA 1 2020 Notification Out ! (Age Limit, Vacancy, Pattern, Syllabus)

NDA 1 2020 Notification Out !

Hello defence aspirants. NDA Notification 2020 is released and we have analysed the UPSC NDA Notification released by Union Public Service Commission to give you A to Z Details of the upcoming exam. NDA Notification pdf is of more than 50 pages. So, it becomes cumbersome to read complete details provided in notification. So, this article will contain only important points related to NDA 1 2020 Exam which you must know. We have divided NDA Notification into different sections for ease of understanding. 

This detailed guide will give you A to Z important details about upcoming NDA exam 2020 like NDA exam age limit, Exact number of attempts, Medical criteria, Pattern overview, etc which will give you bird’s eye view of the NDA exam. Before starting the preparation, you must be aware about exact pattern of written exam, cutoff analysis, number of attempts and also some important things regarding SSB interview and medical criteria so that you are well prepared before time. This article will be one stop solution for all  your NDA exam requirements.

Let us begin with most important detail, that is, NDA exam date:

NDA 1 2020 Exam Date

NDA 1 2020 Exam Date

NDA 1 2020 Exam will be conducted on 19th of April 2020 all over India. Exam will be held on Sunday, at exam center mentioned in your NDA Admit Card 2020 (In Offline Format)

NDA 2 2020 Exam Date

NDA 2 2020 Exam Date

NDA 2 2020 Exam will be conducted on 6th of September 2020 all over India. Exam will be held on Sunday, at exam center mentioned in your NDA Admit Card (In Offline Format)

NDA Age limit 2020

These are the following criteria’s of NDA exam, in terms of age limit:

  1. Unmarried male candidate between age of 16.5 and 19.5 years
  2. He must have passed / appearing in Class 12 (10+2) while giving NDA exam, and must have cleared the 12th Boards before joining National Defence Academy. 

For example: Age limit for NDA 1 2020: He must be born between July 2001 and July 1, 2004

NDA 1 2020 Age limit

Candidate must be born between 2nd July 2001 to 1st July 2004

NDA 2 2020 Age limit

Candidate must be born between 2nd January 2002 to 1st January 2005

Read detailed article on NDA Age Limit for more details.

Number of Attempts for NDA exam

Very common questions among NDA aspirants is “How many attempts do I have for NDA exam?”

Answer of this question is easy. NDA exam is conducted two times in a year. You can give your first attempt when you are 12th appear and your age is also between 16.5 to 19.5 when you are 12th appear. 

So, 2 attempts in 12th standard, and 2-3 attempts after 12th board result depending on your age. (Generally many aspirants do not give NDA exam after they have taken admission to degree college)

So, every NDA aspirants gets at least 4 NDA attempts if there is no year gap or any other issue.

(Please don’t waste time researching on it. You just need 2-3 serious attempts (Maximum) to clear all stages of NDA exam)

NDA Eligibility 2020

In case of NDA Eligibility, you need to be in above given age limit and must be 12th appearing/ passed aspirant. Moreover:

  1. If you are from Humanities Background, you can apply only for Indian Army branch of NDA. Navy and Airforce branch needs compulsory Physics and Maths at 10+2 level.
  2. If you are a Diploma aspirant, are not eligible for NDA examination.

Just fulfilling above criteria’s is not sufficient to join NDA. You also need to be competent enough to be an officer. For that you will need to study hard from detailed NDA exam strategies which are made available to you. Follow below 3 articles if you want to score 450+ marks in NDA written exam:

  1. NDA Maths paper strategy (to score 135+ marks)
  2. NDA GAT paper strategy (to score 315+ marks)
  3. SSB interview preparation tips for NDA

How to Download NDA Notification 2020 (Step By Step Procedure)

STEP 1 : Go to www.upsc.gov.in 

UPSC Official Website

STEP 2 : Go to “Active Examination Tab” as shown below

NDA 1 2020 Notification

STEP 3: Click on “NDA 1 2020 Exam” in the list of Active Examinations

NDA 1 2020 Notification details

STEP 4: Now you can see all details of NDA 1 2020 Exam. Click on “Download NDA Notification” section (Blue Link). Your NDA Notification will start automatic download which will be saved in your device (Offline)

NDA Notification 2020

STEP 5: After NDA 1 2020 Admit Card download, you must start NDA Online application form filling process which is done on “www.upsconline.nic.in“. Check our article on NDA registration where A to Z process of filling the NDA online application form is explained with Step by Step process.

