SSC CGL Preparation 2020 (Tips and Tricks)

SSC CGL preparation
SSC CGL preparation

What differentiates SSC CGL Exam from other competitive exams is that it is very extensive at it covers all types of tests ranging from Multiple Choice Test, Descriptive Test, Computer Ability test and also involves almost all subjects ranging from humanity subjects, science and technology, Mathametics, English, social issues, etc which needs you SSC CGL Preparation 2020 to be highly targeted and focused.

SSC CGL Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4 are divided over a span of roughly 1 year. This needs patience, consistency and persistence along with study which becomes cumbersome. So, we requested SSC CGL 2018 Toppers to provide tips and tricks for SSC CGL preparation which can guarantee you success in upcoming SSC CGL 2020 Exam.

If you will get unlimited time to solve SSC CGL papers, everyone can manage to score good marks. But when time comes into picture, we even fail to clear the exam cut off !

What makes a candidate successful is proper time management during these 7-8 months and implementation of tips and tricks on daily basis!

SSC CGL Preparation 2020

SSC CGL Exam 2020 begins on 2nd March (Tier 1) and ends in mid November 2020 (Tier 4). Syllabus of Tier 1 and Tier 2 may appear same, but types of questions are different. So, certain tips and tricks must be followed while preparing for every stage of this exam.

In this detailed article, we will see Tier-wise tips and tricks of SSC CGL Preparation. Because the tips that will work in Tier may not be applicable in other stages of exam. So, keep patience till end of this article.

Tips to crack the SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude (Tier 1 & Tier 2):

We will begin with tips and secrets to crack the aptitude section as it can be seen in Tier 1 as well as Tier 2 Exam. Make sure that you will follow the tips religiously to clear the this section for the SSC CGL Examination 2020:

  • Basics :

You have to be thorough with your basics because many a times students tend to make a mistake that they learn advance concepts and forget to touch upon the basics and then they ultimately suffer in exam. So make sure that you are thorough with the basics from NCERT Books as mentioned in detailed strategy.

  • Don’t use too many Shortcuts :

We know that students tend to use shortcuts or formulas to solve quickly in the examination but if you are not well verse with the tricks don’t use them. During initial days of preparation, you must follow the detailed method. With practice, you will automatically develop the tricks. Don’t use shortcut methods unless you are confident enough to use them.

  • Manage your time:

Time is everything” especially for Tier 1 Exam so even if you are studying daily, you must manage your time because learning the art of time management  is must if you want to meet ideal attempts in Tier 1 and Tier 2 Exam. If you will do a lot of practice and if at the time of exam you don’t manage your time well then it will be difficult for you to crack the examination.

Questions in SSC CGL Exam are easy. What makes them difficult is the time constraint !

  • Use single formulas for single type of question:

If you will follow multiple sources for preparation, it may happen that you get more than 1 formula for solving the same question. This is very risky at the time of exam. So, learn only 1 method and be master at it.

SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam (Aptitude Chapter-Wise Weightage)

  • Number Series
  • SI & CI, Percentage and Profit-Loss
  • Algebra
  • Speed and Distance
  • Mensuration
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Average
  • Bar Graph and Pie Chart
  • Time and Work

Check Preparation Strategy of : SSC CGL Tier 1 

Tips to crack SSC CGL English paper (Tier 1 and Tier 2)


As per notification, English paper is designed in such a way that they will test the understanding and knowledge of aspirants of English language. (But in actual case, difficulty is much high!). The English section takes less time to answer compared to other sections. You have to have a good language command and also your vocabulary and comprehension skills must be strong when comes to English paper.

Topics to be covered in the SSC CGL English paper:

For English paper you have to cover the Reading comprehension, vocabulary and Grammar which requires a comprehensive study plan. You have to make sure that you practice enough for this section and you will be able to attempt maximum questions from the English paper section.

Exact Tips for English paper of SSC CGL Exam :

  • Improve your vocabulary:

To improve your vocabulary read newspaper daily and mark the important words.Make a list of this words and make sure that you revise them on daily basis.

  • Improve your reading comprehension skills:

For improving the reading comprehension skill make sure you practice a lot because that only matters. Start solving simple comprehension and then moderate level and then solve the difficult level comprehensions so that if in exam they will ask you difficult level comprehension you will be well prepared for it.Also, solve and analyse previous years questions to know the pattern of the examination

  • Improve Grammar:

Grammar is very important so make sure that you are thorough with the tenses,adjective, adverb, idioms or phrases meaning,word formation and spotting the errors.

