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First thing First. If you are preparing for AFCAT exam, then follow AFCAT Preparation Strategy article which will help you to score 180+ Marks in First Attempt!

If you are a AFCAT aspirant, then we have a big news for you. Because we have started AFCAT Mock Test Free which will help you to practice AFCAT questions in time constraint. Preparation for AFCAT Exam and giving mock tests are two different things and equally important. You can increase minimum 40-50 marks just by giving 4-5 AFCAT Mock Test before the actual exam.

AFCAT Exam is conducted in online format. So, it becomes necessary to give AFCAT Mock Test Online. Because mode of exam and mode of mock test must be same so that you can co-relate in better way.

Do maximum experimentation and mistakes in AFCAT Mock Test so that your Actual AFCAT Exam becomes highly scoring!

AFCAT Mock Test 2020

AFCAT Mock Test Free

Before discussing about the AFCAT Mock Test 2020, let us analyse the AFCAT Exam Pattern so that we have a birds eye view of AFCAT Exam.

AFCAT Exam Pattern 2020

AFCAT Exam Pattern

Pattern of AFCAT exam is same for all the attempts. Moreover, the number of questions asked from 4 different sections are also fixed (English, Quantitative Aptitide, Numerical Ability, General Awareness)

AFCAT Written Exam Weightage

  • Reasoning and Military Aptitude
  • General Awareness
  • Numerical Ability
  • Verbal Ability in English
General Awareness: 25 Questions
Verbal Ability in English: 25 Questions
Numerical Ability : 18 Questions
Reasoning and Military Aptitude: 32 Questions

This is the official AFCAT Exam pattern which is maintained in each and every attempt of AFCAT. No other competitive exam provides exact weightage of questions asked in paper. So, you must utilize this golden opportunity.

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Importance of AFCAT Mock Test

AFCAT Exam consists of mathematics, reasoning, verbal ability, etc which needs good conceptual clarity as well as rigorous practice to score high in these sections of AFCAT Exam. I will recommend to practice minimum 100 questions of each topic before your actual AFCAT exam. Just reading the solutions of AFCAT exam may seem easy and time saving, but it will not help in actua; exam. So, practice is must in AFCAT exam.

How many AFCAT Mock Tests are sufficient?

If you will analyse the previous 5 year papers of AFCAT exam, you will come to know that same type of questions are repeated in AFCAT exam with minor variations. Only general awareness questions (25) are different in every attempt (Types of questions in verbal ability, numerical ability and reasoning are almost same)

So, it is not needed to solve very high number of questions. I will recommend you to:

  • Practice Questions from previous year papers of AFCAT
  • Attempt 10 Full Syllabus AFCAT Mock Tests in time contraint.

Yes, you read it right. If you will not solve AFCAT Mock Test in time constraint, then it will not be as fruitful. Because questions of AFCAT exam are easy to solve, what makes them difficult is the time constraint.

Can we take AFCAT Test Series at Home?

You can take AFCAT Mock Test at home and solve multiple question papers till you are 100% confident about the preparation. Moreover, sarkaari service provides Free AFCAT Mock Test for defence aspirants. You must utilize this opportunity to clear AFCAT exam with flying colours. You can give as many as 10 AFCAT Mock Test Free before attempting the actual AFCAT Mock Test.

AFCAT Mock Test Free

Just taking about the AFCAT Mock Test is not our nature. We provide realistic solutions to defence aspirants so that they get a one stop solution for AFCAT Exam preparation. So, we have made AFCAT Mock Test Free so that no serious AFCAT aspirant is left out. You just need to click on “AFCAT Test Series”, then click on the “Number of Test” and begin the test.

At the end of each test, you will get AFCAT Mock Test solutions and “All India Ranking” so that targeted preparation can be done from your home. If you are self enlightened, then no one can stop you from being successful (As detailed AFCAT Strategy is also provided free of  cost on our platform, in which important books as well as important chapters are mentioned).

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It may happen that you cannot attempt AFCAT Mock Test Online (due to internet issues or any other personal issue). So, we have made a provision where you get AFCAT Mock Test Free pdf which can help you to give AFCAT exam in offine format.

In this case, you need to take AFCAT Mock Test pdf and xerox/photocopy these AFCAT mock tests. Then you can solve these AFCAT mock tests as per your time convenience.

AFCAT Mock Test Online

Various other similar competitive exams like UPSC CSE, UPSC NDA, UPSC CAPF, etc are conducted in offline mode. So, giving offline mock test is best suited for those exams. But  AFCAT Mock Test Online are more effective than any other format. Because time management is the major issue in final exam which needs to be tackled in AFCAT mock tests.

So, I will recommend you to give AFCAT Mock Test 2020 on Sarkaari Service so that your preparation is done in highly targetted manner and that too free of cost.

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AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test

Our main focus is to provide 10+ Quality Mock Tests for AFCAT Exam. These tests will cover each and every type of question asked in AFCAT Exam. So, after solving 10 Mock Tests for AFCAT exam, you will be ready to score 180-200 marks in written exam.

Tests Test Type Total Marks Date of AFCAT Test
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 1 Full Syllabus Test 300 Check Here
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 2 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 3 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 4 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 5 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 6 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 7 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 8 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 9 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Mock Test 10 Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon
AFCAT 2 2020 Final Mock Test Full Syllabus Test 300 Coming soon

If you still have any doubts related to AFCAT Mock Test, do let us know in the comment section below. We will help you out within 24 hours.

Jai Hind!