NDA 2 2022 Preparation Books | Exact Booklist

NDA best Books
NDA best Books

NDA exam preparation books” term is highly searched by NDA aspirants. Beginner aspirants who have just started NDA preparation are confused from where to start and from which books to refer for NDA exam preparation. So much time is wasted in selecting the best source, or to shift between the sources.

Remember that instead of studying from many sources, if you will study from limited sources and revise them multiple times, it will be more beneficial. Today I will clear all these doubts explaining you the importance of each book and give different list of preparation books as per time availability. You will get best book for NDA preparation (Maths and GAT) as per your time availablility.

There is no ‘SINGLE‘ best book for NDA exam. So, be mentally prepared to study from best sources for different subject (To score 450+ Marks)

Some aspirants have 1 year preparation time, some may have 6 months while some may have only 2 months for preparation. So, strategy and booklist for NDA exam preparation must be different in each case.

Keep patience and read this article on NDA exam book list till end, because here you will get customized list of books and sources according to time available with you for upcoming NDA exam.

NDA Exam Book List | Introduction

‘NDA exam books list’ is a very generalized term. We will divide this Booklist in 2 practical cases:

Topics we will cover in today’s “NDA Books Guide” :

1. Best NDA Books (Exact List) for 8-9 Month Preparation
2. Best NDA Books for 2 Month Preparation
3. NDA exam preparation in 1.5 year plus time (11th standard aspirants)

NDA exam is conducted twice a year (In April and November) and every aspirant is in different stage of preparation. Some may have just started preparation in 12th standard, some may have just 6 months left for exam and so on. So, let’s be very specific in terms of booklist.

NDA Books for 8-9 Months of Preparation

NDA Books 2020

This is the best time period to prepare for NDA exam. You need to follow NDA Maths detailed strategy and NDA GAT detailed strategy if you have time more than 8 months for preparation. In this case, you can prepare in a systematic way as per detailed strategy.

You must first understand the NDA syllabus, NDA exam pattern and then start preparation sticking to syllabus. NDA Maths paper is of 300 marks ( And its necessary to clear Maths paper with 30% minimum marks ) so we will begin with Maths preparation.

Initially we will begin with some important chapters of NCERT so that our foundation will be strong. Once basics will be cleared, we will shift to NDA exam specific Maths study.

Important NDA Maths Chapters to cover from 11th Maths NCERT Book:

Chapter 1: Sets (21 pages chapter)
Chapter 5: Complex Numbers and Quadratic equations (11 pages)
Chapter 9: Sequences and Series (AP. GP, HP) (17 pages)
Chapter 10: Straight Lines (22 pages)
Chapter 12: Introduction to 3D geometry (and some basics of conic section)
Chapter 13: Limits and Derivatives (22 pages)
Chapter 15: Statistics ( 25 pages)

Important NDA Maths chapters to cover from 12th Maths NCERT book (Very Imp)

After completing these 7 chapters of 11th Maths NCERT, we need to focus on 9 most important chapters of 12th Maths NCERT book.

Chapter 3: Matrices
Chapter 4: Determinants
Chapter 5: Continuity and differentiability
Chapter 6: Application of derivatives
Chapter 7: Integrals and application of integrals
Chapter 9: Differential equations
Chapter 10: Vector Algebra
Chapter 11: Three dimensional geometry
Chapter 13: Probability (Many aspirants leave this chapter, but its important)

After completing these NCERT Maths chapters in detail, your foundation will be very strong and solving questions from Mathematics for NDA and NA – By RS Agarwal will be highly helpful. I have made NDA Maths paper strategy which you must follow rigorously to score 135+ marks.

“NDA and NA by RS Agarwal” is the best book for NDA Maths preparation

After completing maths study, we will shift towards English preparation from Pathfinder book and grammar basics from Wren and Martin book. Other NDA GAT paper study must be done from few important NCERT books of 11th and 12th as well as NDA Pathfinder book in a systematic way as told in NDA detailed strategy.

