SSB Interview Procedure (5 days + 3 days SSB)

SSB Interview procedure

You are reading this article means you have taken the first step towards cracking SSB Interview in first attempt. Now, you are on the best platform where you will get SSB interview tips and SSB interview step by step preparation guide along with SSB procedure through this lengthy article which will cover A to Z aspects about SSB interview.

How to crack SSB interview in First Attempt? (Introduction)

Cracking SSB interview begins with understanding SSB procedure and each and every task which you need to perform in those 5 days.

If you want to crack SSB interview in first attempt, read, follow and implement instructions told in this video in your first attempt. Stop procrastinating things and don’t wait for right time to start SSB interview preparation. It’s already high time to start preparation. Don’t treat SSB interview as an exam, SSB must be a way of life. You need to bring out changes in your day to day life, so that those qualities get reflected at the time of SSB.

Don’t worry, this article contains basics about the SSB interview procedure and detail explanation of basic terms (very imp) which will add value in your preparation. We have covered SSB interview asked questions, Daily routine of SSB aspirant, SSB interview toppers tips, SSB interview procedure, Denovo system update, SSB experience, SSB interview toppers interview (IMA AIR 4 Arvind Kaushik, OTA AIR 1 Ipupu Mena) and much more about SSB interview in this SSB series.

I guarantee you, that after reading this whole article, all your doubts regarding SSB interview will be cleared, and you will not have to search a single word about SSB interview after today. You will get a roadmap and exact strategy to prepare for SSB interview from today itself.

This is a one-stop solution for SSB interview preparation. Just make sure, that you read the whole article in detail, and follow the instructions as told in the video to clear SSB interview in the first attempt.

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What is SSB interview? (In simple language)

SSB Full form = Service Selection Board

SSB stands for Services Selection Board, which is an organization that assesses the candidates for becoming officers in Indian Armed Forces, and this test / interview conducted by SSB is called as “SSB interview”. If you want to become officer in armed forces, that may be via any entry (CDS, NDA, AFCAT, Technical, NCC entry, UES, Medical), you have to clear SSB interview.

An SSB Board comprises of assessors who are officers of Indian Armed forces having specialization as psychologist, GTO and Interviewing officer divided among 13 Selection Boards across India. These board choose aspirants who are most suitable to work in armed forces and lead men of Armed forces (on the basis of their Psychological levels, officer-like qualities and many more parameters)

This SSB interview is a 5 days evaluation process (New Denovo system not yet implemented) where various tests are conducted to check officer like qualities of aspirants.

SSB interviews are conducted at different Selection Centres all over India depending on forces. (SSB procedure remains the same for all academy interviews)

Indian Army has 3 selection centers across the country and 10 Services Selection Boards in these 3 centers.

Selection Centers Service Selection Boards
Selection Centre East, Allahabad
11 SSB, 14 SSB, 18 SSB, 19 SSB,
34 SSB
Selection Centre Central, Bhopal (MP): 20 SSB, 21 SSB, 22 SSB
Selection Centre South, Bangalore
17 SSB, 24 SSB

For Indian Navy:

  • National Selection Board (NSB) Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • 12 SSB at SCS Banglore (Karnataka)
  • 33 SSB at SCC Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

For Indian Air Force:

  • AFSB Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
  • AFSB Mysore (Karnataka)
  • AFSB Gandhinagar (Gujarat)
  • AFSB Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

This was a basic overview about SSB and SSB interview. You need to know these details before you start the actual SSB preparation. (understand the exact SSB procedure as early as possible, so that you can focus exclusively on preparation)

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Different terms used in SSB interview and their simplified meanings

SSB Interview basic terms
SSB Interview basic terms

Before directly jumping towards 5 days SSB procedure, we will first focus on some “SSB interview tests” and “terms repeatedly used in SSB interview process” and give you a simplified meaning of these terms. Understanding these 16 terms will help you grasp SSB interview process with 100% conceptual clarity. Various short forms of various tests will be explained in detail. Even if you don’t know anything about SSB interview, these terms will make you familiar with the SSB interview process.

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Verbal and Non Verbal test (Intelligence tests)

This is the first test you will face in “Officer’s Intelligence Rating test”. These are the basic IQ tests which are very easy to clear, and no special study is needed for it. These questions are similar to aptitude test/IQ test you have faced for entrance exams or job interviews. I will tell topics of these test so that its clear to you.