NDA Exam Pattern 2020 Overview (Very Important)

Stage 1: Written exam (2 Objective type papers on Maths and GAT)

Stage 2: SSB interview (of 5 days)

Stage 3: Clear Medical test (Qualifying in nature)

Stage 4: Be a part of merit list (Total of Marks in Written exam and SSB interview)

Stage one exam, that is, Written exam will be of 900 marks (300 for Maths and 600 for General Ability Test paper) where you need to clear Individual paper cutoff as well as overall cutoff to qualify for next stage. Checkout detailed article on NDA exam cutoff analysis for more clarity.

Next stage is of SSB interview which will be scheduled 2-2.5 months from announcement of written exam result. SSB interview is a 5 days long process which is a test of psychology and officer like qualities which is done through multiple tests divided over 5 days. Read article on SSB interview preparation for more details.

There can be 3 cases in case of your SSB interview :

  1. You will be screened out (Unable to clear Stage 1 of SSB interview)
  2. You will be Conference out (Unable to clear stage 2 of SSB interview)
  3. You will clear SSB interview (Recommended)

If you will clear the SSB interview, then you will have to stay back at SSB centre for few more days for your Medical tests (depends on your SSB centre).

There can be 3 cases in case of Medical Test :

  1. You will clear the Medical tests
  2. You will get temporary rejection on some medical criteria and will be given time period to report again with that particular parameter repaired. (For example= Extra weight)
  3. You will get permanent rejection based on some medical criteria’s.

If you have cleared the Medical test, then you will have to wait for final merit list which will be released on www.upsc.gov.in after completion of SSB interviews of all aspirants of that particular attempt. 

NDA Cutoff 2020

These are the written exam papers you need to face:

Subject Duration Marks  Questions Marks per question:
Mathematics 2.5 hours 300 120 2.5
General Ability Test (GAT) 2.5 hours 600 150

To clear NDA exam cutoff,

  1. You need to score minimum 30% marks in each paper to clear the individual paper cutoff.
  2. You need to clear the overall cutoff too (calculated out of 900 marks)

Generally, overall NDA exam cutoff can be cleared if you score 42-45 % marks. (Cutoff depends on difficulty of paper, number of vacancies and number of aspirants who gave the exam)

I will highly recommend you to go through the detailed NDA Cut off article, where I have analysed last 4-5 years cut off of NDA exam.

Number of Vacancies of NDA exam 2020

Total number of vacancies through NDA exam 415 out of which 370 vacancies are for National Defence Academy and remaining 45 Vacancies for Naval Academy

Out of 370 vacancies for National defence academy,

  • 208 vacancies are for Indian Army
  • 120 vacancies are for Indian Air force (Including 28 ground duty vacancies)
  • 42 Vacancies are for Indian Navy

It is seen that sometimes these vacancies are not filled and sometimes there can be addition in these vacancies (given in NDA notification).

So, do not worry about vacancies, If you have it in you, you will be selected!!!

Medical Criteria for NDA Exam 2020

NDA Height Eligibility

Let us begin with the most important parameter,that is Height to weight ratio. I am giving this medical criteria of NDA exam at first position because it is in your hand to maintain your weight as per your height. Lets see the chart wise comparison. 

Height/weight Standard for Army and Airforce: 

Height in cm

(without shoes)

16-17 years

(Weight in Kg)

17-18 years

(Weight in Kg)

18-19 years

(Weight in Kg)

152 42.5 44.0 45.0
155 43.5 45.3 47.0
157 45.0 47.0 48.0
160 46.5 48.0 49.0
162 48.0 50.0 51.0
165 50.0 52.0 53.0
167 51.0 53.0 54.0
170 52.5 55.0 56.0
173 54.5 57.0 58.0
175 56.0 59.0 60.0
178 58.0 61.0 62.0
180 60.0 63.0 64.5
183 62.5 65.0 66.5

(Height relaxation up to 2.5 cm may be allowed where the medical board certifies That candidate is likely to grow and come up to required standard on completion of training)

Height/weight Standard for Indian Navy: 

Height in cm

(without shoes)

16 years

(Weight in Kg)

18 years

(Weight in Kg)

20 years

(Weight in Kg)

