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SSB Interview Tips
SSB Interview Tips and Tricks

After getting a tremendous response to the “SSB Interview Preparation” articles provided in this week, I am back with a new article of SSB interview in which we will see Frequently Asked Questions about SSB Interview. Some questions remain unanswered even after 2-3 years of preparation. So, it’s the right time to clear the doubts and understand the process thoroughly so that strategic preparation can be done. You will definitely get SSB Interview Tips and tricks for upcoming SSB Attempts.

SSB Interview Tips

Are you here for SSB Interview Tips? So, before starting with the tips for SSB Interview you must know that SSB interview is not like other exams which can be cracked in a matter of just a month or two. You can understand SSB Interview process in 1 day, but its preparation is a long term process. You need to bring lifestyle changes to earn ‘Officer like Qualities‘. So, be mentally prepared to work hard for your dreams.

We have discussed each and every aspect of SSB Interview in this series of 4 articles. So, you need to read these 4 articles in the sequence mentioned below so that you do target preparation.

Followed by Video Guidance of SSB Toppers (AIR 1 and AIR 4) which is provided at the end of this article!

In this article, we will understand SSB Interview through Frequently Asked Questions of aspirants. These are selective questions which will give you an overall idea of what’s seen in SSB interview.  So, keep patience till the end of this article.

SSB Interview Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is exactly seen in Stories we write at SSB? Should we write a realistic story or try to impress the accessor?

Answer: Stories should be simple, straight, logical and full of actions. Even writing 6-7 lines will do. But more importance to be given to actions and each action must be filled with as many OLQs as you can. Don’t try to impress the assessor by writing in the end that “Rahul was given bravery award for his work” or “Rahul was very intelligent from starting only”. This doesn’t help. Psychologists aren’t publishers of novels. Rather they take the last intention of your words. And through each sentence, take out you from YOU. More you try to cover up your stories by writing “Tareefs”, more he will be disinterested and more you do actions, the more psychologist will be automatically impressed.

Question 2: How can I train myself in SSB (Story Writing)? Day to day practice or any schedule?

Answer: To practice story writing, assume one story at a time and write as many actions you can in a notebook. Till now don’t make a story. Just write what you can do to SOLVE the problem. You may write 20 points or more. Imagine yourself to be DSP, SDM of the story and dive deep into the picture. Take the problem as your own problem. Only then you can write real and logical stories. You may take tests at home by setting timer of 3 minutes (not 4 minutes), because if you could write here at home in 3 mins, there 4 mins will be boon for you. Same stands for WAT and SRT. Think of situations worst for SRT and think what you can do! A person showing knife and telling you to get off the car leaving your luggage? Well, scream “TRUCK AHEAD”, divert his attention, bash his head on steering, and get him to police station! How did I manage to solve this? Well by thinking! So think a lot! 

Question 3: How to develop good psychology so that any story becomes a piece of cake for me?

Answer: For good psychology development, think that you are friends with everyone. Whenever you do any task, you do in team work. You are not an island. Rather, you are someone who takes initiative. Give reasons for task done! You are the hero! Feel this from within. You can do anything possible in this world. Just expand your consciousness. Even when the current mind says while making story “Nahi ho paayega”, challenge your current thoughts and come out of the shell. Your stories will improve.

Question 4: I am conference out for 9 times. I really cannot find where I am lagging. I took multiple guidance in TAT, WAT. But still failing. Please help me. I want to prepare from scratch for upcoming attempt (last attempt!)

Answer: The last attempt of yours should be FREE. Don’t be too tensed and desperate to crack it. Take it lightly. But prepare well. Make a flow chart of the possible questions that interviewing officer can ask. Also, improve your stories. Be your own psychologist. And find out from each sentence what qualities are coming. Never assume any character weak anywhere. Even when SRT comes like you and your sister are surrounded by men with gun and molesting, THEN FIGHT TOGETHER. Don’t make your sister run away! She is as brave as you are! Put good vibes to the officers. Think that they want to take you. So be easy! If in desperation, you say things which shouldn’t have been told, then its of no use. The IO knows that you WANT to join forces. Just be a good boy. Take things easy. Think that they are for your own benefit. Keep on improving. Believe that you can do it.

Question 5: What is the best approach for WAT in SSB interview and is it necessary to include the word in the sentence formed?

Answer: Its better to include the word in WAT because that shows your mind having confidence that in 15 seconds you can write the sentence with that word. But still, even if you don’t write that word somewhere, its okay! Because its’ not sentence making competition but rather “INTENTIONS” through these words. Analyse sentences when you write sentences and THINK whether it is giving you OLQs or not! Sentences like “dogs bite each other”, has nothing to do with you! So, be a problem solver in WAT. Fight every word. DARK? Cannot you think of light dispelling darkness as a sentence? This shows confidence, determination.
Question 6: How are the responses of the WAT analyzed in SSB?

Answer: WATs are like tasting a cake. Your stories are like cakes. But if they are really good will be told by test i.e. by confirming it. The stories look beautiful, but maybe you have copied, so WAT will tell the inside of you. Suppose in a story, you are making friends, but in WAT you write “I have no friends” or “Friends are of no use”, then there is an issue with your own psychology! So, bring coherence between stories, WAT and SRT.

Question 7: What should never be done in TAT and WAT?

Answer: In TAT, never make your character do normal things like celebrating birthdays (which even a common man can do). Never do your “tareefs”, rather show your actions and let psychologist take out good things. In TAT, complete your stories. Without Planning, don’t move an inch in stories. Be full of will. Never make stories in which only the character is doing everything and not working in team-spirit. Coming to WAT, never fall in pits of negative words like if the word depression is given, never write “In depression I cannot think”. This shows your weak mind. So come out of the negative word and tell the psychologist HOW to get out of depression by writing “running/deep breath/yoga removes depression”. In WAT, never ever leave a word blank! 

Question 8: What was your daily routine when you were preparing for the SSB? What should I do, in order to get through in the 1st attempt?

Answer: Daily routine will depend from person to person, but as a whole, you should read newspaper, cut articles, prepare lectures, play outdoor games, be fit! Have good vibes for everyone (this will help you to make good stories). Try to plan for tomorrow before sleeping. Organize your room. Help your parents! Don’t hold grudges against anyone otherwise it will be reflected in stories and interview like “Sir! My colony people are very bad, you don’t know”. Thus, have a good positive attitude. Take SSB as life.

Question 9: SSB Lecturette Strategy and Few tips

Answer: Prepare tough topics in advance for lectures because easy topics you can automatically speak. Take holistic view of topics. Like Topic of India-China relations, talk about present scenario, way ahead, history, wars fought, diplomatic meet, trade etc. Don’t leave any aspect. This will show your mind’s capability to look out for things! In lecture divide the topic first and under each topic, deliver the lecture. Also, tell the reason why you choosing a particular topic. Take any slip from GTO’s desk. Don’t do inky-ponky. This will be childish! Be confident. Don’t be in hurry but finish all the divided topics in time. 

SSB Interview Tips by AIR 1 Ipupu Mena

SSB Interview Tips by AIR 4 Arvind Kaushik


The conclusion of this “SSB Interview Article Series” is to make you aware about the SSB Interview procedure and to make you think. Please do not copy any material as it is. Take an idea and prepare your own strategy. That the main ‘SSB Interview Tip’ which you must take from these articles.

And if these SSB Interview articles are helping you in some or the other way, make sure you let us know your reviews. It will help us to improve our content as per your requirement.

Jai Hind!



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