Vision IAS Online Coaching Review | A to Z Detailed Guide | Foundation Batch 2023

Vision IAS Reviews

Vision IAS Online Coaching Review | A to Z Detailed Guide

Today we are back with Vision IAS Online coaching detailed review after aspirants request. Most of the aspirants are too much confused about which coaching to join for IAS Preparation. Especially due to the presence of thousands of online coaching institutes for IAS preparation (especially after COVID 19), it becomes difficult and equally crucial to choose the best IAS Coaching which will guide you in the journey to becoming IAS Officer.

So, today we are back with Vision IAS online coaching review. I asked the similar question on quora as well as google 1 year ago and was not able to find the appropriate answer. So, today after using the course myself and clearing prelims 2 times, I can be a guiding light to solve your query related to vision IAS Review in utmost detail.

I Guarantee 100% doubt resolution and satisfaction. Just keep Patience till end!

Vision IAS Online Coaching Review (Pro's and Con's at Glance)

Pro’s Con’s
Course designed in excellent manner (Integrated preparation) Optional is not included in Vision IAS Online Foundation Course
Lectures are really addressing the demand of the exam which also include Mains specific syllabus (not just prelims focused!) Saving videos offline inside the Portal is not available. It can be irritating if you do not have good internet connection
Excellent teaching staff for most of the subjects  Standardized Model Answer must also be provided for Mains Questions asked in each GS Lecture
Synopsis available for each lecture so that nothing is left out and fast revision possible Staff explaining the Prelims and Mains test series are comparatively less experienced
MCQ’s designed for each Lecture as well as 1 Mains Question which can be evaluated Phone call support must be available for asking GS related doubts (Currently its via mail or by writing questions in the doubts section)
Can watch all videos unlimited times without any watch hour limitation Mentor must be made more accountable and must be designated specific tasks of follow up from students related to preparation
Mini Tests of Prelims & Mains very helpful to give tests based on what is taught in lecture  Monthly current affairs magazine takes more time to reach via post
Complete GS Prelims and Mains Tests series included in the Foundation Course which are one of the best in the market (No need to tell!)
We can give Prelims and Mains Test Series in OFFLINE CENTERS of Vision IAS even if we have purchased online course 
Video lectures of Monthly Current Affairs have revolutionized preparation!
PT 365 Videos before prelims help in fast revision in minimum time
Vision IAS Notes are very comprehensive covering NCERT to Advanced books in simple and well structured manner (Phenomenal notes!)
A to Z Vision IAS Material Books delivered as per class schedules via post
Mentor is also available on mobile call for whole week apart from mail
Course is available for complete 2 Years

This Vision IAS Online coaching Review will help you to decide best IAS Coaching institute in India for your preparation.

Vision IAS Review

After analysing 20-25 parameters and overall experience with Vision IAS for 1.5 years, I can say that vision IAS coaching is one of the best IAS Coaching institutes in India and especially in last 4-5 years, Vision IAS has improved it on every parameter.

Trust for Vision IAS was always high for its prelims & mains test series, high quality monthly current affairs and PT 365 Material. In last 4-5 years, similar trust has developed for its teaching quality as well and I am one such example.

A to Z Parameters are discussed in this article with practice example. So, keep patience and read till end!

My Personal Ratings for Vision IAS Online Coaching:

Vision IAS rating

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Is Vision IAS Foundation Course worth it?

Being a UPSC aspirant you will agree that judging a coaching institute on just 1-2 parameters is not a recommended method. Instead I will provide details and genuine review of each and every feature of Vision IAS Online coaching. So, based on your conscience you can decide best coaching which fits you.

So, lets start one by one.

What is included in Online Foundation Course? (List)

A to Z Support for Prelims, Mains and Interview

Review of Foundation Course

Online foundation Course of Vision IAS is designed in such a way that preparation of Prelims, Mains and Interview can be done in integrated manner. Overview of course at a glance:

  1. Subject-wise video lectures of each subject (Can attend in Online as well as Offline format)
  2. Essay Enrichment Programme
  3. CSAT Lectures
  4. Monthly Current Affairs (Hard Copy Booklet+ Video explanation)
  5. PT 365 Current Affairs (Soft Copy Booklet+ Video explanation)
  6. 35 GS Prelims Test Series (Video explanation of each test available)
  7. 20 Aptitude Tests for CSAT
  8. Mains Test Series
  9. Mini Tests for Prelims+ Mains as per batch schedule
  10. Doubt resolution section
  11. Personal Mentorship
  12. You can upload Assignments and Mains answer copies and get evaluated from experts

We will discuss each aspect in detail along with live screenshots from Vision IAS Online Coaching Portal. This will make things crystal clear.

After each lecture of GS, 10-15 MCQ Questions are asked from lecture + 1 Mains answer writing question after each lecture (along with evaluation)

What is the Exact number of Videos for each subject in Foundation Course?