Topics in Verbal: Spelling questions, Missing words questions, related words questions, synonyms and antonyms (easy), word pair questions, comprehension questions, reasoning questions, direction sense test

Topics in Non- Verbal: All aptitude questions related to images, missing views, number of triangles in figure, number of squares in figure (similar to figure based questions asked in AFCAT exam)

Believe me guys, both these tests are very easy. But dot take it lightly, you must practice these questions also.

1. PPDT ( Picture Perception and Discussion Test )

Picture Perception and Discussion Test
Picture Perception and Discussion Test

PPDT Stands for “Picture Perception and Discussion Test”. In this test, you will be shown a picture on screen (Vague and confusing) for 30 seconds, and later you have to think a story based on this image and write story in 3 minutes. Later you will be divided in group of 17-18 members where each member has to narrate his written story followed by group discussion among these 17-18 group members.

(This is deciding factor of clearing Stage 1 of SSB interview procedure)

2. TAT

TAT stands for “Thematic Apperception Test” where you will be shown 11 pictures on screen (Out of which last one will be blank) and you need to write story on each picture. You will be shown 1st picture for 30 seconds, then you will get 4 minutes time to write a story. Then immediately you will be shown second picture for 30 seconds and you have to repeat the same process for 11 slides / Pictures.

(This test needs good practice while SSB interview preparation)

3. WAT

WAT stands for “Word Association Test”. This is also a challenging test where you will be shown 60 words back to back, each word will remain on the screen for only 15 seconds, in which you are supposed to write a sentence that comes in your mind first. Generally the words are chosen in such a way that they have multiple meanings. Our thinking and psychology is reflected through this test. (Because we write the first thing that come to our mind in those 15 seconds)

4. SRT

SRT stands for “Situation Reaction test”. In this test, you will be given a booklet which will contain 60 different situations for which you need to write your response to that situation. And for total 60 SRT’s, you will get only 30 minutes.

5. SD

SD stands for “Self Description” where you need to write opinion about you from the perspective of people you know (from the view of parents, teachers, friends). You also need to mention things you would like to develop in future.

(You are supposed to practice SD multiple times and check it from expert at the time of SSB interview preparation. Try to standardize a particular answer for SD)

6. GD

GD stands for “Group Discussion”. You have to face 2 Group discussions based on general trending current issues or even social issues contemporary to your SSB period.

SSB interview Group Discussion

7. GPE

GPE stands for “Group Planning Exercise” which is an outdoor exercise. You will be given an outdoor task (on which you and your group members need to prepare a common plan and implement it. This group must have a leader who will explain the plan to others and makes sure that plan is implemented properly in stipulated time) (Maps are provided)

8. PGT

PGT Stands for “Progressive group task”, where you will be given some obstacle like rope, wooden plank (as you have seen in many youtube videos). These tasks have some rules which make the group task more difficult.

9. HGT

HGT stands for “Half group task” which is similar to PGT with only difference of half members than PGT.

10. IOT

IOT stands for “Individual Obstacle task” where you are required to attempt 10 obstacles individually, with different marks as per difficulty level. IOT demands you to be physically fit and active to do individual task in given time period.

SSB Individual Obstacles Task
SSB Individual Obstacles Task

11. GTO

Full form of GTO is “Group testing Officer” who will test your qualities in series of group task. Your group skills are tested than individual skills. You must utilize your individual skills for the whole group to win. (Important task)

12. Command Task

You will be made commander to cross 2-3 obstacles with 2-3 subordinates. It’s the test of leadership qualities.

13. Individual lecturette

You have to give lecture for 3-4 minutes on a topic chosen by you. You have to choose a topic out of 4 options (on the spot)

14. Personal Interview

Crucial stage deciding your recommendation. (Time of personal interview also decide how your personal interview was). Never lie and be yourself in Personal interview. During preparation, make a list of questions based on your life events, which you think can be asked in SSB interview, and have strong view points for each question. Believe me, it helps.

Image credits: SSB Crack

15. Conference

I think this stage is just for formality as all things are decided before it. Some general questions about your stay, travel, etc are asked here. This stage can be helpful for those aspirants who are on Border line.