152 44 45 46
155 45 46 47
157 46 47 49
160 47 48 50
162 48 50 52
165 50 52 53
168 52 53 55
170 53 55 57
173 55 57 59
175 57 59 61
178 59 61 62
180 61 63 64
183 63 65 67

Some special requirement for Air force Pilot (NDA exam):

Parameters Minimum Maximum
Leg length 99cm 120 cm
Thigh length ——– 64 cm
Sitting height 81.50 cm 96 cm

Will focus on some important medical parameters you must focus on:  

Believe me, many medical parameters can be improved if you work on it with full dedication. Some parameters may take long period to improve (even 1 year), but it’s possible to improve your medical condition. That’s the reason to make a detailed section of NDA exam medical and Physical criteria.:

  1. Candidate must be physically and mentally fit as well as free from any type of disease or even disability. 
  2. Aspirant must not have any type of mental breakdown record in the past history. 
  3. Wax in ears, fungal infection of skin, refractory error of Eyes must be addressed before reporting the SSB interview board. (precautions can be taken)
  4. Weight of the aspirant must be within the limit as specified in the “weight-height chart“(given above) 
  5. Functional or organic disease of the heart will be checked. Your blood pressure should be in given range (normal). 
  6. Hernia will make a candidate unfit. If your hernia is operated, then this should have been done at least one year prior to the present examination.
  7.  Hydrocele, varicocele for piles is not allowed. 
  8. Urine checkup is done to check any abnormity, which can be a cause for rejection. 
  9. Aspirant must not have knock knees or flat foot. (can be resolved with some exercises)
  10. Aspirant must not have digital tremors
  11. Aspirant must not have hyperhidrosis: Excessive sweating in any part of the body is called as “silent handicapped” of a person. It is also a ground for rejection in NDA medical test.
  12. Aspirant should not have any disease of bone or joints of the body.

NDA Written exam Chapter-Wise weightage (NDA Syllabus analysis)

All things can be left aside for some time, but we cannot neglect written exam (especially NDA Syllabus). Because if you fail to clear the Written exam, everything will start again from zero. 

So, now we will have a look over Subject- wise weightage of NDA Maths paper and NDA GAT paper.

Let’s begin with NDA Maths paper which is stage 1 of written exam:

Maths Topics Exact number asked in exam Marks Weightage of topic in Maths paper
Differential calculus and integral calculus 24-26 Questions 60-65 20% approx.
Trigonometry 20-22 Questions 50-55 16.66% 
Algebra  20-22 questions 50-55 16.66%
Statistics and Probability 10-12 Questions  25-30 8.33%
Vector Algebra 8-10 questions 20-25 6.66%
Analytical Geometry  18-20 Questions 45-50 15%
Determinant and Matrices 8-10 Questions 20-25 6.66% 
Total 120 questions 300 marks 100 percent

I have made this simplified analysis for you. Now it’s your duty to utilize it in your NDA preparation.

Let’s have a look over NDA GAT paper Chapter-wise weightage:

GAT paper Topics Exact number asked in exam Marks Weightage of topic in Maths paper
English 50 Questions 200 33.33%
Physics 23-25 Questions 100 16.66% 
Chemistry 13-15 questions 60 10%
General science (Biology) 8-10 Questions  40 6.66%
History, freedom struggle 18-20 questions 80 13.33%
Geography  18-20 Questions 80 13.33%
Current events 8-10 Questions 40 6.66% 
Total 150 questions 600 marks 100 percent

There are many aspirants who are working hard, but working smart can bring huge difference. Study the subjects as per their weightage and manage time as per preference.


I have explained major terms like NDA exam age limit, Number of attempts for NDA exam, NDA exam pattern overview, NDA exam medical requirements and many more things to give you a holistic picture of NDA exam. Now, it’s your turn to work hard on your dreams by studying 7-8 hours daily for upcoming NDA Exam. 

I have worked hard to make detailed strategy for NDA written exam (Maths + GAT). Now it depends on how dedicated you are to complete the strategy with self-study approach to achieve your ultimate aim of joining National Defence Academy. 

And make sure that you share this article on “NDA Notification 2020” with your friends on whatsapp and other platforms. No needy aspirant must be left out

Our team is waiting for your reviews and opinion on this article. So, that we can bring changes accordingly. 

Jai Hind !


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