How to Draw Map of India in 10 Sec? Recall 29 States, Capitals!

How to Draw Map of India in 10 Seconds
How to Draw Map of India in 10 Seconds

Hello warriors. Today we are back with article which will add value in preparation. Skill to Draw Map of India in 10 seconds may seem a simple task, but this simple skill will give you birds eye view and conceptual clarity of many topics in Indian Geography and Polity. I will explain step by step process to draw map of India and also provide a demo (Video) in which I have done the same. So, keep the patience till end of this article. I guarantee that drawing India map with states and remembering the sequence of states, capitals, etc will be a cake walk for you.

How to Draw Map of India in 10 Seconds

But why do we need to draw map of India in 10 Seconds? Good question. You may think that UPSC IAS aspirants need to master this skill to write more expressive articles in Mains examination. But believe me guys, doing this activity will also help you a lot in other exams like UPSC CAPF, NDA, CDS, AFCAT, INET, etc. Because understanding various General Studies (Indian Polity and Indian Geography) concepts are directly linked with your understanding about Political and Geographical Map of India.

Things that we will cover today (With Video Tutorial):

  1. How to Draw Map of India in 10 seconds
  2. How to Remember Location of 29 States and capitals in Logical way so that you remember it for lifetime
  3. Many more things which will add value in your competitive exams preparation. 

Maps give conceptual clarity about all topics. Not just geography and polity, it will be helpful in detail understanding of current affairs too. It will also increase your power of expression (in theory papers)

How to Draw Map of India (Step by Step Process)

Watch the above Video Tutorial  on How to Draw Map of India- Step by Step Process

Draw Map of India (Step by Step Process)

Step 1:

Try to Remember all Locations of States in just 2 minutes (Atleast try to remember most of the states) Don’t skip the step 1.

Step 2:

Understand the technique to remember ‘4 sections of India’ which I have done for convenience.

  • North East Portion
  • North, South, East, West States
  • Pakistan Surrounding States
  • Central Important States

At the end, combine them all to understand map of India and its states as a whole.

6 Tips to Draw Map of India with Accuracy:

  1. Draw Map of India (Proportional) considering North South Extension: 3214 km and East West Extension is 2933 km
  2. Draw Bangladesh Section with more care (Check Video!)
  3. Draw East and West Slopes as told in demonstration
  4. Gujarat Section and Rajasthan elevation is must for accurate map
  5. Nepal, Bhutan slots are important in map


Having command over various state locations in India Map will make you more confident to study core subjects. Just make sure, along with learning, you also practice map drawing at your own pace. Initially it will seem difficult, but with practice (4-5 times), you can master the art of drawing the map of India.

Similarity, we will also come up with drawing map of world in 10-15 seconds and remaining major sections of world at a glance. This will definitely help many aspirants preparing for various competitive exams. If you want the video on “How to draw World Map and Remember important Locations”, do let me know in the comment section. Even if 50 aspirants want it, I will come up with the video.

And if you still have any doubts related to India Map drawing, make sure you comment below. All your doubts will be cleared by our team within 24 hours.

Jai Hind!


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