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nda 2020
nda 2020

NDA 1 2020 exam was conducted on 19th April 2020 (Sunday) all over India. As soon as paper was over, aspirants started to search for NDA Answer key 2020. Thats the reason why we have provided NDA 1 2020 answer key which was conducted on 19th April.

NDA written exam is calculated out of 900 marks (300 marks for Maths and 600 Marks for GAT). In order to clear the NDA written exam, you need to clear the individual cut off marks as well as over all cut off for NDA exam. And you will be eligibile for NDA SSB Interview only if you clear the NDA written exam.

But should we wait for NDA result declaration to start preparation for SSB?

No. Here comes the importance of NDA 1 2020 answer key provided by our experts which will give you general idea whether you will clear written exam or not (99% accurate)

You just need to calculate the number of questions you have done correctly and calculate marks as per one third negative marking. And if you are 10 marks above previous year NDA Cut off, you have very high probability of clearing NDA 1 2020 written exam.

Topics we will cover in this guide:

  1. How to Calculate NDA Marks (Step by Step Process with Real-life Example)

  2. NDA 1 2020 Answer Key with Solution

  3. NDA 1 2020 Answer Key for Maths (All Set)

  4. NDA 1 2020 Answer Key for GAT (All Set)

  5. NDA 1 2020 Exam Difficulty Level (Review from Aspirants)

  6. NDA 1 2020 Official Marks by UPSC 

NDA 1 2020 Exam

NDA 1 2020 exam is the first NDA exam of this year. Moreover, as NDA 1 2020 exam comes immediately after the 12th Boards exam, many aspirants score high in NDA written exam (as preparation level is high) and cut off also increases as compared to NDA 2 exam which is conducted in September.

4,50,000+ aspirants applied for NDA 1 2020 exam which is much higher than the NDA 2 exam So, its becomes very necessary to calculate answer key of NDA 1 2020 exam very accurately so that you get the accurate marks.

Why NDA 1 2020 Answer Key is Must ?

NDA 1 2020 Answer key is must because:

  • If you are far below the previous year NDA Cut off marks, you can start preparation for NDA 2 written exam without wasting time for NDA result.
  • If you are atleast 10+ marks above previous year cut off, then you can start SSB preparation from today itself without wasting time for NDA result declaration (which many aspirants do !!)

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How marks are calculated in NDA Written Exam?

how to calculate nda marks

You need to be highly accurate while calculating the number of marks you have scored while refering the NDA answer key 2020. NDA written exam has one third negative marking, so you must be aware about:

  • How many marks to add for 1 correct answer?
  • How many marks to deduce for one wrong answer?

And you must know that this Calculation is different for Maths and GAT paper of NDA exam.

So, we will see marks calculation of NDA Maths paper and NDA GAT paper with Real-life example of both papers.

How to calculate NDA GAT Paper Marks?

NDA GAT paper includes English questions and GK questions (same marking scheme for both)

  • Number of marks to Add for 1 correct answer in NDA GAT: 4 Marks
  • Number of marks to subtract for 1 wrong answer in NDA GAT: 1.33 Marks

Actual Example of Marks Calculation :

Case 1: If you have attempted 97 questions out of which your 9 questions are wrong, what must be your NDA GK Marks?

  • Number of GAT Attempt: 97 questions
  • Number of correct GAT questions: 88 (88*4=352 Marks)
  • Number of wrong GAT questions: 9 (9*1.33=11.97 Marks)
  • Final GAT score : 352 -11.97 =340.03 Marks

So, your NDA GAT Paper score will be 340.03 Marks out of 600

How to calculate NDA Maths Paper Marks?

  • Number of marks to add for 1 Maths correct answer: 2.5 Marks
  • Number of marks to deduct for 1 Maths wrong answer: 0.833 Marks

Real Life Maths Paper Marks Calculation:

Case 2: If you have attempted 89 questions in Maths paper out of which your 11 questions are wrong, what must be your NDA Maths paper score?

