SSB Interview Questions- ‘AIR 1’ Ipupu Mena Interview

SSB Interview Questions
SSB Interview Questions

After clearing the written exam of UPSC CDS, UPSC NDA, AFCAT, INET or direct Entry, you have to face SSB Interview which is of 5 days where you are tested on various parameters by the Service Selection Board (SSB). SSB Interview questions provided in this article will add value in your SSB preparation.

SSB Interview conducted for different academies and different Entries is same. (With very minute changes). So, SSB Interview preparation remains the same for all Defence Aspirants.

In order to succeed in SSB Interview, you have to bring changes in your day to day habits and lifestyle. You cannot complete the whole preparation in 2-3 months of time. Because Psychology or Officer Like qualities cannot be developed in short period of time. It takes regular practice and consistent efforts in proper direction which can develop you from SSB Interview point of view.

Interview Questions in SSB- AIR 1 Ipupu Mena Interview

I have guided you for SSB preparation on our website multiple times via special “SSB Interview“category. But today we glad to tell you that you will be guided by ALL INDIA RANK 1 Ipupu Mena mam, who is undergoing training at Officers Training Academy,Chennai right now.

While having interview with mam, all SSB Interview questions were discussed in detail and all your doubts regarding SSB Interview as well as SSB Interview myths are cleared by Iupu Mena mam in a very detailed and practical way. So, make sure you read this article till end so that A to Z SSB Interview questions will clear all your doubts and make you optimistic for upcoming SSB Interview.

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SSB Interview Questions and Answers (By AIR 1 Ipupu Mena mam)

Before starting the SSB Interview tips by Ipupu Mena mam, we will see some basic details about Ipupu Mena mam’s educational background and previous SSB Attempts so that you could correlate with SSB Interview questions given in this article in a better way.

  • Native Place: Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Graduation: Civil Engineering
  • Current Attempt: Cleared Army SSC Tech in Third Attempt
First Attempt UES Navy Entry    (Conference Out)
Second Attempt Navy SSB              (Conference Out)
Third Attempt Army SSC Tech     (Recommended)


Before beginning with questions of SSB Interview, I would recommend you to read detailed article on “SSB Interview procedure” so that your level of understanding will be optimum.

Mam, please introduce yourself to our 'Sarkaari Service' family members

I would like to thank Sarkaari Service for giving me this opportunity to interact with you.

My name is Ipupu Mena. I am from Arunachal Pradesh. I have got All India Rank 1 in Indian Army Short Service Commission (Women) in Technical Entry, Civil Engineering branch. I did this without any coaching. I did preparation on my own and cleared SSB in third attempt.

Mam, you have cleared SSB Interview in 3rd Attempt. Can you please share 1st and 2nd attempt experiences and mistakes?

My first attempt was in 2016 for University Entry Scheme in Navy. For that attempt, I didn’t prepare anything. I just read 1 pdf that came with the call letter. I went for the SSB and cleared SSB screening test but was conference out.

I just couldn’t understand what happened. I couldn’t analyse. Because I read in the pdf that I need to be honest. I was honest at the time of SSB but still couldn’t clear it. I thought that it was not my piece of cake to join Armed forces. So, I gave up for 2 years.

Next attempt I gave was in September 2018, for Navy. And when I went for SSB interview this time (2nd attempt) I started preparing for SSB Interview on my own with the help of many online websites, blogs and videos. But I thought that I took too much knowledge from various sources which contained unnecessary stuff also. When I went for Navy SSB,  cleared SSB screening test but I hought that I was little bit artificial due to online stuff. My attempt was not good. While waiting for the result, I wished my name should not be called so that I can go back and prepare all areas where I Lacked !!

After your Second Attempt, that is Navy SSB, you had only 1 month for preparation for Army SSC Tech Entry. What was your preparation strategy in that 1 month?

My next attempt was in november for Army Tech entry.While preparing, I read many blogs which suggested that there should be a gap of minimum 3 months before SSB Interview so that preparation is done properly. I was little bit under pressure as I got only one month. I even thought that I shouldn’t go for the SSB interview.

But I was determined that I will prepare in this 1 month period wherever I lacked and give SSB Interview. While going home from my previous attempt, in train journey, I did very very deep introspection, I wrote wherever I lacked and I prepared on all my weak areas.

After you second attempt, you did deep introspection. So, what were your mistakes you did in first 2 attempts (as per introspection) ? And measure you took to overcome them?