  • For English paper we would suggest you to refer Arihant publication books as per detailed strategies.
  • Make sure that you follow limited book religiously instead of too many books

SSC CGL Tier 1 (English Chapter-Wise Weightage)

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Spelling correction
  • Idiom and Phrase
  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Error Detection
  • Sentence Rearrangement
  • One Word Substitution

Check Preparation Strategy of : SSC CGL Tier 2

Tips to crack SSC CGL General Intelligence and Reasoning

Now the general intelligence and reasoning section is where you have to cover the reasoning and non-reasoning topics. This is scoring subject if you have good hold over the topics provided in SSC CGL Strategy. For the verbal reasoning sections you have to study topics such as analogy,classification,coding and decoding.

For SSC CGL non-verbal reasoning section, you need to focus mainly on covering topics such as mirror image, hidden image, dice, matrix and figure formation and paper folding. Check SSC CGL Syllabus to know each and topic to focus on.

Exact Tips and Tricks for Reasoning Section :

  • Command over Concepts:

Make sure that you are thorough with the verbal and non-verbal concepts given in recommended books.

  • Logical Skills:

Improve your logical thinking.It will take time but its worth time investing. You have to sharpen your analytical and logical thinking abilities.

  • Focus on One Topic at a Time:

Make sure that you focus on one topic don’t study too many topics at the same time.

(For the General Intelligence and Reasoning Section refer sequence of books specified in SSC CGL Tier 1 strategy)

Check Preparation Strategy of : SSC CGL Tier 3

Tips to Crack SSC CGL General Awareness

It will take much efforts to study and revise GS sources. So, be mentally prepared !

For the general awareness section the questions asked will be asked from the Static GK, Current Affairs and Science portion that is physics, chemistry, biology. In Static GK syllabus you have to cover the history, geography, polity, environment portion, related current affairs and miscellaneous section where you must be aware of famous personality, books, names and author, sports and important events.

Tips to crack the General Awareness section:

  • Important Topics First :

Cover the important topics first and then go to the topics that are asked in less number in examination. So, that at the time of exam, you have high probability of questions seen from topics you have read.

  • Increase Your Knowledge (No other option):

Read a lot to increase your knowledge for that make sure that you refer limited books (as per strategy) and follow daily newspaper reading.

  • Make Crisp Notes (for quick revision) :

Make notes about the topics that you are reading so that it becomes easy for you to revise before the examination. If you will not make notes, recalling studied sources becomes impossible.

  • Revise on daily basis (30 minutes daily in morning)

Revise the notes that you will be making. The more you revise the more you will be able to reproduce in the SSC CGL examination.

Check Preparation Strategy of : SSC CGL Tier 4

SSC CGL Tier 2 Tips and Tricks (Specific)

  • Your final merit list depends on your Tier 2 score (Indirectly). So, try to score maximum in this stage.
  • Revise that you have already studied and cover the topics that you need to study for the tier II examination
  • Make notes of topics that you will be studying so that it becomes easy to revise fast before the exam
  • Practice enough and remember formulas for the statistics portion.
  • Solve SSC CGL mock test so that it will become easy and you will improve day and day and you will know your mistakes.
  • Your SSC CGL preparation for Tier 2 must be highly specific as “400 marks” is a major contributor of Merit List (800 marks for few posts)

SSC CGL Tier 3 Tips and Tricks (Specific)

  • Now, tier III examination as it is descriptive paper you have to practice essay writing and the formal and informal letter writing
  • Please don’t take SSC CGL Tier 3 exam lightly (which most aspirants do!)
  • Read newspaper daily and when you feel that the information is useful try to use it while practising
  • While reading newspaper if you come across important headline try to gather information and write essay on it.
  • Check with your mentor the essay and letters that you write so that you will know your mistakes (evaluation is must!)
  • Try to add graphs, facts and figures in your essay
  • Understand the pattern of the tier III examination thoroughly along with marking scheme.
SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam pattern

SSC CGL Specific Tips and Tricks (Tier 4)

  • Speed Matters alot in this stage of exam (which needs practice).
  • Practice on computer your typing skills because they will give some material to type on computer for 15 minutes and they will check how good you are at them.
  • There are various websites that they take the typing test so make sure that you practice them everyday and they also show results so you will get to know your progress
  • For computer proficiency test make sure that you know the MS word, Powerpoint and Excel.
  • If you don’t know make sure that you join some class or you take a proper training who knows it thoroughly.
  • Practice is the only key so make sure that you do it every day to clear Tier 4 Exam.
  • After the examination they will do the document verification process and then you will be through the examination.

Out of 27 Lakhs aspirants appearing for this exam, only 40,000 aspirants (roughly) make it through. So, be serious in your SSC CGL Preparation 2020!

Hopefully this detailed article on SSC CGL Preparation helps you in getting your “Name” in SSC CGL Merit list. We have provided A to Z guidance on SSC CGL preparation rangling from Tier wise strategy, SSC CGL Exam Pattern, Chapter-wise breakdown of SSC CGL Syllabus, etc and many more. So, utilize it in your upcoming SSC CGL exam.

And if you still have any doubts, do let our team know about it in comment section. You will get your doubt solved within 24 hours.

Jai Hind !


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