UPSC Revised Annual Calendar 2020-21 | Good News for NDA, CDS, CAPF

UPSC New Annual Calendar 2020
UPSC New Annual Calendar 2020

Union Public Service Commission  (UPSC) is known for its certainty and exact planning of exams and their accurate implementation. UPSC is the India’s premier central recruiting agency which is responsible for recruitment of Officers for All India services and group A & group B of Central services. UPSC releases its Annual Calendar (Time table of A to Z exams) 1 year before the exam date.

And under no circumstances these dates are changed. But currently due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, UPSC is forced to reschedule its exams to avoid social gathering of students for various competitive exams. So, today we will discuss the UPSC new Annual Calendar 2020-21 and will provide each and every detail of each and every exam. These details will include:

  • Date of Release of Exam Form
  • Last Date to fill the exam form
  • Date of Commensement of the Exam
  • Duration of Exam

So, in order to be updated about the latest exam dates and revised annual calendar of UPSC, keep patience till the end of this article.

UPSC Revised Annual Calendar 2020 (New Dates!)

There was ambiguity among the UPSC aspirants whether UPSC will conduct exams in 2020 or not. Moreover, aspirants were afraid that if UPSC will announce new dates of exam within 20-25 days, how can we manage to revise the syllabus in such small time frame?

But guys, don’t worry. UPSC has taken care of aspirants too. This can be proved through following actions of UPSC:

  1. UPSC has not cancelled any exam of 2020 (It was predicted that UPSC can also cancel all the exams that will be conducted in this year)
  2. In Latest UPSC Annual Calendar, aspirants are given ample time to get back in study flow (ample time for revision)
  3. UPSC has merged exams that are conducted twice in a year (For Example: NDA 1 2020 Exam and NDA 2 2020 Exam is merged)

Major Changes in New UPSC Annual Calendar 2020-21

Major confusion was related to exams like NDA 1 2020 Exam, NDA 2 2020 exam, CDS 2 2020 Exam, UPSC CAPF Exam, UPSC CSE Exam, UPSC CSE Mains and UPSC IFS Exam, etc. So, we will discuss A to Z Details related to exam.

UPSC CSE New Annual Calendar 2020

Let us first see the Old Dates of various exams conducted by Union Public Service Commission (As per Old UPSC Annual Calendar 2020)

Exams Conducted by UPSC Old Dates 
NDA 1 2020 Exam 19.04.2020
NDA 2 2020 Exam 06.09.2020
CDS 2 2020 Exam 08.11.2020 
UPSC CAPF AC Exam 2020 09.08.2020 
UPSC Civil Services Exam 31.05.2020 
UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 18.09.2020 
UPSC IFS Mains Exam 22.11.2020
Combined Medical Services Examination 19.07.2020

Major change has been done in NDA 1 2020 Exam new dates. NDA 1 2020 and NDA 2 2020 Exam will be conducted in combined manner (merged). CDS 2 2020 Exam new dates are not disturbed. UPSC Civil Services Prelims new dates and CSE Mains exam new dates have seen drastic change. So, its important to take a note of it. Moreover, UPSC CAPF Exam new dates have brought sense of satisfaction among aspirants who are preparing from last 1 year. Here are the new dates of UPSC Exams as per New UPSC annual Calendar 2020-21.

Exams Conducted by UPSC New Dates 
NDA 1 2020 Exam 06.09.2020
NDA 2 2020 Exam 06.09.2020
CDS 2 2020 Exam 08.11.2020 
UPSC CAPF AC Exam 2020 20.12.2020
UPSC Civil Services Exam 04.10.2020
UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam 08.01.2021
UPSC IFS Mains Exam 28.02.2021
Combined Medical Services Examination 22.10.2020

Apply for UPSC Exams which you have not yet applied

Now, we have seen that UPSC Annual Calendar has revised the exam dates of various exams. But you must know that date of application for exams is also changed for few exams. So, if you have not yet applied for some exams, then be aware about the new application dates/registration dates of these exams.

Exam Conducted by UPSC New Date of Application 
NDA 2 2020 Exam 10.06.2020 (Postponed)
CDS 2 2020 Exam 05.08.2020 
UPSC CAPF AC Exam 2020 18.08.2020
I.E.S./I.S.S. Examination, 2020 10.06.2020
Combined Medical Services Examination 2020 22.07.2020


We have seen new dates of various exams conducted by UPSC and also new application form dates. Now, its your duty to utilize this time period in strategic preparation of these exams. And if there is further delay in dates of these exams, we will make sure that you are well updated on this platform.

And for Official UPSC Annual Calander PDF 2021, follow the official wesite: Check Here

Jai Hind!


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