SSC CGL 2020 ‘Tier 3’ Strategy | Aim 80+ Marks

SSC CGL Tier 3 Strategy
SSC CGL Tier 3 Strategy

SSC CGL Aspirants, how is the preparation going on? SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 strategies are released and is getting awesome response from aspirants all over India. These strategies can yield you 170+ Marks in Tier 1 and 360+ Marks in Tier 2 (If you are dedicated enough to follow strategy and sources as told)

Now, just 1 stage is left between you and central government job which can be easily cleared with SSC CGL Tier 3 Preparation strategy where we will see:

  • Exam Pattern analysis with latest trends
  • Exact Marking scheme distribution for SSC CGL Tier 3 (Descriptive paper)
  • Tips for effective essay and letter writing to score 80+ Marks
  • Common mistakes to avoid in Tier 3 of SSC CGL Exam
  • Tips and tricks by SSC CGL Toppers 2018-19

So, stay connected till end so that you can manage to score 80+ Marks (Out of 100) in SSC CGL Tier 3 paper and get the dream post of your choice in SSC CGL exam!

SSC CGL Tier 3 Preparation Strategy | Introduction

SSC Merit List = Tier 1 Marks + Tier 2 Marks + Tier 3 Marks

SSC CGL Tier 3 Marks are considered while calculating the final merit list of SSC CGL. So, its manadatory to give score high marks in this stage of exam. 3 points which you must remember before starting the Tier 3 preparation:

  1. Every aspirant appearing for Tier 3 exam manages to score 40-50 marks. But those 25-30 extra marks can bring huge difference in terms of merit list.
  2. Having a proper strategy, predefined format of writing descriptive paper, expressive writing, asthetics and format of Essay and letter writing can bring about this difference.
  3. Many aspirants neglect these things which result in lower score in final merit list !

If you are appearing for SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam, you are very close to Success !

SSC CGL Tier 3 constitutes “14.28% of overall weightage of SSC CGL Marks”. So, you must dedicate seperate time for it like other papers

Stage 4 of SSC CGL Exam is just qualifying in nature. So, technically this is last stage of SSC CGL Exam whose marks will be calculated in merit list. You are now too close to clear SSC CGL exam. Just make sure you cover maximum marks in this stage to take a lead over other aspirants. 

SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam in Hindi or English?

You can give SSC CGL exam (Tier 3) in Hindi as well as English.  Just make sure, that once your language is selected, follow it thoughout the paper. If you do combination of Hindi and English in Tier 3 paper, you paper will be disqualifed (Zero Marks)

Common mistakes to avoid while selecting Language:

  1. Do not select particular language just because it yields more marks (its a myth). Select language in which you are more comfortable. Because your level of expression also matters in Tier 3 exam.
  2. Generally, you must select the langauge in which you have done your schooling (Till 10th Standard)

Role of Newspaper Reading in SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam

You have prepared for SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 which means that you have sufficient knowledge to tackle the Tier 3 Exam. But Reading Newspaper is important because:

  1. Your writing skills and style of writing improves with daily newspaper reading.
  2. You can include multiple dimensions of particular topic in essay.
  3. Social Issues and Current affairs must be included in Essay to score 40+ marks in Essay. (Just writing simple essay will not yield you more than 25 marks)

But does it mean that you must read whole news paper daily? No. Just make sure you read 2-3 editorials from The Hindu/Indian Express (30-35 minutes only) which will be helpful in English preparation as well.

English Medium Aspirants : The Hindu / Indian Express

Hindi Medium Aspirants : Dainik Jagran Newspaper

How much time is required to complete Syllabus of SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam?

No dedicated time for SSC CGL Tier 3 Preparation !

Yes, you read it right. Your preparation for Tier 3 must go hand in hand with tier 2 preparation. Which includes:

  1. Daily 2-3 Editorial Reading from The Hindu/ Indian Express/ Dainik Jagran Newspaper
  2. Every Wednesday: Writing 1 Essay and 1 Letter from previous year papers.
  3. Every Sunday: Writing 1 Essay and 1 Letter from previous year papers and getting it checked by your teacher or send me for review (free of cost!)
  4. And make sure you write test on paper with similar format of SSC CGL Tier 3 exam. (Box format). Your will get sample paper pdf below in this article.

Getting your papers reviewed is must! (And there must be improvement after each test).

SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Separate article has been written on Tier 3 syllabus. Today, we will focus on SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam pattern so that you are familiar with this stage

Mode of Examination Descriptive paper conducted in Offline format (Pen Paper Based)
Number of papers in Tier 3  Only One (1)
Type of Questions asked Essay writing, Precis Writing, Letter writing or Application Writing
Number of marks for descriptive paper 100
Exam duration  60 minutes
Language of Writing Examination  English and Hindi

Also check: SSC CGL Exam 2019 Dates (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)

Marking Scheme of SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam

In case of Essay writing and Letter writing of Tier 3 Exam, following is the marking scheme:

  • 10 marks for Relevance
  • 5 Marks for Spelling
  • 5 Marks for completing essay and letter in specified word limit
  • 10 marks for the quality of content
  • 5 Marks for format maintained during writing
  • 5 Marks for Neat and cleanliness in writing content
  • 10 marks for effective sentence formation

Similar Pattern is maintained for both questions of 50 Marks each (Essay and Passage). Have a look at actual SSC CGL Tier 3 Answer sheet pdf:

SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam pattern

SSC CGL Tier 3 Essay Writing Tips

SSC CGL Tier 3 Essay Word Limit 250 Words Only (strictly follow it !)
SSC CGL Tier 3 Essay Time  Limit Try to complete in 30-35 minutes
SSC CGL Tier 3 Essay Format In square block paper
SSC CGL Tier 3 Essay Marks Allotted 50 Marks

List of SSC CGL Essay Topics can be find on official website

Example of Essay asked in SSC CGL Tier 3 for 2018 and 2019:

  1. Importance of Education in present time.
  2. In event of an earthquake, for your safety, what you should do & what you should not do. 

