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CDS Pathfinder book review

I receive almost 200+ messages daily regarding CDS exam preparation with “CDS Pathfinder Book” of Arihant publication. So, that’s why I decided to write an article on CDS pathfinder book, where I will contain CDS Pathfinder book review and tell about “How to customize your CDS exam preparation with Pathfinder Book” so that you can score 130+ score in upcoming CDS exam. You need to read each and every word for in-depth analysis so that you can design your personal strategy with Pathfinder book. So, let’s start.

Introduction to CDS Exam and ‘Pathfinder Book 2022’

You are reading this article which means you have an idea about CDS exam But still I will give you a basic overview of this exam based on latest trends.

  • CDS exam basic overview/ CDS pattern (You have to face these 3 papers on a single day)
SubjectDurationMarks Questions
English 2 hours100120
Mathematics2 hours100100
General Knowledge2 hours100120
  • Almost 3 lakh+ aspirants give CDS exam every attempt (February and September)
  • Introduction of current affairs from 2018 has made CDS GK Paper difficult (Current affairs questions introduced from CDS 1 2018 and form a major chunk even today)
  • CDS Cut off of all academies has increased irrespective of increased difficulty level. (IMA=130+, INA=120+, AFA=145+, OTA=90+)
  • You need to clear individual CDS Cut cutoff as well as score high in at least 2 papers to be a part of Merit list.
  • Before 2-3 years (4-5 attempts) CDS Pathfinder book used to give sure shot success in CDS exam. But with the changing trends of CDS exam, we need to add some additional sources in CDS exam preparation to customize our strategy.

These 6 points are sufficient to give you an overview of CDS exam, CDS Pathfinder book and level of competition of CDS exam. Also you will get a basic idea regarding how your preparation should be.

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Is CDS Pathfinder Book Best for CDS exam?

Considering the current exam pattern, cutoff analysis and competition, CDS Pathfinder is not sufficient. You need to be smart enough to understand the current trends and add necessary study sources along with CDS pathfinder book.

There is no single best book for CDS exam. You need different sources for different subjects. If you are using CDS Pathfinder book, then major portion of each subject will be covered from this book, but you also need to study some best sources which I will tell in this video. Some NCERT books and some reference books yield the best results in CDS exam. So, you have to study them too.

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Is CDS Pathfinder Book Sufficient for CDS Exam Preparation?

If you are searching for full-proof strategy for CDS exam, follow the CDS exam detailed strategy articles as given below. It will take 10-11 months of preparation but will give you 100% results.

  1. CDS GK paper detailed strategy
  2. CDS English paper detailed strategy
  3. CDS Maths paper detailed strategy
  4. CDS Exam 1-year detailed study plan

This strategy is for those aspirants who are preparing from CDS Pathfinder book or want to customize their preparation with CDS Pathfinder book and complete most of the syllabus in 4-5 months of time.

Watch CDS Pathfinder Book Review :

Why most CDS aspirants use CDS Pathfinder 2022 Book?

Following are the reasons why CDS Pathfinder book is used by aspirants:

  • CDS Pathfinder book is specially designed for CDS exam preparation
  • CDS Pathfinder book gives overall syllabus coverage in one single book.
  • CDS Pathfinder book is best for CDS Maths and CDS English paper. (Especially practice purpose)
  • Before 2-3 years, Pathfinder book used to be one-stop solution for CDS exam. But with changing trends, we need to add some other sources too.
  • Comparatively less awareness about CDS exam and its necessary sources (Its increasing day by day)
  • Less guidance about UPSC CDS exam (But now we are here to guide you)

CDS Exam pathfinder 2022 book content

CDS Pathfinder book contains all 3 papers of CDS exam and even overview of all topics of each paper.

  • CDS Maths paper theory and good exercise questions
  • CDS English paper theory and good exercise questions
  • CDS GK each topic theory overview (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Polity, Geography, History, Economy, Current events)
  • Previous year solved question papers too.
  • Best source for “CDS exam question practice”

Now begins the most important part of this article, where I will tell additional sources along with CDS Pathfinder book.

CDS Pathfinder 2022 Book Strategy to score 130+ in CDS exam

We will begin with GK paper sources along with Pathfinder book because clearing GK paper becomes very crucial in CDS exam.

Here is the list of additional sources you need to study along with CDS Pathfinder book:

Indian Polity Sources :

First 3 Parts of M Laxmikanth Book: Click here

(Constitutional framework, System of Government and Central government are first 3 parts of M Laxmikanth Book from which direct questions can be seen in CDS exam)

Just make sure that you revise these parts at least once before the actual exam. Revision is a must for Indian Polity.

Indian Geography Sources :

In Geography, you need to cover 3 important NCERT books and 1 Mapping book as given below. Mapping book must be studied simultaneously with your preparation, for example: whenever you come across new geographical area, study it from the mapping book.

  • 9th Geography NCERT: Contemporary India 1
  • 11th Geography NCERT : Fundamentals of Physical Geography
  • 11th Geography NCERT : India: Physical Environment
  • Mapping Book: (Geography through maps)

Indian Economy Sources :

Mrunal Sir’s Indian Economy videos freely available on youtube along with pathfinder.

Science and Technology Sources :

Science and Technology question weightage is very high in CDS exam. Questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology can be seen in every CDS exam attempt. So, you must focus on important NCERT Chapters from 9th and 10th NCERT.

