NDA Question Papers ( Previous Year + Practice Set)

nda 2020
nda 2020

UPSC NDA Question paper solving plays a very vital role in clearing the NDA examination. NDA Mock Test practice and NDA Question paper practice can give you unbelievable results in very short period of time if done in a systematic way.

You are lucky enough that UPSC provides NDA exam question paper on Official website so that aspirants are aware about the NDA exam pattern. In today’s article, we will see in detail how you can obtain pdf of NDA Question paper for GAT and Maths, that too free of cost.

In this detailed article, you can obtain “NDA Question paper pdf” free of cost (2017, 2018, 2019). So, keep patience till end of article.

NDA Question Paper

You need to solve 270 Questions in NDA exam in just 5 hours. (NDA Maths and NDA GAT paper). Your level of knowledge and competence for National Defence Academy will be tested based on the number of correct questions you solve in the written exam.

So, it becomes highly important to score maximum marks with accuracy in NDA wriitten examination. And this can be possible if you solve NDA Question Paper before the actual exam.

Subject Code of Subject Time Duration Marks Allotted
Mathematics 01 150 minutes 300
General Ability Test 02 150 minutes 600
Total Marks 900

NDA Previous Year Question Papers :

Solving UPSC NDA previous year question paper of NDA Maths and GAT can help you in scoring high marks in actual NDA exam because :

  1. You will get familiar with exam pattern and latest trends.
  2. You can manage time with practice of number of tests.
  3. You can know your strong areas and weak areas. So, you can work on them accordingly.
  4. You can keep on experimenting different approaches of solving paper and follow the best approach in final exam.
  5. Your fear of NDA exam completely vanishes. 
  6. You can analyse which questions to leave to avoid time wastage (Very Important)
  7. You become master at English section of NDA GAT paper
  8. At the end, you are 40-45 marks above previous year NDA cut off (Clear Written exam !)

Step by Step Process of getting NDA Question Paper PDF

As soon as NDA exam is over, UPSC updates those question papers on upsc.gov.in (NDA Maths and NDA GAT in pdf format) which you can download for MCQ practice of NDA exam. Now let us see step by step process to download NDA Question paper pdf from official website:

STEP 1 : Go to “www.upsc.gov.in” (Official UPSC Website)

UPSC Official Website

STEP 2 : Go to “Examinations Tab” and then click on “Previous Question Papers

NDA Question papers pdf

STEP 3 : Now search “National Defence Academy” in search tab and click on “Apply”. You will get list of last 7-8 attempts Question paper of NDA examination for GAT and Maths.

NDA Question paper pdf

NDA Question Paper PDF for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

Many NDA aspirants waste their money in buying “book of NDA Question paper compilation” which contain compilation of last 4 year question papers. Because they are not aware that A to Z question papers of NDA exam can be obtained from official website.

NDA previous year question papers of 2017, 2018 and 2019 for February (NDA 1) and September (NDA 2) areavailable in pdf format on upsc.gov.in, so follow the above given procedure to get NDA Questions free of cost.

NDA 2020 Question paper

NDA 1 2020 written exam will be conducted on 19th of April 2020. NDA 2020 question papers will be available as soon as NDA exam will be over.

NDA 1 2020 GAT Question paper PDF : Will be available Soon

NDA 1 2020 Maths Question paper PDF : Will be available Soon

Benefits of NDA Previous Year Question Papers :

I know that 80% of aspirants reading this post will not practice NDA previous year question papers. But those serious aspirants who will work hard and dedicate time in NDA pevious year paper solving will increase their score by atleast 50-60 marks.

I have given 8-9 benefits of “NDA question paper solving” to motivate you take this initiative. Now its your responsibility to be self enlightened and experience other benefits of NDA question paper in actual NDA exam !

How was this article on NDA previous year question paper? Do let us know in comment section. And if you have NDA sample papers, comment below. We will add those NDA papers in the above list.

If you still have any doubts or issues in getting NDA Question papers of last years, do let out team know. We will send you those papers on your personal mail ID.

Jai Hind !


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