AFCAT Cut Off 2020 | Last 5 Year Cutoff Analysis

AFCAT Cutoff 2020

Hello defence aspirants, today on sarkaari service we will see the AFCAT Cut off 2020 and last 5 year AFCAT Cut off analysis so that we can predict the expected AFCAT cutoff based on the difficulty level of the paper. AFCAT Exam is conducted twice a year in February and December (AFCAT 1 and 2). AFCAT Result is declared 1 month after the commencement of the written exam. And within 2-3 days after AFCAT Result, you can check the official AFCAT Cut Off marks by login into AFCAT Website (with Email ID and Password)

AFCAT Cut Off 2020

Considering the thousands of reviews collected from AFCAT 1 2020 aspirants and the trend of AFCAT Exam, we will predict the expected cut off for AFCAT 1 2020 Exam. AFCAT 1 2020 Exam was conducted on 22nd and 23rd February 2020 all over India. Aspirants had mixed reviews for the exam. So, considering the exam trends, the Expected AFCAT Cut off is:

Exam  Marks
AFCAT 1 2020 Expected Cut off Marks 142 (Expected)
AFCAT 1 2020 Expected EKT Marks 52 (Expected)

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AFCAT 1 2020 Exam Review

AFCAT 1 2020 Exam was conducted on 22nd and 23rd February 2020. We have taken review from candidates of all the shifts. We will also add screenshot of AFCAT Exam review given by the aspirants.

AFCAT 1 2020 Paper Overall Analysis: Easy- Moderate (1,390 Aspirant Reviews)

  • AFCAT 1 2020 English Section: Moderate
  • AFCAT 1 2020 Maths Section: Moderate-Difficult
  • AFCAT 1 2020 Reasoning Section: Easy
  • AFCAT 1 2020 GK Section: Easy-Moderate
  • AFCAT 1 2020 EKT Section: Moderate-Difficult

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AFCAT Sectional Cut Off and Overall Cutoff (Merit)

In order to be clear AFCAT Exam, you need to:

  1. Score minimum number of marks in Written exam (as fixed by IAF)
  2. Score minimum number of marks IN AFSB Interview (as fixed by IAF)
  3. Be in the Overall Merit List (Written Marks+AFSB Marks)

AFCAT Cut Off for the Last 5 Years

AFCAT 2 2019 Official Cut off was 142 Marks (and 50 Marks for EKT) !

AFCAT Exam AFCAT Cut off (Marks Out of 300) AFCAT EKT Cut off (Marks out of 100)
AFCAT1 2019 Cut Off 133  50
AFCAT 2 2018 Cut Off 140 55
AFCAT 1 2018 Cut Off 155 60
AFCAT 2 2017 Cut Off 160 60
AFCAT 1 2017 Cut Off 150 60
AFCAT 2  2016 Cut Off 148 60
AFCAT 1 2016 Cut Off 132 52
AFCAT 2 2015 Cut Off 144 52
AFCAT 1 2015 Cut Off 126 55
AFCAT 2 2014 Cut Off 123 45
AFCAT 1 2014 Cut Off 128 42

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How much to score in AFSB to Get in Merit?

AFSB Written exam is conducted out of 300 Marks. Same is the case of AFSB. SSB interview conducted after AFCAT Exam (AFSB) is out of 300 marks. Highest marks scored in AFSB range from 150-160 Marks (Around 50%) and minimum marks scored in SSB Interview of recommended candidate lie between 85-90 marks (Around 30%).

So your aim must be to score maximum marks in written exam, and around 45-50% in AFSB!

AFCAT 2020 Merit List

AFCAT Merit List

How to Check AFCAT Official Cut Off Marks?

AFCAT Official Cut Off Marks are generally released 3-4 days after Written Exam Result. You just need to login on with your Registered mail ID and Password. In Result section, you will see cut off marks above your AFCAT score. Here is the sample:

Check AFCAT Cut Off

What are the exact stages in AFSB?

Stage 1 and Stage 2 of AFSB and other SSB Interviews is exactly the same. Only addition is AFSB is Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS). If you fail in Stage 3 (CPSS/PABT), then you will never be eligible for flying branch of Indian Air Force. Lets understand all 3 stages of AFSB from official AFCAT Notification:

AFSB 3 stages

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Will AFCAT Cutoff Decrease in AFCAT 1 2020 Exam?

No chance at all. If you will analyse the AFCAT Cut off for last 5 years, you will come to know that inspite of paper being tough, AFCAT Cut off is increasing in very attempt due to:

  1. Increased competition
  2. Increased awareness about AFCAT Exam
  3. And aspirants following detailed AFCAT Preparation Strategy

And if you still have any doubts releated to the AFCAT Exam, do let us know in the comment section below.

Jai Hind !


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