If you are here for Monthly Current Affairs 2022, then you are on the best platform of Current Affairs 2022. Because you will get detailed analysis of each and every National and International Issue that is important from examination point of view. These Monthy Current Affairs 2022 will be highly helpful for exams conducted by UPSC like Civil Services Exam, CDS Exam, CAPF Exam and NDA Exam. Apart from these, AFCAT and Territorial Army aspirants will also be highly benefitted from these Current Affairs PDF. So, be mentally prepared for highly quality current affairs study on this platform, that too, free of cost.

Current Affairs 2022

We will focus more on delivering Knowledge and not just Information. Having good command over Current Affairs will give you an upper edge in SSB Interview and other personal Interviews conducted for various exams.

Why are we different from other Current Affairs Monthly Compilations Available in the Market?

  1. We provide Current Affairs by analysis of Current issues from The Hindu, PIB, Rajya Sabha Debates, etc
  2. We have experience of clearing all these exams. So, “Exam Oriented Current Affairs” will be provided
  3. This is not just a Static Current Affairs Platform. But your views will be developed after studying these current affairs. 
  4. We provide links of important debates, newspaper cuttings, etc wherever needed (So, that understanding is optimum)
  5. We will not spoon feed you every time. You need to be “Self Enlightened” to work comprehensively on Monthly Current Affairs Provided. 
  6. Quality will Never be Compromised!

Monthly Current Affairs 2022

You will get Monthly Current Affairs which you an study at the end of every month. You must read editorials of any news paper on daily basis (The Hindu/Indian Express). Try to make half page notes of daily newspaper. And at the end of month, compile the Monthly current Affairs provided by us and your personal notes. This pattern must be followed for 10-12 months before the exam. (This is the Ideal Current Affairs Study which will not just give you information, but detailed knowledge of each National and International Issue)

In the last month before exam, revise these Current Affairs Sources atleast once so that you can recall what you have studied over past 10-12 months.

Current Affairs for CDS, NDA, AFCAT, Territorial Army and IAS Exam

Sarkaari Service team consists of aspirants who have sucessfully cleared exams like NDA, CDS, AFCAT, INET, Territorial Amy and even IAS exam. So, you will get Current Affairs which will help you to clear these exams.

You main focus must be to master the current issues and not just doing exam oriented study. For example: AFCAT Current Affairs is based only on Static Current Events. But having detailed knowledge of Current Affairs will help you in AFSB. So, do not underestimate Current Affairs. It will help you in some or the other stage of the exam.

Daily Current Affairs 2022

We recommend aspirants to spend 45-60 minutes of daily time in newspaper reading. If we will provide Daily Current Affairs, then lot of time will be spent on Current Affairs which is not necessary.

So, Monthly Current Affairs along with Daily personal Notes is more than enough for understanding the current events in detail.

Defence Current Affairs 2022

Defence Related Current Affairs includes defence exercises, latest developments in the field of defence, etc which is asked in every defence exam like CDS, NDA, AFCAT , INET and Terriotial Army Exam. So, its better to be prepared for these commonly asked questions.

Defence Current Affairs PDF will also be provided on monthly basis.

Static GK Current Affairs 2022

Exam may be AFCAT, INET, NDA or even CDS, few questions are always asked from Static GK Current Affairs (Current Affairs which remain constant for 3-4 years). So, those Current Affairs will als be covered on this platform.

Current Affairs PDF Free

Yes, you read it right. All the “Monthly Current Affairs” provided on this website will be free of cost to all aspirants. Moto is to provide Free Monthly Current Affairs to needy aspirant who cannot afford costly coaching fees.

Free Current Affairs PDF doesn’t mean that quality will be compromised. So, make sure you study the current affairs issues with seriousness.

Integrated Study of Current Affairs and GK

If you will see previous year papers of UPSC CDS, NDA, CAPF or any other competitive exam, you will notice that Current Affairs Oriented GK Questions are asked. So, its necessary to study General Knowledge considering its relavance in current issues happening around us.

So, it is must that your GK Preparation and Current Affairs Preparation must go hand in hand (and not isolated)

And you need not worry about GK and other subjects Preparation of these exams. Because we have already made detailed strategies of this exam which can give you 100% Success with Self Preparation.

And if you still have any doubts related to any exam preparation, feel free to ask us in comment section below. 

Jai Hind!