(Smart Study: Here you need to analyse/study these 16 terms and all tasks which take place in stage 1 and stage 2 of SSB interview. Make notes of qualities you will need to perform well in those individual task and try to implement those qualities in day to day life. Believe me, if you will not implement these OLQ’s in day to day life, it will not be reflected in SSB interview)

Now, you know what are the tasks and qualities required to score good in those tasks. Now, let us focus on exact 5 day SSB interview procedure (SSB procedure) with every minute details.

5 Days SSB Interview Procedure

This section of this article will give you a bird’s eye view of SSB interview procedure of 5-6 days.

Reporting Day:

On the reporting day at the SSB centre, ‘Document Verification’ and ‘PIQ form filling’ takes place. Your Call letter contains all details of reporting. You have to report at Moment Control Office. Your actual SSB interview may start on reporting day or day after reporting day. If you are reporting in early morning, SSB stage 1 (screening) will start on the same day, on the other hand, if reporting is in mid-day, your stage 1 of SSB will start from next day.

(Carry all necessary documents as per list given in letter. And keep the bag of original documents safe at the railway station, where you will report at MCO)

(No mobile phones and electronic devices allowed during SSB interview tests. You need to keep mobiles in rooms allotted to you)

(5 Days SSB interview procedure pdf will also be made available on aspirants demand)

‘Day 1’ of SSB Interview Procedure

SSB Interview procedure
SSB Interview procedure

Stage 1 of the SSB interview is “Screening test” where major chunk of aspirants are sent back home. Reason of this test is to filter best aspirants among available aspirants which can be further tested with detailed tests.

(‘Luck’ plays a little role in this Screening process. But ‘luck’ occurs when your preparations meet opportunity. So, be well prepared. You will not get a second chance in this stage)

Screening Tests Consists of:

Verbal and Non Verbal test (easy) (OIR)

I have explained about this test above in very detail manner with topics of verbal and non Verbal papers.

2 papers of 50 Questions each. (30 minutes allotted for each paper)

PPDT (Picture Perception and Discussion test)

PPDT (In Stage 1 + Stage 2 of SSB interview)

You will be shown a blur/confusing picture for 30 seconds and given time of 3 minutes to write a story on it. Later group of 17-18 aspirants will be made and each aspirant will be asked to narrate his story. Once this is done, group discussion will take place among all group members on that picture, trying to conclude a single story.

(You get very less time to narrate the story, and Group discussion turns into fish market many a times. So, be well prepared for screening test. PPDT decides whether you will stay for next 4 days or not. )

After completing PPDT, you will get lunch and 3 hours of break before actual results of Stage 1 will be announced. If you pass, you will stay there for next few days, while other aspirants will get travelling allowances and will be dropped back to railway stations.

‘Day 2’ of SSB Interview Procedure

SSB Interview Procedure
SSB Interview Procedure

Actual SSB interview starts from day 2. You will be allotted new chest numbers and actual Psychological tests will begin. Filling of PIQ forms is done here (Basic information form)

You will begin with these 4 Psychological tests on the second day of SSB Interview (Day 2)

Psychological tests (crucial tests of SSB procedure)

  • Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)= 10-12 story writing from Pictures (blur/confusing)
  • Word Association test (WAT)= Making sentences from 60 words (15 seconds for 1 word)
  • Situation Reaction Test (SRT)= booklet of 60 Situation reaction test questions in 30 minutes.
  • Self Description Test (SD) = Parents, teachers, friends and Self Opinion, aim in life, qualities to improve (15 minutes)

(All these tests are explained in detail individually above. Read them once again.)

‘Day 3’ of SSB interview procedure

SSB interview preparation
SSB interview preparation

Day 3 and Day 4 consists of Group test 1 and Group test 2.

Group Test 1 (GTO 1)

Group Discussion (GD) (Takes place in 2 rounds)

Round 1 (2 Topics= Select one topic and discuss)
Round 2 (Only 1 Topic is given, and we need to discuss on it)

Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

In this task, GTO will Narrate story using model and story card. 2-3 major problems and few minor problems are present in the story. You need to identify them and write individual solution to problems in 10 minutes. (Story cards will be distributed among candidates for 5 minutes to understand the issue)

You also need to discuss it for 10-15 minutes.

Progressive Group Task (PGT)

Cross 4-5 obstacles with the help of helping materials. Task will be of 40 minutes and task will have some predefined rules.