Some basics related to video lectures:

Video Duration of Each Lecture Roughly around 3 hours
How many times can we watch the video? Unlimited times (No limitation of hours!)
Can we download video? No. There is no provision of downloading video even inside portal

Exact number of videos in Vision IAS Online Coaching varies from batch to batch. But I am telling the total number of videos included in my Foundation course which was conducted in 2021-22 (So that you get a tentative rough idea!)

Subject Total Number of Videos 
Polity and Governance 45-46 Lectures
Indian Economy 47-48 Videos + 3 Agriculture videos
Geography 45-46 Videos
Indian Mapping  8-9 Videos
Modern History 32-33 videos
Ancient + Medieval History 10 videos (5 each)
Art and Culture 13-14 videos
General Science (Core basics) 12-13 videos
Science and Technology 11-12 videos
Ecology and Environment 15-16 videos

This is example of few subjects. Similar videos also available for IR, Society, Internal security, etc

Vision IAS Online Foundation Course

Today we will talk about the ‘Vision IAS Online Foundation Course‘ (Most famous course of Vision IAS) which is the one-stop solution for all stages of UPSC Preparation= Prelims, Mains and Interview. But why am I calling it one-stop solution? Because it includes the following module:

Vision IAS Teaching Module:

Vision IAS Lectures

1. Class Lectures (Prelims+ Mains Integrated)

Most important criteria for choosing a coaching institute is the quality of teaching it can provide. Vision IAS has very high quality teaching staff (Especially Amil Sir of Polity, Aditya Kalia Sir of Economics) who teach as per latest demands of the exam. Topics of basic NCERT’s and Current Affairs are very beautifully integrated in the lectures.

Before joining Vision IAS Online coaching, I had given first attempt and my preparation was good. But after watching Vision IAS Lectures, I got a holistic view of how to think from multiple dimensions, how to interlink between the subjects. Actual exam oriented study is must if you want to see your name in the final merit list of the UPSC. So, except for environment, all other subjects were excellently taught by the staff and I can say that it will make you mains ready!

Vision IAS Dashboard Screenshot during Lecture!

Vision IAS Lecture screenshot
1A. Vision IAS Online Coaching Demonstration Video (How it Works?)

Watch actual video demonstration of Vision IAS Online Coaching Dashboard given below. After watching this 6 minute video, you will have birds eye view of Vision IAS Online Coaching.

2. Essay Enrichment Programme

Approach for GS and essay is completely different. The movement we understand this, we are in the journey to score good marks in essay (which plays a very crucial role in final selection).

You will get 5-6 detailed essay enrichment lectures along with 5 Essay Tests. 

3. Complete CSAT Course

Though major focus of this course is on GS, it does not mean that CSAT is not covered. CSAT Section also becomes crucial in UPSC Preparation because if you will not qualify CSAT, you will be out of the competition.

So, vision IAS has provided holistic teaching lectures for Maths, English Comprehension and Reasoning.

Maths Around 20 Lectures
English Comprehension Around 5 lectures
Reasoning Around 10 Lectures

In our batch, these lectures were not conducted live, but directly uploaded in our portal.

4. Monthly Current Affairs Detailed Lectures

Detailed video lectures of “Monthly current Affairs” have taken the preparation to all new level. In UPSC, even the core GS Questions have link with what has happened in current affairs over the last 1 year. So, having command over the current affairs help us to increase the prelims score drastically.

And no need to talk about importance of current affairs in Mains exam!

5. PT 365 Lectures

1 Subject of PT 365 is covered in 3-4 lectures of 3 hours each. This PT 365 Lectures 1 month before UPSC Prelims can be seen as cherry on the cake.

These PT 365 Videos help us to do the last minute revision of current affairs in minimum time.

6. Selective Topic Lectures with Mentors

1 Mentor is alloted for group of 15-20 students. This mentor also conducts some important sessions on zoom meeting to guide aspirants, help them to resolve there queries related to exam.

For example: How to analyze Previous year question papers, How to start Mains answer writing, etc

7. Vision IAS Class Notes Review

Most underestimated notes in UPSC Preparation is “Vision IAS Notes”. I am not saying because it has something new which other sources don’t have. Only differentiating thing of Vision IAS Notes is its awesome structuring. It contains basic concepts followed by all detailed information of that topic followed by previous year questions asked from that topic and mains questions from that topic along with detailed solution.

Vision IAS Notes= One stop Solution for GS+ Related Current Affairs + PYQ’s + Model Answer of Mains

Vision IAS Material

Vision IAS Test Series Module:

Vision IAS Tests-compressed

Vision IAS Review or Vision IAS Online Foundation Course Review is incomplete if we will not discuss about the quality of Vision IAS Tests Series and also quality of evaluation by experts.