My mistake in first SSB Attempt for UES was:

  • I was too honest and true throughout the SSB process but the thing is that even if you are true, you need to have Officer like qualities (15) in you.
  • If you are honest, and if you don’t have officer like qualities, you won’t get selected.

In case of my second SSB for navy:

  • Little bit of artificial things came in me due to excess reading from online sources and some wrong information. I wasn’t true in SSB even I had qualities in me.
  • During SSB interview, whatever interviewer was saying, I was agreeing with him. I was not having my point of views.
  • I have to stand what I was saying-I should have given justification
  • I got aggresive sometimes in GTO task which sould be avoided.

Apirants who were recommended were calm and had good patience.

So, I was very calm, assertive, positive in next attempt.

What was your change in approach for 3rd SSB Attempt as compared to previous attempts? Please elaborate

In Army tech entry, I was very honest and confident from the very first day. I was very true to myself, I improved over all the mistakes I did in last 2 SSB interviews. I did very deep introspection of first 2 attempts.

In second attempt, I was a borderline case, so I knew that I need few more changes to crack SSB interview.

I improved in Current affairs for Army Tech Entry. (due to which I had less confidence in my second attempt)

I made corrections in whichever area I LACKED, and I cleared SSB!

“I was ready. Whatever you can ask, I can answer”

Mam, can you share some questions asked in SSB Personal Interview and SSB Conference day ?

Conference day Final question of SSB Interview:

First question: Tell me Ipupu, why is there always smile on your face?

Answer: Because I am happy from inside.

Second question: Why are you happy from inside?

Answer: Everything around is nice.

Third question: No. it isnt like that. You find bad things around you also.

Answer: Even though there are bad things around me, it depends on me where to put my attention

“Introspect very deeply. Because you are the person who knows you very well”

This is common question in mind of many SSB aspirants. Does having Defence background matters in SSB interview? Do Defence background aspirants benefit in SSB Interview?

I have given SSB Interview 3 times. I don’t think that Defence BACKGROUND matters at all.

“If you have it in you, no one can stop you from clearing SSB”

Many candidates are not confident of clearing SSB Interview even after taking formal SSB Coaching. On the other hand, you achieved AIR 1 in Army SSC Tech that too with self study. How's that possible? And were you confident of being in SSB Merit List?

When I gave my second attempt, I knew that even if I would clear SSB, I would get low rank.

But in my 3rd attempt for Army SSC Tech, I was confident that I will get AIR 1 or AIR 2 due to the preparation and my performance in SSB.

(Watch Full Interview video of Ipupu mam, which is given at end of this article)

Ratio of candidates clearing screening test is low for technical Entry. So can you give some tips for SSB Screening test (Stage 1) ? Also share your personal preparation strategy for SSB screening test.

I don’t think that screening test is very hard.

Some tips for SSB screening test:

  • You need to be good at OIR. Attempt all questions very fast for that you can practice.
  • In SSB PPDT, when you are looking at picture for 30 seconds, be very attentive. Have a good perception of all charaters.
  • When you have a negative picture, dont try to project it positive. Give a problem and then give a solution to solve it.

“There are problems in everyone’s life. It depends on what was your approach in solving them”

Generally group discussions turn into Fish market type situation. How to put out view point effectively in such situation? Also give some tips and experiences of your group discussions in 3 attempts.

Whenever I encountered a fish market like situation, I kept calm. because there was no point in shouting. Accessors clearly say that 1 person at a time. But whenever I heard some wrong point, I took part in GD to give my point of view.

“In such situation, don’t shout. Just put your point of view when there is opportunity”

(You will get detail tips in “SSB Interview video” of Ipupu Mena at end of this article)

(Motivational) There are many female aspirants in our group preparing for CDS/AFCAT/Technical Entries. You what is your message for them?

Whenever I heard something that boys can do and girl can’t, I felt angry. My response was, I will show you that girls can do it.

When I cam to know that NDA was only for boys, I felt very angry. Why not let girls to join NDA?


“If there is a will, there is a way”

Watch Interview of Ipupu Mena Mam (AIR 1) where you will get practical SSB interview tips :

Don’t go without watching this 30 minutes Interview of mam which has many SSB interview questions covered.

It can change your life !!

How was the SSB Topper Interview? Do let me know in the comment section. We have also made SSB Interview Questions- ‘AIR 4’ Arvind Kaushik Interview which will guide you even more about SSB interview preparation and working strategies.

And also ask questions if you have any. Moreover, check our SSB Interview 5 day procedure article which is written in very detail where you can imagine the exact SSB interview procedure of 5 days.

Jai Hind


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