Tour of Duty: Indian Army Notification | 3 Years | Age Limit, Salary

Tour of Duty Indian Army
Tour of Duty Indian Army

Hello defence aspirants. After receiving thousands of requests on this article, we are back with A to Z details of “Tour of Duty- Indian Army” to clear all your doubts. We will discuss each and every aspect of Tour of Duty Indian Army ranging from age limit, eligibility criteria, in-hand salary, education qualification, career opportunities after the tour of duty, etc and many more things which will give you genuine information and a strong reason to join Indian Armed Forces via ‘Tour of Duty’ Indian Army Officer Entry.

'Tour of Duty' Indian Army

Tour of Duty in Indian Army has brought A Ray of Hope for many aspirants who were not able to join the Indian Armed Forces due to some reasons. Now you have an opportunity to earn stars and be an officer in the Indian Army. Many aspirants who are serving in private sectors can also take benefit from this entry. We will also discuss commonly asked questions related to Tour of Duty-Indian Army.

Commonly Asked Questions related to 'Tour of Duty' Discussed in this Article:

  1. Can we earn 80-85 Lakhs in these 3 years of Service?
  2. Will there be SSB Interview after the written exam or not?
  3. Is Age limit of ‘Tour of Duty’ 35 years?
  4. Career opportunities after 3 years of Tour of Duty
  5. Is Work Profile Same as other PC or SSC Officers?
  6. Number of Vacancies for Officer and Jawan Entry
  7. Is ‘Tour of Duty’ available for Female aspirants?
  8. ‘Tour of Duty-Indian Army’ Exam Pattern and Syllabus

This is a One-Stop Solution for “Tour of Duty-Indian Army” details. So, invest 10-15 minutes of busy schedule thoroughly understand this entry!

What is 'Tour of Duty' in Indian Army? (Simple Terms)

This is a new entry into the Indian Armed forces where you can serve our mother nation for 3 years as an officer in the Indian Army. It will be like a ‘Tour into working Indian Army’ and you can utilize this experience in your future private-sector jobs/business. Your salary will be more than regular Indian Army Officers for this period of 3 years along with all the facilities similar to Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission Officers (for the time duration you serve in Indian Army) Few important things related to Tour of Duty-Indian Army:

  1. It is like a Contract-Basis job in Indian Army.
  2. You will get salary and facilities similar to the Indian Army Officer only during those 3 years.
  3. After the completion of 3 years, you will get upper edge and even reservation in some Private and Public Sector jobs (Similar to Ex-Servicemen Status)
  4. Your training, work profile will be same as other SSC and PC Officers.
  5. Moto of ‘Tour of Duty in Indian Army’ is to utilize the Youth Workforce of India and reduce the excess burden of salaries and pensions of Indian Army Officers (explained in detail below in this article!)
Type of Commission Years of Service Pension
Permanent Commission Depends on Post. For Example:

General- 62 years or 3 years of service (whichever earlier)

Lt. General-60 years
Major General-58 years
Short Service Commission 10-14 Years No
Tour of Duty 3 Years of Service No

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What was the need to introduce 'Tour of Duty' in Indian Army?

Many aspirants may think that it was an attempt to fill the vacant Indian Army Officer vacancies and reduce unemployment. But this is not the case. Let’s understand the main reason for the Introduction of ‘Tour of Duty’ in Indian Army.

Pensions and Salaries together constitutes 76% of the Indian Army’s budget, which leaves very little room for modernization of weapons and high-end technology.

Considering the big picture, 38.1% of the Army’s Financial year 2021 budget is allocated for pensions alone which left just 8.8% for modernization of the Army (Weapons and High-End Technologies).

Credits: The Hindu

Breakdown of Defence Budget

But in case of Tour of Duty, the Indian Army will pay officers for 3 years of service and will not be liable to pay after that. This will save a huge amount of expenses (which are on the other hand spent on SSC and PC Officers!). These saved expenses will be utilized in modernisation of Indian Army.

A huge amount of money is spent on Salaries, Pension, Gratuity, Leave encashment, Medical facilities through the Ex-servicemen Cooperative Health Scheme ( ECHS) on SSC, and PC Officers. Let’s take the example of Short Service Commission Officer:

10 Years of Service 5.12 Crore
14 Years of Service 6.83 Crore
3 Years of Service (Newly Proposed) 80-85 Lakhs

So, expenses on Tour of Duty Officer will be far less than SSC or PC officer. This will give a free hand for investing this money in modernization.

