SSC CGL Posts and Salary | In Hand Salary 2020

SSC CGL Posts and Salary
SSC CGL Posts and Salary

SSC conducts Combined Graduate Level exam for recruitment of Gazetted Class 2 and Class 3 posts in various depatments, ministries and organisations, etc. This is the biggest exam in India conducted for recruitment of Class 2 and Class 3 officers. Moreover, it is also one of the exam which contains most diverse posts ranging from different eligibility for each branch. SSC CGL salary depends on post you have applied for.

So, today’s article will clear your A to Z doubts related to salary of SSC CGL posts. You will get list of SSC CGL posts with salary so that it becomes easy for you to know the difference in salary for difference posts of SSC CGL.

Its better to analyse each and every post of SSC CGL so that you can fill the right preferences ! (as later it cannot be changed)

SSC CGL Posts and Salary (Introduction)

If you are willing to join government departments ministries, then SSC CGL is the best option for the young graduates to enter into these departments at Grade-‘B’ & ‘C’ posts. SSC conducts CGL exam every year throughout the country. As an SSC CGL officer, you will be performing several important duties in various departments, which directly contributes to the nation’s progress. This job can provide you an immense respect, a decent salary package, and lucrative career growth in the respective departments/ministries. (SSC CGL Posts salary are lucrative as compared to other similar exams)

Now, you might think about the different factors of SSC CGL Posts :

  • What are the different posts that are offered through the SSC CGL examination
  • The different kind of positions that are offered under SSC CGL entry
  • What will be the pay for the different posts (SSC CGL Post wise Salary)
  • The future career aspects of the SSC CGL Job (Career growth)

In the article, we are going to discuss the different SSC CGL posts and the nature of the work (and of course ssc cgl post list with salary)

Some Basics Before Checking Exact SSC CGL Salary in Hand :

  • The preference of the post depends upon the choice of the candidate and the personal decisions that they will make.
  • The post of the SSC CGL exam depends upon their grades: Grade B or C
  • The pay scale for different grade is different
  • There are also extra perks associated with eacg post depending on risk associated with it
  • For the Grade B posts, an individual gets paid under the pay scale of 2 that is 9300-34800 and the SSC CGL grade pay is Rs. 5400, Rs 4600, Rs 4200 and Rs 4600.

We will discuss about each and every SSC CGL posts and even SSC CGL pay scale.

Now, let’s discuss the different positions of SSC CGL examination

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Name of post Ministry/Department/Organisation Grade pay
Assistant Audit officer Indian audit and account department 4800
Assistant accounts officer Indian audit and accounts 4800
Assistant section officer Intelligence Bureau 4600


Assistant section officer Ministry of railways 4600


Assistant section officer Central Secretarait Service 4600


Assistant section officer


Ministry of external affairs 4600


Assistant section officer Armed forces headquarters 4600


Income tax inspector Central board of direct taxes 4600
Inspector (central excise) Central board of excise and customs 4600
Inspector (preventive officer) Central board of excise and customs 4600
Inspector (examiner) Central board of excise and customs 4600
Assistant enforcement officer Department of revenue 4600
Sub inspector Central bureau of investigation 4600
Inspector posts Posts department 4600
Divisional accountant Offices under CAG 4200
Inspector Central bureau of narcotics 4600
Assistant Other ministries 4200
Sub inspector National investigation agency 4200
Junior statistical officer Ministry of statistics 4200

We discussed about the different posts of SSC CGL examination for Grade B that offers you a good career growth and with a decent salary. Now, we will analyse each and every SSC CGL post in detail. (SSC CGL posts and salary must motivate you to study 8 hours a day)

Assistant Audit officer

Let us discuss about the Salary of Assistant Audit Officer and other perks :

  • Grade B – Gazetted and non-ministerial posts
  • Department – Comptroller Auditor General of India (CAG)
  • Grade pay is 4800
  • Age limit should not exceed 30 years
  • Pay scale- 9300- 34800

When you crack the SSC CGL examination and you get selected as an Assistant Audit officer then you are posted under the department of Indian Audit and Accounts.