  • Number of Maths Attempt : 89 Questions
  • Number of correct questions: 78 (78*2.5=195 Marks)
  • Number of wrong questions: 11 (11*0.833=9.163 Marks)
  • Final score : 195-9.163 = 185.837 Marks 

So, your NDA Maths score will be 185.837 Marks out of 300

So, hopefully your common question of “How to calculate NDA Marks with Answer key” is solved with practical examples. And if you still want your score calculated, do let Sarkaari Service know your attempt details in comment section below. 

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NDA 1 2020 Answer Key with Solution

NDA 1 2020 Answer key

Let us begin with NDA 1 2020 Answer key with solution where you will get correct answers of questions along with detailed solution of how that answer was obtained.

There can be multiple methods of solving Maths questions. I have provided the generalized and easiest methods in NDA Answer key 2020 solutions. You can provide your method of solving the sum in comment section below.

NDA 2020 answer key will contain solutions of Set A, Set B, Set C and Set D.

NDA 1 2020 Maths Answer Key

NDA 1 2020 Maths paper was moderate to difficult. The pattern of questions asked in Maths paper was same as previous attempts. This time, maths paper was lengthy and it was challenging to solve all questions in stipulated time period.

You have to clear individual cut off of 30% marks in NDA Maths paper. Otherwise your GAT paper will not even be checked.

  • NDA 1 2020 Maths answer key Set A: Check here (Coming Soon)
  • NDA 1 2020 Maths answer key Set B: Check here (Coming Soon)
  • NDA 1 2020 Maths answer key Set C: Check here (Coming Soon)
  • NDA 1 2020 Maths answer key Set D: Check here (Coming Soon)

If you have scored 145+ Marks in NDA Maths paper, then you have a high chance of clearing NDA cut off marks. And if you have not qualified NDA Maths paper, make sure you work hard for upcoming 6 months as per NDA Maths preparation article which is a systematic study plan to score 135+ Marks in Maths paper.

NDA 1 2020 GAT Answer Key

Scoring high in NDA GAT paper is head ache for 12th science students. But still you can score good based on English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology questions.

You need to score high in GAT paper to fulfill the criteria of clearing overall NDA cut off marks. Its must to score high in GAT if you want to be part of Merit list 2020.

  • NDA 1 2020 GAT answer key Set A: Check here (Coming Soon)
  • NDA 1 2020 GAT answer key Set B: Check here (Coming Soon)
  • NDA 1 2020 GAT answer key Set C: Check here (Coming Soon)
  • NDA 1 2020 GAT answer key Set D: Check here (Coming Soon)

English section was easiest and scoring in NDA 1 2020 paper. Physics and Chemistry was bit tough. Other questions of current, polity and geography were from NCERT Books which I have recommended in NDA GAT strategy.

Guys, scoring 50% marks in NDA Maths and NDA GAT is not that difficult if you follow detailed strategy for NDA exam as told. It will need 5-6 hours of daily study consistently for 6-7 months if you want guaranteed success.

NDA 1 2020 Exam Difficulty Level

We have taken review from NDA 1 2020 aspirants to understand difficulty level of NDA exam. Soon, screenshots of aspirants related to section-wise difficulty will also be updated.

NDA 1 2020 paper review

Do, comment your personal experiences related to NDA 1 2020 toughness level in comment section below.

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How to Check NDA Exam Marks? (By Official Source, that is, UPSC)

Many aspirants keep on asking “How to check NDA Marks” in comment section. So, first I will let you know that NDA Answer key 2020 which are available online are from private sources and not from official UPSC. These are just to give you idea about how mnay questions are correct. There can be minor variations in these answer keys and NDA official answer key by UPSC.

UPSC releases Marks of NDA exam (individual subject wise) after the final result. This is announced on upsc.gov.in which can be seen in What’s New section of UPSC.

Check NDA Marks

How was this article on NDA 1 2020 Answer key? do let us know in the comment section below.


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