Group Obstacle Race (GOR) / Snake Race (SR)

Carrying lightweight rope in group task (40 min)

Half Group Task (HGT)

Same as PGT. Only difference is half group and only 1-2 obstacles.


Last task of day 3. GTO will give you a card of 4 topics for lecturette. You have to choose 1 topic out of it and give a lecture on it for 3 minutes (you get only 3 minutes for preparation)

‘Day 4’ of SSB interview procedure

SSB interview procedure
SSB interview procedure

Day 4 of the SSB also consists of Group tasks called as Group Test-2

Group Test-2 (GTO-2)

Individual Obstacle (IO)

Total 10 obstacles to complete for 55 marks. There will be 1-10 obstacles with same number of marks. Its test of your physical fitness. Try to score maximum marks here. (Only 3 minutes) You can repeat obstacles to get bonus points.

Command Task

You are a commander and need to lead your team to tackle obstacles (with helping material)- 10 minutes task

Final Group Task (FGT)

Last group task which has large obstacles. You need to work in group to complete it effectively. Need to use helping material effectively.

(Personal interview can take place on any day between Day 2 and Day 4 by interviewing officer. Interview may range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes)

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‘Day 5’ of SSB interview procedure

SSB interview procedure

Conference Day of SSB interview

Last day is the Conference day where all the selection staff of the board (President, Deputy President, Psychologist, Interviewing officer, etc)

Individual aspirant is called at a time and basic questions are asked regarding stay, 5 days SSB experience, quality of food, suggestions, etc

After Conference, “Marks of all SSB stages are compiled and result is announced. Those who clear SSB interview, wait for next Medical test, while others are send back to Railway station.

SSB procedure pdf

You can take SSB procedure pdf from our website so that whenever you need to search about SSB interview procedure, you can directly access the SSB procedure pdf which you have offline.

For pdf version, You need to press Control+P and then click on “Save as Pdf”

Some common myths and
questions you must clear today
SSB procedure for CDS SSB interview which is conducted
after CDS exam (Graduation level
SSB procedure for NDA SSB procedure for NDA is the same as other entries. Only difference is that the NDA exam is a 10+2 level entry
SSB procedure for AFCAT Indian Air force conducts a special exam for entry in Air Force. SSB
conducted after that exam (AFCAT) is called as AFSB
SSB procedure change Denovo system is an upcoming
change that will be seen in
upcoming SSB interview procedure
SSB procedure pdf Try to remember these processes.
Just collecting SSB procedure pdf copies will not be helpful (which
many aspirants do)
SSB Allahabad Procedure Allahabad is considered as toughest SSB center by many aspirants
(myth). SSB procedure at Allahbad SSB is same as other SSB centers
SSB interview procedure for Direct entry (Technical+NCC) The procedure of SSB interview
is the same.
(Only difference is that reporting
is too high due to which the
competition increases and
success rate becomes very low)

De Novo SSB procedure

It is proposed that the new SSB interview procedure will be of 3 days. At the moment, SSB Interview is conducted in stage 1 and stage 2. In the case of De Novo SSB interview, stage 1 will be conducted near our area of residence. If we are able to clear the Stage 1 of SSB interview, we will have to go for SSB centers for De Novo SSB interview which will be of 3 days.

De Novo SSB procedure, De Novo SSB pattern and De Novo SSB changes will be discussed in upcoming articles because 3 days SSB procedure is not yet implemented. So, till then, let’s focus on 5 days SSB procedure for our preparation.

When will be De Novo SSB (new SSB of 3 days) be implemented?

No one can tell you the date of Denovo SSB implementation. So, its better to prepare for SSB instead of wasting time and energy on discussion of things which are not in action.


Now you have an overview of the SSB Interview procedure. Now its time to take guidance from All India Toppers (AIR 1 and AIR 4) on Sarkaari Service

  1. SSB Interview Questions- ‘AIR 1’ Ipupu Mena Interview
  2. SSB Interview Questions- ‘AIR 4’ Arvind Kaushik Interview

SSB interview procedure 2020 will take place in a highly systematic way as it is conducted every time. So make sure that you customize your personal preparation as per SSB procedure.

All the above tests must be practiced on a day to day basis to master them. Psychology cannot be developed in a day. It takes time and hard work to master the above tests.

Jai hind Aspirants



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