For the position of Assistant Audit Officer you are responsible to conduct audit of accounts of the central or the state government and also for other public sector industries.

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Assistant Audit officer Job Profile

  • The Assistant Audit officer is a desk job
  • It includes no field work so you have a little perk that you have to seat on your desk and work comfortably
  • The responsibility that you need to carry as an Assistant Audit Officer are:
  1. The profile of the job involve the role of compliance audits, performance analysis and financial auditing
  2. You are also responsible to issue the guidelines to the government ministries/ departments.
  3. The guidelines are to plan the expenditures properly for the future
  4. You have the authority to bring the wrong doings and scams of politicians or any government officials and departments in the light of the government.
  5. You are a gazetted officer and your decision-making should be very strong.
  6. You are going to involve in the decision-making procedure at the section phase

( SSC CGL Salary and promotion aspects are maximum for class 2 Gazetted Posts )

Now, as we discussed your responsibilities. Let’s discuss about the SSC CGL promotions and rewards for this post.


When you start the career as Assistant Audit Officer in the Comptroller Auditor General department in India, then the process of promotion is in the following manner:

Now, let us discuss about the post as an Assistant Section officer

Assistant Audit Officer- Audit officer- Senior Accounts officer- Deputy Director- Deputy Accounts General- Director or as an Accountant General- Principal Director or Pr. AG- Director General

First, you will be joining at the initial stage and then you will get promoted for the further ranks. You have to qualify the ministerial examinations and then with time you will get promoted and awarded by the ministerial or department. It will take around 6- 10 years to become Audit officer and to become Senior Audit Officer will take 2-4 years after the promotion. Rest of the promotions you will get as per the availability of the positions in the ministries or department.

Generally, it is observed that to get a promotion for further higher positions such as principal director or director, the chances are very low.

Now, let us discuss about the post as an Assistant Section officer.

Assistant Section Officer

The basic information of the post as an Assistant Section Officer is:

  • Grade B posts
  • Ministry is central secretariat service
  • Grade pay is 4800
  • Pay scale is RS. 9300 to 34800
  • The age limit is 20-30 years
  • Now, you know that the central secretariat service is the backbone of the administrative control and provides bureaucrats and different functional employee to the government of India
  • Central Secretariat Service or CSS is one of the best among the assistant jobs that are offered by SSC CGL examination
  • You may go up to the position of Under Secretary or the further positions in the hierarchy

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Assistant Section Officer Job Profile

Let us discuss about the responsibilities and duties you will be performing as the Assistant Section officer:

  • You are required to maintain the links that will maintain communications between the central secretariat and parliament
  • Assurances, government skills and parliament question handling
  • You must possess few skilled in completing files and drafting, prepare reports, noting.
  • You are also responsible to interpret rules and regulations given by the Central secretariat service members
  • The procedure will help to ensure continuity in the policies of the government and will help the central secretariat service

We discussed about the roles and responsibilities of the central secretariat officer or CSS. Let us discuss about the promotions and awards you will receive as a central secretariat service


The order of promotion as a central secretariat service is as follows:

Assistant section officer- section officer- Under Secretary- Joint Director- Director – Joint secretary

Firstly, you get a promotion as a section officer within 5-7 years as you join. When you get promoted to the next level, you must clear the inter-ministry or department examination which is conducted by the union public service commission. If you do not clear the examination then it will take around 10-12 years to reach the same level and become higher rank officer.

Income Tax Inspector

Let us discuss the basic information for the post of income tax inspector :

  • Income tax officer is a grade C position
  • The department or ministry that you will work is central board of direct taxes or CBDT
  • The pay scale is Rs 9300 to 34800
  • The grade pay is RS 4600
  • The age limit should not exceed 30 years

The central board of direct taxes or CBDT is the one which is responsible to collect direct taxes in the entire country. Direct taxes will include the income tax, corporate tax and wealth tax. It functions under the ministry of finance in the department of revenue.  There is an ideal working environment in the organization and has good human resource policy.

