SSB Interview Questions- ‘AIR 4’ Arvind Kaushik Interview

SSB Interview preparation
SSB Interview preparation

In the previous article, we have seen SSB Interview Questions-AIR 1 Ipupu Mena mam which got an awesome response from aspirants and that 30 minutes interview and SSB Interview tips helped thousands of aspirants.

Today’s SSB Interview questions will be highly helpful and motivational for aspirants who are preparing for CDS exam. Because today’s interview is of Arvind Kaushik sir, who has secured All India Rank 4 for Indian Military Academy that too in his last year of Engineering.

Arvind Kaushik Sir have guided in various spheres of preparation like:

  • Written exam preparation (CDS and SSB)
  • SSB interview preparation and psychological development
  • How to prepare on own for various tests of SSB interview (Self Study)
  • How to prepare along with Graduation
  • Shared valuable SSB Interview experiences and questions asked.

Before beginning with actual Interview, we will have a look at Academic details and Basic background of Arvind Kaushik sir due to we will connect with him in a more better way throughout the interview.

Native Place: Vishkhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Graduation field: Electronics and Telecommunication
Score in 10th standard: 93%
Score in 12th standard: 96%
Currently perceiving (when he cleared CDS) currently in last year of graduation
Sports and extracurricular activities Highly actice in sports
Attempt of SSB: Second
First attempt result : screen out from AFSB via AFCAT exam
Rank AIR 4 (IMA via CDS Exam)
Other exams given:  CDS and AFCAT only
Coaching for SSB: No. Purely self-study

Before beginning with the SSB Interview questions, I would recommend you to read article on SSB Interview procedure (5 days and 3 days) so that you are well aware of all SSB related terms and also watch ‘SSB inteview preparation video by Ipupu Mena mam.

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SSB Interview Questions and Answers :

Sir, please Intoduce yourself to our "Sarkaari Service" family members

Hello defence aspirants, I hope you all are doing great. I would like to thank Sarkaari Service for giving me this opportunity for interacting with you.

I am Arvind Kaushik from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. My father was a Ex-Servicemen. He served in Indian Army for 22 years. I have a elder sister who is currently doing diploma.

It was my mother’s last wish to see me serve in the Indian Army“. And I am glad that I made her dream come true. I got recommended for Indian Army and Indian Navy through CDS Entry. I am looking forward to join Indian Military Academy (IMA)

  • 10th Percentage=93
  • 12th Percentage=96
  • Bachelors :Army Institute of Technology, Pune (Currently in final Semister)
  • Percentage in Graduation : 62%

It was my second attempt. In first attempt I gor screened out from 2 AFSB Mysore (It was an AFCAT Entry)

You are highly active in sports and extra-curricular activities. But can a average candidate with no sports background make it through?

I was involved in 4*400 meter cross country events in my schooling days and also 5000 meter cross country run in my college days. It plays an prominent role in developing an individuals personality, but it is not the only basis of recommendation. Your selection doesn’t depend only on sports.

An average guy, without any sports background can also get recommended if he has the skillset they are searching for“.

(He must have a passion for armed forces to get selected in SSB Interview).

Sports develop various Officer Likes qualities like team spirit, fitness, etc

Sir, you have cleared SSB Interview in second attempt. You were screened out in first attempt. So, please share mistakes you did in first attempt (as per introspection)

I was not well prepared. I didn’t practice story writing and I didn’t practice narration, etc. I was a introvert. I couldn’t contribute in group discussion as well. (I was silent throughout the GD) (Main reason for rejection)

Due to lack of preparedness I got scrrened out from 2 AFSB, Mysore and decided to work on it and improved on all the grounds I lacked and got recommended in 2nd Attempt  from 17 SSB Banglore.

As per introspection, which things/mistakes you improved in second attempt? What was your change in approach for second SSB attempt?

For my second attempt, I highlighted the things where I lacked in. I came to know that i didn’t possess the required Power of expression. As being a introvert, I couldn’t contribute in group discussions of SSB. So, I started doing mock Discussions with friends and started interacting with more and more people. (This helped me to be more social)

I started writing stories, showed them to seniors, and got it corected. I imporved on all the grounds they suggested improvements on. I did WATS, SRTS and lot of practice as time frame is very less and we need to give good response in very less time.

I suggest the eveyone of you does about 20-30 WATS everyday and get it checked from someone who has cleared SSB Interview.

It is seen many a times that a candidate who has cleared SSB Interview fails to clear even Screening test in next attempt. How is this possible?

There is a major thing we need to understand here.

SSB Doesn’t judge you for your personality throughout life. It judges you based on the personality you showed during those 5 days.

It judges you on the basis of writen responses, GTO task, GD exercises, behaviour, etc. you showed during those 5 days. And if they thing that you have those qualities to be an officer in Armed forces, then they recommend you.

Sir, You have a defence background. Do you think that it benefits in SSB Interview? or does it have a upper edge over other aspirants?

I have a defence background. My father served in Indian army for 22 years. According to me, defence background doesn’t play any important role. They are not testing for your background or where you come from. They are testing you on your personality.