In Vision IAS Online coaching (Foundation Course), you get:

  1. Mini Tests for Prelims (Based on Topics covered in Lectures)
  2. Mini Tests for Mains (Based on Topics covered in Lectures)
  3. GS Prelims Test Series
  4. GS Mains Test Series
  5. Full Syllabus Tests
  6. 1 Mains MCQ After every lecture + 10-15 self practice MCQ’s

Sample Evaluated Copy Vision IAS:

Vision IAS Topper Copy

How does Vision IAS Online Coaching work ? (Framework)

Vision IAS Roadmap final

Vision IAS Faculty Review

Vision IAS Faculty and Vision IAS Faculty List are 2 most asked questions from IAS aspirants. And its also obvious that aspirants are curious about the quality and reputation of Vision IAS faculty who will be teaching them for next 2 years. We will see review of important Vision IAS Faculty one by one (Teaching core subjects).

This Vision IAS faculty review will definitely help you to choose best IAS Coaching institute.

Vision IAS Faculty may be different from batch to batch. But I will be consider those Vision IAS Faculty members present in Delhi and in vision IAS Online batch.

1. Amil Sir (Vision IAS Faculty for Polity)

Vision IAS Faculty 1
Vision IAS Faculty Amil Sir
Teaching Quality Excellent
UPSC Pre+Mains Syllabus Coverage Excellent
Dictation of Notes Complete Dictation
Holistic Understanding from lecture Yes
Compatibility with Language Excellent
Answering Questions from LIVE Q&A Portal High
Overall Score Out of 10 9/10

Amil Sir is top among the Vision IAS Faculty List 2022. Your perspective towards Polity will change.

2. Aditya Kalia Sir (Vision IAS Faculty for Economy)

Vision IAS Faculty 3
Vision IAS Faculty Aditya Kalia Sir
Teaching Quality Excellent
UPSC Pre+Mains Syllabus Coverage Excellent
Dictation of Notes Mixed
Holistic Understanding from lecture Yes
Compatibility with Language Excellent
Answering Questions from LIVE Q&A Portal Less
Overall Score Out of 10 8/10

Aditya Kalia Sir have excellent hold over Mains specific syllabus of GS3

3. Neeraj Rao Sir (Vision IAS Faculty for Art and Culture)

Vision IAS Faculty 2
Vision IAS Faculty Neeraj Rao Sir
Teaching Quality Excellent
UPSC Pre+Mains Syllabus Coverage Excellent
Dictation of Notes Mixed
Holistic Understanding from lecture Yes
Compatibility with Language Excellent
Answering Questions from LIVE Q&A Portal Mixed
Overall Score Out of 10 8.5/10

Among the well known faculty of Vision IAS for his good quality of teaching

4. Himanshu Khatri Sir (Vision IAS Faculty for History)

Vision IAS Faculty 5
Vision IAS Faculty Himanshu Khatri Sir
Teaching Quality Good
UPSC Pre+Mains Syllabus Coverage Good
Dictation of Notes Moderate
Holistic Understanding from lecture Good
Compatibility with Language Yes
Answering Questions from LIVE Q&A Portal Less
Overall Score Out of 10 7.5/10

5. Tajesh Govindraj Sir (Vision IAS Faculty for Geography)

Vision IAS Faculty 4
Vision IAS Faculty Tajesh Govindraj Sir
Teaching Quality Excellent
UPSC Pre+Mains Syllabus Coverage Excellent
Dictation of Notes Good
Holistic Understanding from lecture Exellent
Compatibility with Language Yes
Answering Questions from LIVE Q&A Portal Moderate
Overall Score Out of 10 8.5/10

Overall Geography taught exhaustively. Increased confidence in subject

6. Vision IAS Faculty for Environment

Teaching Quality Moderate
UPSC Pre+Mains Syllabus Coverage Moderate
Dictation of Notes Less
Holistic Understanding from lecture Average
Compatibility with Language Less
Answering Questions from LIVE Q&A Portal Moderate
Overall Score Out of 10 5.5/10

Teaching is moderate. I personally think that its not upto the mark for UPSC Preparation.

6. Vision IAS Faculty for CSAT

Vision IAS Faculty CSAT
Vision IAS Faculty Combined Review of Vision IAS Faculty for Reasoning, Maths and Comprehension
Teaching Quality Excellent (Complete CSAT Coverage)
UPSC Pre+Mains Syllabus Coverage Exhaustive Coverage
Dictation of Notes Moderate
Holistic Understanding from lecture Excellent
Compatibility with Language Yes
Answering Questions from LIVE Q&A Portal Recorded Lectures
Overall Score Out of 10 8.5/10 (for all 3 combined)

Instead of just giving you the Vision IAS Faculty list, we have provided a general review of core subject staff at Vision IAS.

Hopefully this Vision IAS Faculty review have added value in some or the other way.

