Territorial Army 2023 Preparation Strategy | Aim 150+ Marks

Territorial Army Preparation
Territorial Army Preparation

Hello defence aspirants. We are back with a new article on Territorial Army Preparation Strategy (Officer Entry) due to high demand from defence aspirants. This article will be a one stop solution if you are aiming to crack Territorial Army Exam in First Attempt! In this series of territorial Army exam, we will cover various aspects like Territorial Army syllabus, pattern, cut off, ideal attempt, etc so stay tuned with sarkaari service to get the regualr updates of territorial army.

Territorial Army Preparation Strategy 2023

There are various exams to be part of Indian Armed forces like NDA, CDS, INET, AFCAT, etc. Moreover, the awareness of these exam is also high. But many defence aspirants are not aware about an awesome opportunity to serve in Indian Army via Territorial Army Exam (in which you can serve as an officer in Indian Army along with continuing with your civil life)

Thats the reason for making this detailed article on “Territorial Army Preparation 2023” which will give you indepth information about the exam and step by step process to pepare for it. So, let us begin with some basics about Territorial Army Exam (Officer Entry).

How to Join Territorial Army?

You can join Territorial Army at different posts. We will discuss only about the Officer Entry in this article! Before knowing the process of joining Territorial Army as an Officer, it is must to have your basics related to Territorial Army cleared. Check the following 8 points related to Territorial Army (Officer Entry)

8 Things related to Territorial Army which you must Know before strating Preparation:

  1. Territorial Army is a part of “Regular Indian Army” and its major role is to relieve the Regular Army from its static duties and help in civil administration
  2. Territorial also has predefined duties to be done (Its work is not as random as you think!)
  3. You have to serve minimum for 2 months in a year in Territorial Army. You can percieve your other civil job/business for remaining 10 months. (or even work with Indian Army for rest of the time)
  4. In case of dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services, role of territorial army is very crucial.
  5. You get exact salary, military benefits, facilites, medical facilities like other Permanent Commission officers for the time duration you serve the Indian Army.
  6. You can join any department of Indian Army through territorial army (But majorily it depends on vacancy or emergency of work)
  7. You can also get pension if you complete 20 years of physical service.
  8. Territorial Army is the second line of Defence after regular army.
  9. Men as well as Women can join the Territorial Army (as Officer)
  10. Promotion of Territorial Army Officer is similar to other PC officers (Highest Rank is Lt.Col)

Now, after knowing the details of Territorial Army, hopefully you are motivated enough to follow ‘Territorial Army Preparation’ to crack TA Exam in First Attempt.

Territorial Army Exam Pattern 2023

Territorial Army Officer Exam consists of 2 papers which contain 2 Sections each. You need to attmpt both the papers on the same day. This Representation of Territorial Army Exam Pattern will help you to understand things more easily.

Territorial Army Exam Pattern 2020

Territorial Army Exam Pattern
No. of Papers Sections in each Paper Duration Questions Marks
Paper 1 Reasoning (Part 1) 2 Hours 50 50
Mathematics (Part 2) 50 50
Paper 2 General Knowledge (Part 1) 2 Hours 50 50
English (Part 2) 50 50

Realistic Target Setting for Territorial Army Exam 2023

In order to clear the Territorial Army Written Examination, you need to score minimum:

  • 40% marks in each section (English, Maths, GK and Reasoning)
  • Score Overall 50% Marks (Out of 200)

So, we need to consider these things while setting our aim for upcoming Territorial Army Exam.

No of Questions to Attempt 160-165(Out of 200)
Correct Answers (Minimum) 150-152
Wrong Answers (Maximum) 8-10
Time for One Question : 1.2 Minutes
Aim to score in Territorial Army Exam: 146.47 Marks (150-3.33)

Do not underestimate Territorial Army Exam. Sectional Cut Off of 40% Marks and overall 50% marks is not that easy!

Territorial Army GK Preparation

50 questions are asked from GK section for Territorial Army Exam. It becomes difficult to score minimum 40% marks in GK section which is the sectional cut off for Teritorial Army Exam. I have analysed the GK section and listed down the important topics which you must focus while TA preparation.