Now, let us discuss about the job profile as an Income tax Inspector

Income Tax Inspector Job Profile

You get deputated as an Income tax inspector in the income tax department. Once you get deputed as an income tax inspector in the department of income tax department in the finance ministry then you can work under any one of the two sections of the department. You as an income tax officer you can choose the section of the department that interests you. One is the assessment section and the other one is non-assessment section.

In the Assessment section the job role includes performing all the desk related duties that fall under the income tax inspector position. You have to assess the income tax of an individual or organization which is liable to pay. You also have to handle the refund claims and TDS related enquires.

Under the Non-Assessment section, you must perform duties in the field. For the position of the field job, your role is to be a part of the rapid response team that raids the corrupted individual or an organization. You must gather information and evidence against defaulters. The job as a Non-Assessment section is risky as well as interesting but it is challenging.

We discussed about the job role as an Income Tax Inspector. Now, let us know the SSC CGL promotions and awards you will receive as an Income tax Inspector.


The order of the different positions in the income tax department for the position of the Income tax Inspector and the further career progression is as follows:

Income tax inspector- Income tax officer as a grade B gazetted officer- Assistant commissioner of the Income tax- Deputy commissioner of income tax- Joint commissioner of Income tax- Additional commissioner of the income tax- commissioner of Income tax

Now, As you become an Income tax Inspector you have to keep patience and work efficiently for 4-6 years to become Income tax officer. It is a grade B gazetted position and from Income tax officer to Assistant commissioner of Income tax then it will take around a decade.

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Assistant Enforcement officer

Let us discuss about the information for the post of Assistant Enforcement Officer:

  • It is a Grade B Post
  • As the Assistant enforcement officer you will work in the department of revenue under the directorate of enforcement in the ministry of finance
  • The pay scale is Rs 9300-34800
  • The grade pay is Rs 4600
  • The age limit should not exceed 30 years
  • Enforcement directorate is an investigation agency
  • It involves checking money-laundering activities that take place in India
  • Enforcement directorate is the two key acts that is Foreign Exchange Management Act and the Prevention of Money Laundering Act

We discussed the roles and responsibilities of the Assistant Enforcement Officer.

Assistant Enforcement Officer Job profile

Now, we will discuss about Assistant Enforcement Officer Job profile:

  • It is a Grade B post
  • You can get posted in the field or office
  • The responsibilities of the job includes:
  1. When you get posted in office, you have to perform clerical job such as making monthly reports, replying to letters, normal filing and presentations
  2. When you work in field then you should nab the economic crime cases such as money laundering
  3. You must gather intelligence information for the economic crime cases or money laundering and work with the team


We will discuss about the promotions as an Assistant Enforcement officer, the career path as follows:

Assistant Enforcement Officer- Enforcement Officer- Assistant Director of ED- Deputy director of ED- Joint Director- Additional Director- Special Director in enforcement directorate

It takes 4-6 year to get promoted as an Enforcement Officer. To achieve the remaining post you must wait till the availability of the posts. Tenure and grade in inter-department exams should be considered.

SSC CGL Salary hike and promotion aspects are comparatively less for Class 3 posts (after a certain period of service)

SSC CGL In Hand Salary

SSC CGL is a vary diverse exam containing diverse posts. I have given A to Z SSC CGL salary details and even ‘basic pay’ chart. But to conclude, SSC CGL Salary ranges from 18,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 (including all perks and facilities).

Highest salary in SSC CGL posts is for Assistant Audit officer (AAO) post which is a Gazetted Post.


For the SSC CGL examination, you get huge opportunities to serve mother nation. Moreover, SSC CGL salary is also decent which is sufficient for decent lifestyle. Moreover, now you have salary of SSC CGL posts with job profile with you to choose the best post.

In SSC CGL Exam, you have different positions that will provide you with different choices. We discussed about the roles and responsibilities and also the perks that you will get after choosing a career path for different posts of SSC CGL Examination. You have choice to become an officer of department that motivates you.

Was the SSC CGL posts list with salary helpful to you? Do let sarkari service team know in the comment section below.

Jai Hind !


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