How to prepare for CDS exam in one month (115+ Marks)

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Hello friends. You might be worrying that how is it possible to prepare for CDS exam in one month time? To be very frank, preparing for a exam conducted by UPSC is difficult, but it doesn’t mean that we loose hope or wait for next attempt. We all are graduates and have studied these subjects somewhere in life. So, in these 30 days, we will focus only on some important topics and lets give our 100% to clear CDS written exam in one month.

(Our main focus will be on CDS GK paper as CDS English paper is comparatively easy, and can be well attempted if we practice previous year question papers of CDS English)

In today’s article I will focus on those important topics which you need to cover in 30 days to clear CDS exam in one month. You can even be lucky enough to get those topics in paper which you have studied in last one month.

Why I have made CDS exam one month preparation strategy?

I recieve hundreds of messages daily regarding CDS exam preparation. many of them are students, many of them are working professionals, etc. I mean each of one has a different background and situation before giving exam. Some aspirants have just 1 month left for CDS exam preparation and want to give this exam with 100% efforts.

This strategy is for:

  • Those students who have just completed graduation and want to give upcoming CDS exam which is about 1 month far.
  • Aspirants who came to know about CDS exam recently and want to give their first attempt which is one month apart.
  • Those students who are left out in their CDS exam preparation and now want to give thier 100% in upcoming 30 days.
  • Especially for those aspirants who are ready to work really hard for upcoming CDS exam which is just 30-35 days apart.

Note: If you want a CDS Exam detailed strategy which can guarantee you 150+ score, follow our detailed strategies on CDS GK preparation, CDS Maths preparation and CDS english preparation. (These strategies are long term and will give 100% results)

You must know how to crack cds exam in one month you that you can study strategically for upcoming 30 days.

Can I clear CDS exam with one month preparation?

I always recieve questions like ‘Can we crack CDS exam in 1 month preparation?‘ on various social media platforms. Its really very difficult but not impossible. You have only 10-12% chances of clearing CDS exam in one month preparation. But why not give your 100% in exam preparation from best sources,

because even if you fail in this attempt,

  • You will have overview of subjects and exact CDS exam pattern which will be helpful in next CDS attempt.
  • You will have experience of exam and fear of exam will be reduced after first attempt.
  • And if you can manage to clear written exam on borderline, you will get opportunity for SSB interview which will be highly helpful in ucoming furute attempts.

CDS Exam GK preparation in one month

These most important paper which can help you to crack cds exam in one month preparation is CDS GK paper. Many aspirants struggle to even clear individual cutoff for GK paper (20 marks), so be alert and study accordingly so that you are atleast 10 marks ahead of individual cutoff.

Your only source of CDS GK preparation will be Lucent GK book.(Because we have less time and need to complete many topics of GK paper). It is a small sized GK book which contains important content of all subjects given in a compact book. You have to revise this book at any cost if you want to get best output from this book.

Here are the number of back to back pages of all subjects which you need to read and revise from Lucent GK book:

Indian History63 Pages
World History15 Pages
Geography41 Pages
Indian Polity40 Pages
Indian Economy41 Pages
Physics25 Pages
Chemistry22 Pages
Biology26 Pages

The above-given pages may seem less, but this book is very compact to study in 30 days as it contains ample information.

  • You need to revise this book 1-2 times before the exam. Otherwise, you cannot recall data at the time of the exam.
  • You also need to be aware of current affairs happening around which can be covered from Disha Quarterly Current Affairs book. (You need to revise from 3 such current affairs books)
  • No notes making from Lucent GK. We have limited time which we need to invest in multiple revisions.

(You will take first 12-13 days to read the book and next 10-12 days for its revision)

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CDS English preparation in one month

You need to know that you will not get separate time for CDS English preparation. You need to study 4-5 hours for CDS English along with CDS GK preparation.

You all are graduates and its considered that you have basic grammar rules done. So, we will directly begin with our CDS exam oriented practice of English questions.(as we are need to crack cds exam with 1 month preparation only)

  1. Begin your preparation with important 5 CDS English paper topics like Ordering of sentence, Ordering or words, spotting the error, Comprehension,Fill in the blanks which must be done from CDS Pathfinder book (you will understand basic rules of each topic and solve questions from this book)

This study of important 5 topics must be done in first 15 days preparation.

2. In the next 15 days, first 5 days will be alloted for the revision of topics which you have done till now. And in last 10 days before CDS exam, you will solve 10 CDS English mock tests within time limit and exam like conditions. (Daily 1)

(Believe me, your marks will go on increasing in every test, and you will be ready for Final CDS English paper)

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CDS Maths preparation in one month

When you are aiming for CDS exam preparation in one month, leave CDS Maths preparation aside and focus only for CDS English paper and CDS GK paper so that you atleast have chance of clearing CDS Exam for OTA (For which marks of only GK and English paper are considered)

We are leaving Maths preparation aside because:

  1. Completing 3 paper syllabus and revising it is not possible. Instead, if we will focus on two papers, we can manage time properly and their are chances to clear cutoff for CDS OTA exam (by scoring 90+ Marks in English and GK paper)
  2. CDS GK preparation will demand atleast 2 revisions and CDS English needs rigorous practice of previous year papers. This can be done if we divide our time in 2 subjects only. (Quality study possible)
  3. Instead of focusing on multiple academies, our focus will be only on Officers Training Academy (OTA) and we will make it through.

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How to prepare for CDS exam in 30 days (Video tutorial)


Be always passionate about your studies especially when you want to crack cds exam in one month and never loose hope. You may have 1 month preparation time or 1 year preparation time, your dedication towards study must never decrease.

And even if you fail the exam (worst case scenario), this knowledge will give you a upper edge in upcoming CDS exam attempts.

Hopefully this CDS exam one month strategy have helped you to gain confidence for upcoming CDS exam. 

Give your reviews on today’s article on “How to prepare for CDS exam in one month” in the comment section below. Waiting for your reviews.

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  1. I gave my 1st choice AFA and IMA as 2nd Choice n ota last but my maths preparation seems not up to the mark…so wht shd i do shd i only focus in eng n gk or my paper won’t b evaluate coz i didn’t pass in maths


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