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Let me begin with a basic background: (Check our reviews at end)

Current Situation of Competitive exams:

Exams like UPSC CDS, UPSC NDA, UPSC Civil services, AFCAT exam and many state services are gaining huge attention from Indian youth because of huge career opportunities. We can serve our nation in best possible way if we are part of these All India Services or even state services.

Respect, Dignity, Financial stability, good lifestyle are byproducts of these services. These things have made “Competitive exams” lucrative as these career growth opportunities and other facilities are hardly present in any other private job.

This makes “Competitive Exam Preparation” a huge Business:

Competitive exam preparation have became a huge business. Bad thing about it is that students are shown false dreams and are misguided by some coaching institutes just for the sake of money.

This eventually results in loss of 2-3 years of a serious aspirant which is a huge loss if he is preparing for any competitive exam by taking a year gap after his graduation.

(You are mature enough to understand how it can hamper your rest life)

Many serious Aspirants are left out due to lack of money:

No doubt, there are some good coaching institutes for these exams. But the fees of these coaching institutes are so high that a middle class guy needs to think over his decision to join coaching.

And we just need proper guidance and mentoring from an experienced person. We need to know best sources (books) so that we do targeted study. Rest all depends on our self-study.

Here comes the “Moto of Sarkaari Service”

We are a family of 71,000+ members on Youtube and 12,000+ members on Instagram. We provide detailed strategy for each of these exams with exact sources to study and even important chapters. We guide free of cost to those needy aspirants who will be future officers serving our nation and who is self enlightened and ready to study as per strategy given.

Thousands of aspirants have cleared these exams following the strategy we have provided. These strategies are lengthy and may take time as we focus on core study which covers basic concepts to advanced topics.

Who are we?

Sarkaari Service
Our Core Team !

“Sarkaari Service” is a group of aspirants who have cleared these exams multiple times and are willing to help other aspirants in their journey. We take input from thousands of aspirants and even some officers who want to give their contribution. (for example in SSB Interview preparation)

Sarkaari Service on is Present on all Social Media Platforms :

Each strategy is full proof and designed considering:
  • Current exam pattern and trends
  • Overcoming common mistakes made by aspirant
  • Studying from very specific and best sources
  • Experiences of successful as well as border line aspirants are considered while designing any strategy.
  • Designed in such a way that “Self Study” becomes easy.

“Learn from other people’s mistakes. Life is too short to make them all yourself”

Genuine reviews of Sarkaari Service by CDS aspirants:

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Watch this video on “The Hindu Reading” to know the quality of content we deliver free of cost on youtube for really serious aspirants.

Stay connected with us during your preparation journey. And if you need any urgent help or feel demotivated, message us on Instagram. Sarkaari Service is a subsidiary owned by Intura Technologies.

Jai Hind…