Vision IAS has different staff for all batches. So, your staff may vary. But don’t worry about the quality of teaching as robust selection procedure is followed at Vision IAS. 

Vision IAS Online Coaching Teacher Review

Vision IAS does not reveal its staff before admission. But the staff of Vision IAS Delhi is best (Vision IAS is more of a SYSTEM than personal brand of teacher)

Vision IAS Online Coaching Foundation Course consists of Staff from Delhi and few best teachers which I came across are Amil Sir (Polity) , Aditya Kalia Sir (Economics), Neeraj Rao Sir (Art and Culture), Geography staff, etc

Will soon update Vision IAS Faculty list who will be taking lectures in Foundation Batch 2023. And if you want to contribute for Vision IAS Faculty review, do comment below. I will add those value addition points in the article.

Vision IAS Online Coaching Fees

Vision IAS Foundation Batch 2023 fees structure is as follows:

  • Vision IAS Online Coaching Fees  (Offline Batch): 1,80,000/- (Including taxes)
  • Vision IAS Online Coaching Fees  (Online Batch): 1,35,000/- (Including taxes)
  • You can also pay Vision IAS fees in installment

Vision IAS Online Course Vs Offline Course

Attending Vision IAS Foundation Batch 2023 online or offline is completely personal decision. But I will prefer Vision IAS Online coaching over offline. Because if getting IAS Coaching from the best faculty of Vision IAS at the comfort zone of your house is available, then why should we opt for Offline mode?

Both options has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, take decision according to your conscience.

Is CSAT and Optional Included in Vision IAS Foundation Course?

As discussed earlier in Vision IAS Review, CSAT lectures can be found in the portal.

Maths Around 20 Lectures
English Comprehension Around 5 lectures
Reasoning Around 10 Lectures

In our batch, these lectures were not conducted live, but directly uploaded in our portal.

How to avail discount for Vision IAS Online Comprehensive Batch?

The probability of getting discount on Vision IAS Online Coaching Foundation Batch 2023 is very low. You can get it only if you fulfill both the criterias:

1: You have an excellent academic background

2: You have financially weak background

Your documents will be verified before giving any sort of discount or scholarship.

3 Years Integrated course of Vision IAS

Will talk about it in some other article. Here we will focus mainly on Vision IAS Online Coaching Review of Foundation Batch 2023.

How can we ask doubts in Online Course? Medium of asking doubts?

During live lectures, you can ask live questions to the co-ordinator who forwards it to the teacher taking the lecture.

In Vision exam online coaching portal, you can ask queries to the experts by typing in the doubts section. You will get answer from expert within 24-48 hours.

How does mentorship work? Do we get personal mentor?

You get mobile number of your mentor. You can contact him anytime between the working hours of the day for any doubts, querries related to UPSC Preparation. You can also ask questions on mail Id provided by Vision IAS.

How many times can we watch a particular video? Can we download it OFFLINE?

Any video lecture can be watched unlimited times. Only criteria is that you can watch the video on 1 device at a time.

For example: If you have vision IAS appp installed in mobile as well as tablet, you can either watch the video in tab or mobile at a particular given time.

Vision IAS Review Quora

You might have gone through Vision IAS review quora. But in order to take this big decision of IAS coaching, you need detailed analysis and review of Vision IAS and all the modules which it carries on during the course of 1.5 years.(Which we have provided!)

Moreover, Vision IAS Quora reviews are more than 2 years old which does not have any relevance in today’s scenario. So, hopefully Vision IAS Delhi review provided will help you to take necessary decision.

Vision IAS Online Coaching Review

How was the review of Vision IAS Foundation Batch given by our team? hopefully it will help you to take wise decision related to foundation Batch 2023.

If you have any say related to Vision IAS Review of online class or pendrive course, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Out dedicated team will make sure that all your doubts related to it will be solved within 24 hours.

Waiting for your comments and reviews. (Your 1 sentence review about this article can motivate me to bring more such genuine reviews for the UPSC community)😊

Jai Hind

If you still want personal guidance in selecting best coaching for IAS Preparation, mail our team. Expert guidance that too free of cost. Kudos!

Due to excess mails, you may get reply within a week. So, please keep patience. Because quality guidance demands time!


  1. Can you also make a similar detailed blog on vajiram delhii coaching? And thanks for your excellent analysis

  2. Till when can I expect Vision to complete the syllabus, I started in January this year.
    Thanks for the faculty review though!

    • It takes roughly 1.5 years to complete A to Z syllabus of mains+ Prelims including extra current affairs lectures. Basically course is designed considering UPSC Time table. So, its customized in such a way that students are not at loss. What is needed for prelims will be taught on priority. And thanks for your review!

  3. Can you please elaborate about the Notes of History optional? Or any best coaching for History. Pllss pllsss need it urgently


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