How to Crack SSC CGL in First Attempt?

How to crack SSC CGL in First Attempt
How to crack SSC CGL in First Attempt

You are reading this article means you have taken the decision to crack SSC CGL Exam in First attempt. Believe me guys, your 30% work is done as believing that you can clear SSC CGL Exam in first attempt is must if you want things to happen at psychological level too. Many aspirant fear about the exam due to preconceived notions of exam like high competition, number of stages, difficulty level, etc and fail before starting the preparation.

More than 40% aspirants in Final merit List of SSC CGL Exam are Fresh Graduates (First or Second Attempt)!

In fact the number of attempts doesn’t matter. What matters is the level of preparation. There are many aspirants who cannot cover the syllabus effectively even in 2-3 years. On the other hand, some aspirants clear the SSC CGL Exam in last year of graduation. So, its all about quality over quantity.

I will give you a 2018 case study. One of our student who was in last year of BTech cleared SSC CGL 2018 exam with AIR 69. He just followed the detailed strategies of Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 of SSC CGL Exam which are designed by SSC CGL Toppers considering the latest exam trends. You can also prepare as per these strategies if your are a self motivated person.

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How to Crack SSC CGL 2020 in First Attempt?

You need to rigorously follow 13 tips given below to crack SSC CGL Exam in First Attempt. Moreover, these tips are effective only if you study as per detailed strategies on SSC CGL Preparation 2020.

1. Prepare for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 simultaneously

Many aspirants study for different stages of SSC CGL Exam in isolation. But you must study Tier 1, 2 and 3 parallely in a comprehensive manner. Major syllabus of English and Maths papers of Tier 1 and Tier 2 are overlapping. So, if you will study in combined manner, probability of scoring good marks is very high.

2. Don’t Under-estimate Tier 3 Exam 

Final Merit list of SSC CGL Exam is sum of marks obtained in Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Exam. So, equal importance must be given to all these stages of SSC CGL exam. Moreover, if you will not clear the Tier 3 Exam, you will not be selected irrespective of high scores in first 2 stages. So, do not underestimate SSC CGL Tier 3 exam.

2. Be Positive throughout the Process

As the process itself for the examination is tedious you have to be positive at every single point of time while preparing for the examination. And as soon as stage 1 is over, start preparation for Tier 2 exam. Don’t waste time in waiting for results which most aspirants do.

3. Be Patient and Consistent

No matter what happens to you or any challenges you face, you have to study daily for hours as per your plan or the topics that you have planned that you will cover that particular day. Remember that SSC CGL Exam has many posts to be filled every year, so if you are competant enough, you will be selected for sure. If not in this attempt, then in next attempt for sure!

4. Dedication and Commitment

You have to make sure that you are dedicated and committed towards your journey of the preparation for the SSC CGL examination and you do it seriously. If your plan is to score 170+ marks in Tier 1 Exam and 360+ Marks in Tier 2 exam, then your dedication and commitment must also be of that level. (Getting Class 2 Gazetted Post is not that easy!)

5. Maintain Self Discipline

You will come after various TV Shows, Online series, Movies, etc and thousands of distractions during this 7-8 months of SSC CGL Preparation. During these disctractions, what will make you successful is maintaining self-discipline.

You have to be in discipline and follow proper planning as per your time table for the day. If you have decided that you are going to cover these many topics, then don’t stop until the target is complete.

6. Follow a Rigorous Routine for Tier 2 Preparation

If you follow a proper routine it becomes easy for you to complete your syllabus on time. Syllabus of Tier 2 exam is very vast which needs proper routine for study and revision. If you will not follow a routine you will keep on postponing things and then you will realize that the exam is ahead and you have not covered even the syllabus.

7. Know your Syllabus Thoroughly (Tier 1 and 2)

“Chapter-wise weightage of each paper” is the key to success.You have to know your syllabus to and fro. We would suggest that even if you take some time it is okay but make sure that you remember syllabus by heart. You need to have SSC CGL Syllabus and previous year question papers infront of you while studying.

Remember that you don’t have to read unnecessary topics.Syllabus will take you in the right direction for the preparation of the SSC CGL examination because if you don’t know exact syllabus and you cover unnecessary topics, then you won’t be able to finish portion on time.

8. Practice makes Man Perfect (Especially in SSC CGL)

Practice questions on daily basis from best books recommended in strategy articles. You must know that “Daily MCQ Practice” is important to sustain in the preparation of the SSC CGL examination. So make sure that you keep practising questions daily. Commit to yourself that you will actively participate in the process of the examination and solve questions in limited time period (Taget oriented!)

9. Read, Revise and Repeat

The three mantra’s of success are: Read, Revise and Repeat

The more you revise it will be easy for you to crack the examination because you will be able to recall many things at the time of examination.When we discussed with many toppers we got to know that the more you revise your chances to clear the examination increases drastically.

10. Be Serious About Exam

More than 27 lakh aspirants apply for the exam out of which only 8-9 lakh aspirants appear for the exam (Only 30-35 percent). Is this the seriousness level of the exam?

If you are not serious about the exam, exam will also not take you seriusly. Remember that whatever may be the exam results, you must be able to say that you gave your 100%. And believe me, if you will give 100% efforts in preparation, no one can stop you from being successful.

11. Give minimum 10 Mock tests Before Exam

Give minimum 10 Practice mock tests before actual exam because the tests will prepare you for the topics you have missed out or have not studied. Take your mock tests seriously. Prepare for them even if at times you are not ready. Just go and give the test so that you will know your weakness and work upon them so that you clear the Final examination.

12. Be Self-Motivated

You have to keep yourself motivated every single day and also make sure that you put an extra effort every day so that you will not only clear the exam but also you will get a high score with a high rank (to get to good post of your choice, it is very important so remember this point)

13. Be Relax and Busy!

Find time to relax at times and take a day off. Just make sure you do not break the momentum of study for more than 2 days.

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Please do not search for shortcut methods. Following detailed strategy for SSC CGL preparation will take time, but they are worth time investing. Strategy is designed based on basic NCERT books and some SSC CGL specific books which can give you guaranteed success with pure self preparation.

If you want to beat high competition, you need to be competent enough to score very high marks (which will come with strategic study)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to crack SSC CGL in First Attempt without coaching?

No need of joining any coaching for SSC CGL Tier 1 , 2 and 3 exam if you are dedicated enough to follow SSC CGL Preparation strategies which contain NCERT’s and SSC CGL specific books.

How to Clear SSC CGL in 3 months?

Directly start preparation of Tier 2 exam when you have only 3 months left. Maths and English of Tier 1 will be covered in it. Moreover, study Tier 1 specific Reasoning and General Awareness topics.

How to Qualify SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam?

Maximum competition in SSC CGL exam is for Tier 1 (Being a screening test). You need to master skill of solving questions in less than 25 seconds if you want to qualify stage 1 easily.

And if you still have any doubts, do let us know in the comment section below. Your doubts will be cleared within 24 hours. 

Jai Hind!


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