CDS Exam + SSB Interview Books recommended by Successful Candidate

CDS Exam Books
CDS Exam Books

Hello defence aspirants, today we have Sarkaari Service family member, Rohan Chandanshive, who will like to share his SSB Interview preparation sources, SSB Books and CDS Books to all reader so that we all are aware about these sources.

SSB Interview preparation needs us to selective about best sources of SSB preparation. So, books for SSB interview and CDS exam must be selected with due care.

Before beginning the article, let us see achievements of Rohan Chandanshive, who will guide us in today’s article.

Cleared CDS written exam Twice
Cleared AFCAT written exam Once
Cleared INET written exam Once
Cleared SSB screening test Twice (Has experience of 5 SSB Interviews)

Hello friends, I am Rohan and I will like to share my SSB interview preparation sources and CDS exam books which I used personally to clear multiple defence exams and even perform good in SSB interview.

Whole SSB and CDS exam preparation can be done with self-study if you are self-Motivated to follow best sources which I will tell in this article.

Starting with CDS Written Exam Preparation

I followed the detailed startegies provided by Sarkaari Service for CDS GK , CDS Maths and CDS English preparation.

CDS GK preparation

I mainly studied History, Geography, Indian Polity, Physics and Biology in CDS GK preparation.

For Current Affairs, I studied Study IQ Bi-Monthly Videos by Prashant Dhavan sir.

I left Economics and Chemistry completely (But I will recommend to complete these subjects too)

CDS English preparation

Just gave more attention on weaker sections , went through rules of grammar for “error correction”.

Along with solving the common type of questions asked in CDS English paper, I Brushed up / solve few questions from each section of previous year papers.

Solve atleast 10 previous year question papers of English before written examination

Make your own strategy to solve the English paper , and start the paper with your strengths (means solving the type of questions you are strong at)

CDS Maths preparation

Mostly studied from Fast track Arithmetic Arihant book for CDS Maths, solved all exercises given in this book (Level-wise)

Short tricks are best in this book , so make the most of it.

Study as per CDS Maths syllabus, as it will be helpful in AFCAT, UPSC CAPF exam and INET exam also.

Follow Sarkaari Service strategy to understand which are high scoring + major topics in CDSE and study them in detail those important topics (CDS topic-wise weightage)

Let us now begin with most important part of this article, that is SSB books and best sources for self-preparation

SSB Books and Best Sources to study

SSB OIR test

SSBcrack pdf’s, Defence Direct Education pdf’s= that’s enough.


just be Logical + Imaginative + quick to perceive and jot down the story

SSB Narration + Group Discussion

Crisp + good voice modulation + respectable English + logic in GD


 same as PPDT



Small + Meaningful+ grammatically correct sentences


Be logical +don’t be superman + small + crisp solutions.

SSB GTO (1+2)

Keep yourself physically fit , be competent enough to run atleast for 20-25 mins nonstop, be logical + if not getting any idea then help the one who is getting the idea.


Be logical + give preference to situations seeing their importance + allot people to solve them seeing the requirement of manpower + present your GPE plan without any cuttings + make it presentable + simple to read + understand.

SSB Self Description

Know what your family, friends, teachers think about you ,write it down ,practice SD before your SSB Interview (couple of times).

Best Online Sources for SSB Interview Preparation

GD + Lecturette +   interview Follow Instagram handles like the print , the wire
Current Affairs Topics Economic times, The Hindu, Hindustan times to know important editorials of the day and note them down.
To understand the Views of policymakers Follow Study IQ + RSTV + the print + the wire on youtube
English speaking and GD preparation Take part in GD’s with your other friends who are preparing for SSB to improve your English speaking + knowledge
SSB Personal Interview Just brush up your graduation subjects to answer if asked by Interviewing Officer

Let us also get SSB Interview tips from AIR 1 and AIR 4 : (So that your question regarding CDS books and SSB Interview best sources to study will be crystal clear)

SSB Interview tips by AIR 4 Arvind Kaushik

SSB Interview tips by AIR 1 Ipupu Mena

Hopefully this article on SSB Interview tips have helped you to select best CDS Books and SSB books for your preparation.

If you have any doubt related to SSB preparation sources or books for CDS Written exam preparation, do ask in the comment section below.

Follow these 4 articles for best written exam gudance for CDS Exam

And I would like to thank Rohan for sharing his SSB preparation sources with all of us.

Jai Hind !!


  1. Shailly — congratulations on clearing written part.
    Talking about the ssb interview dates.
    The call/ email first comes to those candidates who have opted for permanent commission like ima / iafa /Ina and later ota candidates are called for the ssb. So mostly you will have your ssb in the month of April -may.

  2. Currently, I am in my first year graduation and want to appear for CDS OTA Examination. I am bit fearful about the interview process. Is it good if I start my preparation from now onwards. What are the ebooks that are available on the internet.

    • Hello,

      There are a lot of free knowledge and e-books are available on the Internet. But, I would suggest you to get the custom planned week-wise study plan for CDS designed by me. You will get a week-wise study plan + mock tests (including full syllabus mock tests) + Secret Telegram Channel Access for study material + A lot of study material for absolutely free and Many more things. Get CDS e-Book now.


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