UPSC CAPF AC Syllabus 2022 | Chapterwise Weightage | Paper 1 & 2

Hello warriors. After completing a detailed article on UPSC CAPF Exam Pattern 2022, let us now shift towards the most important part of this series, that is, UPSC CAPF Syllabus or Assistant Commandant Syllabus. After understanding exam pattern, its necessary to analyze UPSC CAPF Syllabus along with Chapterwise Weightage of each topic (So that we prepare in a very strategic manner!)

Initially we will see UPSC CAPF Exam Syllabus as per official notification. Then we will see section-wise syllabus and Chapter-wise Weightage of UPSC CAPF Paper 1 and Paper 2. So, keep patience till the end of this article. I assure you that this article will definitely be a value addition in your UPSC CAPF Preparation.

It does not matter how many books you study. It matters what you study and how you focus on Relatively Important Topics. Because in the end, you have to face the exam and not gain a PhD in any subject!

UPSC CAPF Syllabus 2022

UPSC CAPF Written Exam is conducted in 2 Stages i.e. Paper-I and Paper-II.

Paper-I: General Ability and Intelligence – 250 Marks: objective type paper in which the questions will be asked in English as well as Hindi.

Paper-II: General Studies, Essay and Comprehension – 200 Marks (Descriptive Paper) which consists of Precis Writing, Comprehension, and other communications/ language skills (English Only)

(Essay Writing in English or Hindi)

Total questions: 200 (MCQ) Total questions: 6 (Descriptive)
Marks Allotted: 250 Marks Allotted: 200
Time Duration: 2 hours Time Duration: 3 hours

Now, let us begin with UPSC CAPF Syllabus as per the official notification released by Union Public Service Commission.

UPSC CAPF Syllabus Paper 1

Keep Patience till end of this blog. 100% satisfaction guaranteed ❤️!

1. General Mental Ability

Logical reasoning, quantitative aptitude including numerical ability, and data interpretation.

2. General Science

General awareness, scientific temper, comprehension and appreciation of scientific phenomena of everyday observation including new areas of importance like Information Technology, Biotechnology, Environmental Science.

3. Current Affairs:

Current Affairs in the broad areas of culture, music, arts, literature, sports, governance, societal and developmental issues, industry, business, globalization, and interplay among nations.

4. Indian Polity and Economy:

Country’s political system and the Constitution of India, social systems and public administration.

5. Indian Economy:

Economic development in India, regional and international security issues and human rights including its indicators.

5. History of India:

Social, economic and political aspects including areas of growth of nationalism and freedom movement.

6. Indian & World Geography:

Physical, social and economic aspects of geography pertaining to India and the World.

UPSC CAPF Weightage (Paper 1) (Updated!!)

UPSC CAPF Chapter-wise Weightage will help you to focus more on marks yielding topics.

Sr. No Topics No. Of Question
1 Indian Economy 10 Questions
2 General Science (Physics+ Chemistry+ Biology) 29 Questions
3 Current Events of National and International Importance 13 Questions
4 Indian Polity 16 Questions
5 History of India (Ancient+ Medieval+Modern) 19 Questions
6 Geography 21 Questions
6 Quantitative Aptitude+ Reasoning 17 Questions
Total 125 Questions

UPSC CAPF Paper 1 Weightage

  • Indian Economy
  • General Science (P+C+B)
  • Current Affairs
  • Indian Polity
  • History of India
  • Geography
  • Quantitative Aptitude+ Reasoning

UPSC CAPF Syllabus Analysis by Topper (IMP)

Here begins the most important part of UPSC CAPF Syllabus or so called UPSC CAPF Weightage. We need to analysis what number of questions are coming from Micro topics so that we can focus on them accordingly.

UPSC CAPF History Weightage:

Out of total 19-20 questions asked from History, questions asked from modern history have seen a decreasing trend in last 5 years. And shockingly medieval questions are increasing. So, majority of questions are seen of events before 1857 (Generally aspirants prepare only modern history from Spectrum which will not work now)

UPSC CAPF Indian Economy Weightage: 

Apart from core economy concepts, decent chunk of questions are asked from development economics (that is poverty, inequality, statistical data, unemployment data, etc). You can cross-check it in question paper as well. So, prepare accordingly.