In Tour of Duty, the Indian Army will drastically reduce expenses on Officers and focus more on modernization. And Most important is that the Indian Army will recruit Officers in their Youthful Stage (Highly Productive Phase of Life!)

Benefits of ‘Tour of Duty’ from Aspirant Point of View:

  1. Opportunity to Serve Mother Nation for 3 Years as an Officer.
  2. The best opportunity for aspirants who want to take the experience of Military as well as Civilian life
  3. Good Job Opportunities in other government sectors and private sectors after 3 years of ‘Tour of Duty’
  4. Can utilize military experiences in Private Job/ Business
  5. Fulfil the dream of wearing the uniform.

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In-Hand Salary of Officer via 'Tour of Duty' in Indian Army

In-Hand Salary of Officer recruited through “Tour of Duty in Indian Army” will be 90,000 Indian Rupees for a period of 3 years of service.

Is it true that we can earn 80-85 Lakh in just 3 years of 'Tour of Duty'?

It’s not true. 80-85 Lakhs is the total expenditure done on the officer which includes training cost and all other facilities provided. Even if we consider the average In-Hand salary to be 1,00,000 Indian rupees/month, the total money earned in 3 years would be 36 Lakh Rupees.

Age Limit for Tour of Duty-Indian Army Entry

Official Age Limit for ‘Tour of Duty-Indian Army’ Officer Entry is not yet released. But still, it is considered to be not above 35 years of age. Because the moto of recruiting aspirants in the youthful phase will not be fulfilled.

(For territorial army exam, the upper age limit is 42 years. So, you may think that this entry will also have an age limit as high as territorial army. But that’s not the case. Purpose of Territorial Army entry and ‘Tour of Duty’ is different!)

Career Opportunities after 'Tour of Duty' in Indian Army (Private + Government)

Believe me guys, apart from Pubic sector and government jobs, there will also be a great opportunity in the Private sector for officers who have completed “Tour of Duty” in the Indian Army.

“Considering the rigid standards of selection and training in the Indian Army, the Mahindra Group will be happy to consider their candidature”

Anand Mahindra (Chairman of Mahindra Group)

So, apart from career opportunities in the private sector, all career opportunities of SSC Retired Officer will also be available after the Tour of Duty in Indian Army.

Eligibility Criteria for Tour of Duty Officer Entry?

Age Limit for Tour of Duty Indian Army is not yet out. And talking about educational qualification, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university (any field) will be needed for officer entry.

Number of Vacancies in "Tour of Duty-Indian Army" for Officer and Jawans?

  • Number of Vacancies for Officer Entry: 100
  • Number of Vacancies for Jawan Entry: 1000

These vacancies will be increased based on the response and productivity of this entry. So, the above vacancies will be applicable for the upcoming exam.

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Can we extend the term of service after 3 years in 'Tour of Duty of Indian Army'?

No. Maximum period of service through “Tour of Duty-Indian Army” is 3 Years.

Will there be SSB Interview for 'Tour of Duty' in Indian Army?

‘Tour of Duty in Indian Army’ is available for Officer entry as well as for entry as a jawan. So, for Officer entry, you will have to face the SSB Interview for sure. (Selection parameters will be as tough as other entries!)

So, start preparing for SSB Interview from today itself: Check Here

Exam Pattern and Syllabus of 'Tour of Duty' in Indian Army Entry

Exam Pattern and Syllabus of ‘Tour of Duty’ is not yet released officially. But it is expected to be on the line of Territorial army exam. I would suggest you to check syllabus of territorial army exam and prepare as per terrritorial army strategy.

Check Explanatory video on "Tour of Duty in Indian Army" (Very Helpful!)

Reading the article and ‘Watching Video’ is an altogether a different experience!

Various Exams to be Officer in Indian Armed Forces:

Instead of waiting for ‘Tour of Duty‘ Exam Notification, it’s recommended to start preparing for other exams based on your age limit and educational qualification.

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  2. CDS Exam(After Graduation): Click Here
  3. AFCAT Exam (After Graduation): Click Here
  4. INET Exam (After Graduation): Click Here
  5. Territorial Army Exam (Upper Age Limit is 42 Years): Click Here 
  6. 15+ Ways to Join Indian Army as an Officer: Click Here

And if you still have any doubts, feel free to ask in the comment section below. Your doubts will be cleared within 24 hours by our team.

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