Territorial Army Eligibility, Age Limit, Cut Off !

Territorial Army Age Limit
Territorial Army Age Limit

Many aspirants cannot achieve their dream of joining Indian Armed Forces due to many reasons like less awareness about defence entries, not in age limit or not eligible in some or the other criteria. Most of the Defence entries have less age limit than other competitive exams. For Example:

  • NDA Exam: 16.5-19.5 years
  • CDS Exam: Upto 25 years
  • AFCAT Exam: Upto 26 Years
  • INET Exam: Upto 24 Years
  • Technical Entry: Upto 27 years

Most of the defence aspirants are aware about only these entries of Indian Armed Forces. Today we will discuss about another exam which will give you opportunity to be an officer into Indian Armed Forces up to age of 42 years. Yes, you read it right. Territorial Army exam enables us to join Indian Armed forces as officer upto age of 42. In today’s article, we will discuss Territorial Army Eligibility and will analyse the previous year cut off marks. Moreover, territorial army age limit will also be discussed in this detailed article. So, keep patience till the end.

Territorial Army Eligibility 2020

Eligibility of Territorial Army exam has much relaxation as compared to other entries in Indian Army. As per latest rule, male as well as female aspirants are eligible for territorial Army Exam.

Territorial Army Age Limit 2020

Territorial Army Age Limit= 18-42 Years

Male and Female aspirants between this age limit can apply for Territorial Army Exam. Territorial army is best opportunity for aspirants who once had a desire to join Indian Armed Forces but could not achieve it due to some reasons.

Ranks and promotions offered in Territorial Army are similar to other PC posts in Indian Army upto post of Lt. Colonel, moreover you have the opprtunity to serve into Indian Army while continuing your civilian job. As per territorial army rule, you have to give minimum 2 months of service in an year in various departments of Indian Army (wherever needed). For rest of the time, you can perceive your civilian life doing your business/civilian job. If you wish to serve in Indian Army for rest of the time, that option is also available. 

You will get salary, facilites and perks similar to other officers for the time period you have served in Indian Army. So, teritorial army can be a perfect combination of Civil and military life.

Can I join the Territorial Army as a full-time job?

No. You cannot join territorial army as full time job. As per territorial army notification, aspirant must have a gainful employment to be eligible for the Territorial Army Officer Exam.

Payment or type of job/business doesn’t matter. Only criteria is that you must have a source of income from that job/business (You need to show proof of gainful employment)

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Territorial Army Cut Off

Territorial Army Exam has 2 different Cut Off Criteria:

  • Sectional Cut Off of 40% Marks in Each Section
  • Overall 50% Marks.

Territorial Army Written exam is of 200 marks which consists of 4 sections (Maths, GK, English and Reasoning). Each section is of 50 marks in which scoring 40% marks is mandatory to qualify for the next stage of Exam.

Territorial Army Educational Qualification

You need a degree from any recognized university of India. BSC, BA, Bcom, BE, Btech, etc are all eligible for territorial army exam.

Territorial Army Eligibility (Overview)

Territorial Army Exam  Details
Age Limit For Territorial Army Exam 18-42 years
Educational Qualification for Territorial Army Exam Degree from any field
Number of Attempts for Territorial Army No limit of attempts
Nationality for Territorial Army Exam Indian
Can female aspirants apply for the territorial Army Exam? Both male and female aspirants can apply for territorial army exam
Is the Territorial Army different from the Indian Army? No. TA is part of Indian Army
How much service is compulsory in TA Officer Post? Minimum 2 months in a year (and in case of natural calamities and any sort of emergency)
Territorial Army Exam Pattern Written exam, PIB, SSB Interview
Are married aspirants eligible in Territorial Army Exam Yes
Is their pension after Territorial Army Exam Yes. If 20 years of physical service is completed
Is civilian job/business compulsory? Yes. Some other form of gainful employment is must

There is no special eligibility for Territorial Army exam (no percentage criteria or branch eligibility)

In this article, we have seen the Eligibility for Territorial Army exam 2020 and exact age limit for territorial Army Officer Entry. If you still have any doubts related to Territorial Army Eligibility, do let sarkaari service know. Your doubts will be solved within 24 hours.

Jai Hind!

FAQ’s related to Territorial Army Exam

Q. Is Territorial Army a permanent Job?

Territorial Army is not a profession, occupation or a source of employment. Its an opportunity to serve in Indian Army along with civilian job (You get paid for time you served!)

Q. Who can apply for Territorial Army 2019?

Indian Male and female aspirants who are between 18-42 years and have completed graduation are eligible to apply for territorial army officer Exam.

Q. Can I join Territorial Army after 12th?

No. You need a degree from recognized university to apply for TA Officer Exam

Q. Can students apply for Territorial Army?

No. You need a job / business to apply for territorial Army exam (Gainful employment is must!)

Q. How much do Territorial Army officers get paid?

Same as other Indian Army officers for the time period you give service in Indian Army.

Q. Do Territorial Army Officers get pension?

Yes. If you have completed 20 years of physical service in Indian Army, then you are eligible for Pension.


  1. Thank you! Article was really very helpful but i have one query that i will be receiving the perks and the salaries when i am on duty that is for 2 months and rest 10 months. Will We be paid?

    • Generally duty is extended for 6-7 months as per TA Officers whom I know. Fore remaining months, you will not get paid. But dnt worry at all. You are a officer. So, 1000’s of opportunities open for you


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