Read these 2 articles for step by step process of reading important chapters:

  • NDA  1 2020 GAT Preparation (to score 315+ marks) = Click Here
  • NDA 1 2020 Maths Preparation (to score 135+ marks) = Click Here

Read these 2 articles for step by step process of reading important chapters:

Exact List of Books for NDA Exam Preparation in 8-9 Months

This best NDA books list consists of imp NCERT books as well as specialized books:

  • 11th Maths NCERT Book
  • 12th Maths NCERT book
  • “Mathematics for NDA and NA” by R S Agarwal
  • English grammar by Wren and Martin
  • 11th Physics NCERT book
  • 11th Chemistry NCERT Book
  • 12th Physics NCERT Book (Part 1)
  • 12th Physics NCERT Book (Part 2)
  • 12th Chemistry NCERT Book (Part 1)
  • 12th Chemistry NCERT Book (Part 2)
  • “NDA and NA Pathfinder Book”- Arihant Publication

(These books must be read in systematic sequence as told in detailed strategy. And focus only on important chapters of NCERT books)

Complete these sources as early as possible and then revise them. Main sources must be revised at least 2 times before actual exam. Revision is the key to success for Maths as well as GAT paper.

Benefits of NDA Books designed for 8-9 Months

  • 100% results can be obtained if strategy followed rigorously for 8-9 months.
  • It will take time, but this is “One Time Preparation” which will be helpful for upcoming NDA attempts too.
  • Sources used can be helpful in Board exam as well as Engineering entrance exams.
  • You will develop a strong knowledge base which will be helpful for SSB interview too.

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NDA Books for 2 Months Preparation

NDA Book List

NDA exam preparation in 2 months will be difficult job, but not impossible. I have designed a systematic approach in which I have divided 2 months into 4 slots of 15 days each. Read this article of NDA exam 2 month strategy:

  • NDA exam preparation in 2 months (score 420 + marks)

This NDA exam 60 days study plan demands you to be highly focused and dedicated for those 2 months. Revision of sources you have read is very important because you will remember only those things at the time of exam which you have revised multiple times. (Especially Maths and English section)

List of Books for NDA Preparation in 2 Months

  • Mathematics for NDA and NA by RS Agarwal
  • NDA and NA Pathfinder Book
  • NDA previous year question paper book

You will understand nothing just be getting the booklist. You also must read “NDA exam preparation in 60 days” article for exact step by step study plan.

(You have chosen to prepare in 2 months with comparatively less sources, so now it’s your responsibility to cover these sources with perfection)

Benefits of NDA Books designed for 2 Months

  • It will take rigorous efforts for 2 months (4 Slots of 15 days each) to cover these sources and results can be good with this strategy too (considering the limited time you have )
  • You cover important topics via this strategy and expect questions from what you have read.
  • It’s possible to clear NDA written exam cutoff with this study plan. (be optimistic)

Even if you fail after studying rigorously for 2 months, it will build a very strong foundation for next NDA attempt.

(Many aspirants leave hope when only 2 months are left for exam and waste these 2 months thinking that they will prepare for next attempt)

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NDA Preparation in 1.5 years (for 11th Standard Students)

Best Book for NDA

If you are in 11th standard, then you are so lucky to read this article. You need not do anything special. Just follow detailed strategy for NDA Maths paper and NDA GAT paper. Along with it, also study 11th standard books with minute detail so that your foundation will be strong.

You have time period so make sure that:

  • You build very strong foundation from NCERT sources
  • You build a habit of 2-3 editorial reading which will be helpful for English as well as SSB interview.
  • You are not get distracted with a thought that too much time is left for exam.
  • Don’t focus on giving attempts, instead focus on quality NDA preparation.

NCERT Books of 11th and 12th are the best books for NDA GAT preparation

Conclusion of NDA Booklist Guide

Today we have seen different approach of study for 60 days strategy and 8-9 months strategy. Choose the strategy which suits your condition and don’t stop until your goal is achieved.

I have given you all dimensions of following each NDA 2022 preparation strategy. Now, the decision is up to you to choose best NDA exam strategy as per your time availability for preparation.

If you know some other NDA Best books for preparation, do let us know in comment section. We will add those in the above list.

And just do 2 things for me:

  • Share this article with your friends on Whatsapp so that no needy aspiant is left out.
  • Comment your thoughts about this NDA exam Booklist article. It really motivates me to make such content for you.
  • And if you want handwritten NDA Study material or NDA Books pdf for free, do let us know.

You will get answer to your questions in less than 24 hours.

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