Defence Background may instale some kind of passion in you. But other than that it contributes nothing. Its just you. I have seen many candidates from civilian background getting recommended.

I dont think that defence background has an edge over other aspirants.

Maximum candidates fail to clear Screening test (Stage 1 of SSB Interview). So, please give some tips for screening test.

It is preaty evident that most of the candidates fail to clear the screening test of SSB. So, screening is a very important test. There is a book name “RS Agarwal” which you must practice for clearing OIR.

For PPDT, start interacting with more and more people. That would help you in contributing your points in group discussions in a mannerly way. Write the story and get it checked from one who is recommended or who has thorough knwoeledge of the SSB interview process (And start improving on that).

  • You have to write a positiv story in a given timeframe of 30 seconds
  • So carefully observe the picture and don’t hurry to write story.
  • Have confidence in group discussion and story.
  • Practice narration.
  • Revsie story again and again so that you remember important points of it. (during 15 Minutes gap)

Sir, give some valuable tips for Group discussion, STO and Personal Interview.

Tips for SSB Group Discussion:

  • GD is completely based on knowledge. So, start reading more and more. Inculcate the habbit of reading newspaper and collecting facts and information.
  • You have to listen to the other members of the group as well.
  • During SSB Group discussion, behave in a matured way. Speak and let speak.

Tips for Personal Interview:

  • Know yourself In and Out. Do, a thorough introspection.
  • Questions related to your perosnal life must be practiced.
  • Have thorough knowledge of points you have mentioned in PIQ form.

How to develop officer like qualities ? Means is there any daily routine which candidate must follow to develop these qualities naturally?

If you will observe carefully, everyone of us has Officer Like Qualities. The key of developing OLQ’s is to leading a very refined life.

When you are facing any situation, imagine that what will a officer in Armed forces do in that situation? Automatically you will answer your queries.

OLQ’s development is a very complicated procedure. It will not happen in a day. It requires a practice of lifetime to imbibe those officer lIke qualities in you.

  • Make it a daily habbit to inculcate OLQ’s (changes in lifestyle)

Is coaching must for clearing SSB Interview? Please clear some myths about it. And can SSB preparation done with self preparation?

Coaching is not must to clear SSB Interview. SSB Coaching can help you in:

  • Getting familiarity with the system
  • Understanding of tasks performed at SSB
  • How to present yourself
  • What to do and what not to do

But is not necessary to join SSB Coaching. You can do the same thing sitting at home watching youtube videos and other sources. And also develop those personality traits.

If someone performs bad in one particular activity / task will that affect his overall performance in SSB Interview?

Answer is NO. It won’t affect.

If you have performed bad in particular activity, then focus on tasks which are in your hand to do a comeback.

Can a Hindi medium candidate give his complete SSB in Hindi language ? Means if he is poor in English speaking?

No. You can’t use hindi. Because in Armed forces, people are from thoughout the country who may or may not know hindi. In armed force, you have to command people so they expect you to have a bilingual knowledge in English and Hindi.

Sir, you have given preparation strategy for beginners. Is it the same for SSB repeaters too?

Strategy is the same. 

As you have familiarity with the SSB system, more is expected from you. So, do more practice of SSB Tests and Tasks.

Have discussion with group one day before that each one must get change to speak in GD which is beneficial for the whole group.

Sir, you have prepared for SSB during your college days. So, please guide aspirants about how to prepare with college routine?

I was very dedicated to join Armed forces. I had my priorities sorted.

  • In morning I used to attend classes
  • In the evening I used to give tests
  • Also I used to teach tuitions in the evening for revision of subjects.

“If you have the dedication to taste success then you will do wonders”

What was your reason to join Indian Armed forces over Engineering?

In 2007, my mother passed away due to kidney dysfunction. At the time, Indian Army stood by us and help us until last moment. For that I was indebted to the organisation and wanted to serve it.

My father was in Army. So, from childhood I was very motivated to join armed forces. I admired him a lot and he is my role model.

Some aspirants are unable to clear SSB medical test. So please tell aspirants whether they should take SSB Medical test seriously or not?

Yes. You have to take medical test very seriously. I suggest that you undergo pre-medical checkup before going for SSB.

Nowadays, only temporary rejections are given. It is proven that temporary rejections can be cured in 42 days. So, be aware of it and start curing far before than SSB Interview.

Many students have a belief that Allahabad is "Rejection Center" for SSB. Please give your views on it.

I tend to disagree with that. I believe that if you possess the requisite qualities, then you can get recommended from any board.

"A sentence of motivation" to all aspirants preparing for CDS, AFCAT and CAPF exam

“Keep believing in you. Don’t get dishearted with failures”.

(Watch the Life changing video given below to thoroughly understand how to stay motivated all the time. Just reading will not be as effective as direct words of Arvind Sir)

Watch this 30 minutes Interview video of "Arvind Kaushik -AIR 4" on SSB Interview preparation.

Believe me guys, this 30 minutes video can change your life !!

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