SSC CGL Tier 3 Answer Sheet Sample PDF

SSC CGL TIER 3 Exam pattern

This format may be new to you, but you have to be familiar with it during your practice only.

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SSC CGL Tier 3 Letter Writing Tips

SSC CGL Tier 3 Letter Writing Word Limit 150 Words Only (strictly follow it !)
SSC CGL Tier 3 Letter Writing Time Limit Try to complete in 20-25 minutes as more time is required for Essay Section
SSC CGL Tier 3 Letter Writing Format Similar to Essay writing
SSC CGL Tier 3 Letter Writing Marks Allotted 50 Marks

Example of “Letter Writing Topics” asked in SSC CGL Tier 3 for 2018 and 2019:

  1. You are Sunita Sunil, resident of Gandhi road, Dwarka, New Delhi, 110083. So, write a letter to manager of G D Restaurant complaining the poor service and the poor quality of food offered at their restaurant.
  2. Assume that you are Suresh or Seema. And then write a letter to your younger brother named Naresh, highlighting the distinct benefits as well as negative points of CBT for Multiple choice Questions. 

In Essay and Letter Writing : 50% Marks for Content + 20% Marks for Format + 30% Marks for your style of writing (Expression)

Best Sources of Essay Preparation for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam :

  • The Hindu Newpaper Editorial Reading
  • SSC CGL Tier-III Descriptive Exam Practice Work Book: Kiran Publication

10 Tips of SSC CGL Tier 3 Preparation by SSC CGL 2018-19 Toppers :

  1. While writing Essay, you must not be partial to particular opinion. You must have a balanced opinion which must contain Pro’s and Con’s as well.
  2. Your must be optimistic while writing essay even on problems of our society. In such case, you can give problems and then specify pratical solutions to tackle it.
  3. Don’t use negative tone or even negative words.
  4. Throughout the essay, be secular and think like a officer. Some critical social issues can be asked to test your view about it.
  5. Use different names and cities in essay as well as Letter. Examinater must not be able to guess your location. (Some aspirants are too partial with respect to location and name)
  6. Maintaining proper spacing and Format (as specified in above book) is must if you want to score high marks.
  7. Each block on paper must contain only 1 word and punctuation assoociated with it. Do not use separate block for punctuation.
  8.  Essay must not be written like other concentional answer. It must contain a flow like Introduction, Main Content and Conclusion
  9. Essay is a test of your social nature, officer like qualities,awareness and not a mere test of your knowledge.
  10. Be familiar with the pattern during mock test because 60 minutes is a very short time when you want to write essay and letter in impressive style.

Is Coaching Must for SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam?

Increase Minimum 20 Marks with this Exercise !!

3 step process to get “high quality points” for Essay, precise writing and letter writing (Very important if you are aiming 80+ Marks)


As soon as you have cleared SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam, start this exercise. Get a list of top 50 current affairs topics happened in last 12 months like RBI’s surplus transfer to the government, article 370, tripple Talak, Crisis in the Automobile Industry, etc and create a 2 page notes of each topic.

These 100 pages notes must be revised mutliple times till SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam.


Make a List of 25-30 Social Issues around us like:

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. role of women in indian politics
  3. Dealing with social media bullying
  4. Child abuse prevention
  5. How is our society dealing with poverty?


The Hindu Issues

Type the given below phrases in google to get “The Hindu articles” on that topic. Make sure you read 5-6 The Hindu topics on that social issue!!

  1. “Women Empowerment” The Hindu Articles
  2. “Role of women in indian politics” The Hindu Articles
  3. “Dealing with social media bullying” The Hindu Articles
  4. “Child abuse prevention” The Hindu Articles
  5. “How is our society dealing with poverty?” The Hindu Articles

This exercise will give you strong hold over 50 Current Affairs issues as well as 30 Social Issues which will give you lead over other aspirans. For Sure !!


You are reading this article till here, means you have officer like qualities like Patience and determination. Now its time to be self enlightened to follow strategy as told. Believ me guys, if you will follow the sources and books provided in this article, no one can stop you from scoring 80+ Marks !

If you still have any doubt or need personal guidance, feel free to ask sarkaari service team. You will get answer within 24 hours.

Jai Hind !

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SSC CGL Tier 3 compulsory for all ?

Yes. SSC CGL Tier 3 is compulsory for all. But you have to clear Tier 1 exam to be eligible for Tier 2 and Tier 3 Exam.

What is SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam ?

SSC CGL Tier 3 means Stage 3. SSC CGL consists of 4 tiers. Remaining 3 tiers are computer based exams, while Tier 3 is descriptive paper (Essay and Letter) whose marks are calculated in Final Merit list.

Which is Best book for SSC CGL Tier 3 Exam?

SSC CGL Tier 3 is a descriptive paper. Syllabus of Tier 1 and Tier 2 is sufficient for Tier 3. But for answer writing skill, you need daily newpaper editorial reading.


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