UPSC CAPF Geography Weightage: 

Along with basic concepts, your more focus must be on mapping based locations coming in current affairs (Maximum Questions coming from here). In last 3 attempts, human geography questions are also on rise. So, don’t just focus on conventional topics and add dynamism in your preparation.

UPSC CAPF Reasoning & Aptitude Weightage: 

Recently, only 4-5 questions are from Reasoning, while rest 10-12 questions are from quantitative aptitude section like Profit and Loss, Average, Ratio and Proportion, SI CI, Speed and distance, time and work, etc

UPSC CAPF Science Weightage: (Game Changer)

Huge chunk of 29-30 Questions are asked from Science. This includes weightage of Physics, chemistry and biology in UPSC CAPF Exam.

(Hopefully this UPSC CAPF Subject wise weightage will help you to clear CAPF AC 2022 exam in first attempt)

Weightage of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in UPSC CAPF Exam:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

Now, we will see exact type of Questions asked in UPSC CAPF Exam from Physics, Chemistry and Biology respectively. It will help you to prepare and focus those important topics!

UPSC CAPF Syllabus Paper 2

Part‐A of Paper 2: Essay questions to be answered in the long narrative form either in Hindi or English for Total 80 Marks. Topics are modern Indian history, geography, polity, freedom struggle and economy, knowledge of security and human rights issues, and analytical ability.

Part‐B of Paper 2: Comprehension, precis writing, other communications/ language skills (in English only) (Marks 120). The topics are Comprehension passages, precis writing, developing counter arguments, simple grammar, language testing.

Is Assistant Commandant Syllabus same for all entries?

We have discussed the syllabus of Assistant Commandant through UPSC CAPF Exam. Assistant commandants of CRPF, CISF, SSC, ITBP, and BSF. If you want to be Assistant Commandant in Coast Guard, then you need to face another exam. The above syllabus is applicable only for CAPF AC Exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

UPSC CAPF Syllabus Analysis = Previous Year Question Papers

Let me be very frank with you. UPSC CAPF Official Syllabus provided by Union Public Service Commission is very generalized. It will not give you clear idea about what to to study and what not to study. So, your best guide is UPSC CAPF Previous Year Question papers. Just do these 5 things for detail analysis of Syllabus and understanding the trend of exam:

  1. Get 5 Previous Year Question papers of UPSC CAPF Exam (available free of cost on Get Free Question Papers PDF
  2. Calculate Number of Questions asked from each Subject and also divide these questions in “Easy, Moderate and Difficult” Category
  3. Now, study from the best-recommeded sources for each subject with a view of solving difficult questions. (Your Study must be Exam Centric!)
  4. Study for the whole week, and Solve at least 30-35 questions on every Sunday from previous year question papers.
  5. This will guide you whether you are studying in the proper direction or not.

(I repeat again, “Previous Year Question Papers” are the key to success!)

UPSC CAPF Syllabus in Hindi

UPSC CAPF Syllabus is available in Hindi as well as English. You can check the syllabus in Hindi as well as English, but what matters most is the UPSC CAPF Chapter-Wise Weightage. So, plan your preparation as per weightage to that particular topic. This will increase your probability of scoring good marks in UPSC CAPF AC Paper 1, which will help you to be part of the final merit list.


We have seen UPSC CAPF Syllabus as well as subject wise weightage in detail. Now it’s your duty to prepare for UPSC CAPF Exam as per the detailed strategy provided on our channel. And believe me, you can get All India Rank in UPSC CAPF Exam with pure self-preparation.

And if UPSC CAPF AC Subject-wise weightage had added value in your preparation, do let me know in comment section.

And if you still have any doubts, do let our core team know in the comment section below. Your answer will be solved within 24 hours.

Jai Hind


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