Important Topics of Territorial Army GK Section:

  • Majority of Questions are from current issues, sports, awards, books, defence news, etc
  • Very Basic Static GK Questions majorily from Geography, History and Science

Check Territorial Army Sample Questions asked in Previous Year Papers:

Territorial Army Previous Year Asked Questions (GK)

Territorial Army GK questions

Territorial Army Book for GK section:

  1. Reading “The Hindu” or “Indian Express” Newspaper on daily basis (No substitute for  newspaper reading as majority of questions are from general awareness related topics)
  2. For Static GK, One Stop Solution: Lucent GK book

Territorial Army Maths Preparation

50 questions are asked from Maths section for Territorial Army Exam. It is highly scoring section where you must aim to score 40 Marks. I have listed down important topics of Territorial Army Maths section which are og higher weightage. So, make sure that you do sufficient practice of these topics to maintain the accuracy while solving each question in 1 minute time.

Important Topics of Territorial Army Maths Section:

  • Time and Work
  • Profit and Loss
  • Average
  • Number System
  • Speed Time Distance
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Basic Mensuration (Volume, circumference, Area)
  • Basic 10+2 level Arithmetic Questions
  • LCM, HCF
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Algebra (Solving Equations)
  • Lines and Angles

Check Territorial Army Sample Questions asked in Previous Year Papers:

Territorial Army Previous Year Asked Questions (Maths)

Territorial Army Maths Questions

Territorial Army Book for Maths Section:

  1. Fastract Arithmetic Book by Arihant Publication

Its the best book for solving the Arithmetic Questions for competitive exams like Territorial Army. It consists of exercises in the increasing order of difficulty which helps to build good conceptual clarity. And its recommended to practice only important topics which are mentioned above.

Territorial Army Reasoning Preparation

50 questions are asked from Reasoning section for Territorial Army Exam. Tricky and confusing questions are asked in this section. You need to cover wide range of topics and develop a good aptitude to solve the type of questions asked in Reasining section. Territorial Army does not have a pre-defined syllabus and type of questions keep on changing for each attempt. Still, I have made a list of high yileding topics of TA Reasoning section.

Important Topics of Territorial Army Reasoning Section:

  • Number Series
  • Odd Man Out
  • Figure Series
  • Relations
  • Direction related Questions
  • Age related Questions
  • Statement and Conclusions
  • Find Odd figure
  • Number of Triangles/Squares/rectangles in diagram
  • Folded sheet questions
  • Missing number
  • Other basic numeric reasoning questions

Check Territorial Army Sample Questions asked in Previous Year Papers:

Territorial Army Previous Year Asked Questions (Reasoning)

Territorial Army Reasoning

Territorial Army Exam Book for Reasoning Section:

  1. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning by RS Agarwal (Latest Version)

Be very selective and work smart while preparing from this book for reasoning. Study only important topics which are mentioned above so that you do targetted study and maximum revision will be possible of limited topics.

Also Check: Territorial Army Syllabus 2023 (Chapter-Wise Weightage!)

Territorial Army English Preparation

50 questions are asked from English section for Territorial Army Exam. If you have a n experience of Exams like AFCAT, INET, CDS, etc then this will be a easy task for you. Given below is the list of topics asked in Territorial Army English Section. Given below is the list of topics from which direct questions can be seen in Territorial Army Exam.

Important Topics of Territorial Army English Section:

  • Passage
  • Spotting the error
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Rearranging of sentences
  • Substitute Word for given phrase/sentence
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Fill in the blanks with suitable word
  • Mis-spelt words
  • Antonym
  • Synonym

Check Territorial Army Sample Questions asked in Previous Year Papers:

Territorial Army Previous Year Asked Questions (English)

Territorial Army English

Remember that directly solving the questions is not fruitful. You need to clear the basic grammar chapters before beginning with the actual exercises.

Territorial Army Exam Book for English Section:

  1. Wren and Martin for English Grammar Rules:
  2. Daily 1-2 editorial Reading
  3. Previous Year Question Papers for Practice

You need to clear your basic Grammar rules which are needed for almost each topic of English. And reading newspaper will increase your vocabulary as well as English comprehension skills. 

Most Crucial Part of “Territorial Army Preparation 2023” is Practicing previous year asked Questions! (For time management and accuracy purpose)


Territorial Army Preparation can be done without any coaching if you are dedicated enough to study as per detailed strategy. Just make sure that you aim is to score 150+ marks and not just clearing the cut off marks. Most of you are preparing along with some job or business, so you must pay special attention for the practice of maths and reasoning questions (because without practice, its impossible to maintain high attempt with accuracy)

And if you still have any doubt, do let our team know in the comment section below. Your doubt will be answered within 24 hours.

Jai Hind !


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