I have given chapter wise list of Physics, Chemistry and Biology important chapters from NCERT books:

Important Chemistry chapters from 6th to 10th NCERT:

  • 7th Science Chapter 5: Acids, Bases and salts
  • 7th Science Chapter 6: Physical and Chemical Changes
  • 8th Science Chapter 3: Synthetic Fibres and plastics
  • 8th Science Chapter 4: Materials, metals and Non metals
  • 8th Science Chapter 5: Coal and Petroleum
  • 8th Science Chapter 6: Combustion and Flame
  • 9th Science Chapter 1: Matter in our surrounding
  • 9th Science Chapter 2: Is matter around us pure?
  • 9th Science Chapter 3: Atoms and Molecules
  • 9th Science Chapter 4: Structure of the Atom
  • 10th Science Chapter 1 : Chemical Reactions and equations
  • 10th Science Chapter 2 : Acids, bases and salts
  • 10th Science Chapter 3 : Metals and Non Metals
  • 10th Science Chapter 4 : Carbon and its compounds
  • 10th Science Chapter 5 : Periodic Classification of elements

Important Physics chapters from 6th to 10th NCERT:

  • 7th Science NCERT Chapter 4: Heat
  • 7th Science NCERT Chapter 13: Motion and Time
  • 7th Science NCERT Chapter 14: Electric Current and its effects
  • 7th Science NCERT Chapter 15: Light
  • 8th Science NCERT Chapter 11: Force and Pressure
  • 8th Science NCERT Chapter 12: Friction
  • 8th Science NCERT Chapter 13: Sound
  • 8th Science NCERT Chapter 14: Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  • 8th Science NCERT Chapter 16: Light
  • 9th Science NCERT Chapter 8: Motion
  • 9th Science NCERT Chapter 9: Forces and the Laws of Motion
  • 9th Science NCERT Chapter 10: Gravitation
  • 9th Science NCERT Chapter 11: Work and Energy
  • 9th Science NCERT Chapter 12: Sound
  • 10th Science NCERT chapter 10: Light
  • 10th Science NCERT Chapter 12: Electricity
  • 10th Science NCERT chapter 13: Magnet

Important Biology Chapters from 6th to 10th NCERT:

Biology is generally neglected by many aspirants. But every CDS exam has major chunk of Biology questions, so make sure you complete these given chapters for upcoming CDS attempt.

  • 7th Science Chapter 1: Nutrition in Plants
  • 7th Science Chapter 2: Nutrition in Animals
  • 7th Science Chapter 10: Respiration in organisms
  • 7th Science Chapter 11: Transportation in animals and plants
  • 7th Science Chapter 12: Reproduction in plants
  • 8th Science chapter 2: Microorganisms friend and foe
  • 8th Science chapter 8: Cell Structure and functions
  • 8th Science chapter 9: Reproduction in animals
  • 8th Science chapter 10: Reaching the age of Adolecence
  • 9th Science Chapter 5: The Fundamental Unit of Life
  • 9th Science Chapter 6: Tissues
  • 9th Science Chapter 7: Diversity in living organisms
  • 9th Science Chapter 13: Why do we fall ill?
  • 10th Science Chapter 6: Life Processes
  • 10th Science Chapter 7: Control and Co-ordination
  • 10th Science Chapter 8: Reproduction
  • 10th Science Chapter 9: Evolution
  • 10th Science Chapter 11: Human Eye
  • 12th Science chapter 11: Biotechnology Principles and Processes
  • 12th Science chapter 12: Biotechnology and its applications

Science and technology must not be neglected as a major chunk of questions are present in all UPSC CDS and UPSC CAPF exams. (Above sources may seem lengthy, but are easy to cover if done smartly)

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Current Affairs Sources:

For current affairs, you need to read daily “3-4 editorials of The Hindu Newspaper” and cover current affairs from any monthly current affairs compilation.

Try to cover current affairs of 8-10 months before exam

Current Affairs forms a major chunk of GK paper. So, study current affairs with good conceptual clarity. If you have any questions regarding current affairs, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

(Issue based current affairs questions are asked in CDS Exam. Have a look at the previous year’s question papers so that you will get an idea about the type of questions asked.)

How to Read The Hindu Newspaper to master Current Affairs? (VIDEO)

CDS Pathfinder Latest Edition in English and Hindi:

It is necessary that you buy the latest edition CDS Pathfinder 2022 book because CDS Pathfinder 2022 book is updated after every attempt and new questions from previous year question papers are also updated. So make sure that you get latest source to study.

You can give CDS exam in English as well as Hindi. (Question paper has questions in English as well as Hindi). So, if you have completed your education in Hindi medium, buy CDS Pathfinder Hindi version which is also made available in this article. Just make sure you also study the additional resources apart from CDS Pathfinder book, which I have mentioned above.

You can buy CDS Pathfinder book 2022 on the links given below:

CDS Pathfinder Latest Book (2019-20): Check here
CDS Pathfinder Latest Book (Hindi) (2019-20): Check here

CDS Pathfinder 2022 pdf:

Never use CDS Pathfinder book pdf in your CDS preparation. Because it’s against the moral values. It takes lots of effort for a publisher to make such a book and using CDS pathfinder 2022 pdf will be a wrong thing.

And in every latest book of Arihant Publication CDS Pathfinder, changes are done as per previous paper trends and new questions are also added from latest attempts. So, take care that you use latest edition of CDS Pathfinder book.

To be an officer, you need to take care of such small things also so that your psychological development takes place simultaneously. (Its a part of your SSB preparation !!)

CDS Pathfinder Book Review:

CDS pathfinder book review depends upon the time available for preparation. I have told all the Pro’s and Con’s of CDS Pathfinder book. Now, it’s your decision to select the best source as per your time availability and the level of preparation. You can know CDS Pathfinder book price from the links given above.

How was “CDS Pathfinder review” article? Do let me know in the comment section below and if you want to add some points regarding CDS Pathfinder 2022 review, do comment below. Your views will also be added in the article.

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