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NDA Pathfinder Review 2020
NDA Pathfinder Review

Selecting best books for NDA exam is the first step of clearing NDA exam because its necessary to select best sources which can yield maximum questions in NDA examination. The sources must be limited so that multiple revisions becomes easy. Because in any competitive exam conducted by UPSC, you cannot clear exam without multiple revisions and ample practice.

“Instead of reading 3 different book for single subject, its recommended to read single book 3 times

I have already made NDA Maths and NDA GAT preparation strategies which are detailed strategies which take 7-8 months of preparation and give guaranteed success.

Many aspirants requested to make a strategy with “Arihant NDA and NDA Pathfinder book”. Thats the reason why I have made strategy to clear NDA exam with Pathfinder book in 3-4 months. You can score 450+ Marks if you study some important sources along with NDA Pathfinder book which will be told in this article.

Introduction to NDA Exam and ‘NDA Pathfinder Book 2022’

You are reading this article which means you have basic information about NDA exam. But still I will like to give overview of NDA exam in 5 points so that understanding the strategy becomes even more easy:

  1. You have to face 2 papers (GAT and Maths) on the same day to cear NDA written exam.
Subject Code of Subject Time Duration Marks Allotted
Mathematics 01 150 minutes 300
General Ability Test 02 150 minutes 600
Total Marks 900

2. Around 4,50,000 aspirants apply for NDA 1 exam conducted in April and comparatively less aspirants apply for NDA 2 exam held in September for only 400-450 vacancies. So, you can understand the level of competition for NDA exam.

3. Difficulty level of NDA paper is increasing day by day which needs detailed study for both papers of NDA.

4. You have to clear the individual cut off as well as overall NDA cut off to qualify for SSB Interview.

5. Before 3 years, NDA Pathfinder Book was sufficient for NDA preparation But with the changing trend of NDA exam and increasing dificulty level, its necessary to study some other important sources along with NDA Pathfinder 2022 book.

So, now you have a basic idea regarding ‘competition for NDA exam’ and the level of dedication required to beat the competition and be part of 400 aspirants who will be selected for upcoming NDA Course.

Is NDA Pathfinder Book Best for NDA exam?

Considering the dynamic nature of NDA exam and continuous increase in difficulty level and competition, NDA Pathfinder book is not a single stop solution for NDA exam. You need to supplement it with some important NCERT Books (important chapters) which will make your preparation even more targetted.

NCERT Books are designed by government. So, its seen that many competitive exams ask direct questions from these NCERT Books. So, I have included important chapters of each subject to supplement with NDA Pathfinder book.

Is NDA Pathfinder Book Sufficient for NDA Preparation?

If you will study only NDA Pathfinder book, you can reach upto NDA cutoff marks. But its must to score high than just clearing cut off to be part of Merit list and get the branch of your choice.

NDA Pathfinder 2022 is a compilation of all important concepts. But its not practically possible to remember all facts without proper linkage. NCERT Books provides a proper flow which helps us to remember facts in a sequence (Especially History, Polity and Geography)

NDA Pathfinder is best for exam oriented practice of Maths and English Questions !!

Why most NDA aspirants use NDA Pathfinder 2022 Book? (Pro's)

Whenever we talk about NDA exam preparation, the first name which comes in our mind is NDA Pathfinder book because of following reasons:

  1. NDA Pathfinder book is specially designed considering NDA exam requirements
  2. NDA Pathfinder book updates its book after every attempt (Content as well as Questions asked in latest attempt) 
  3. It is best book for practice of NDA exam oriented English and Maths questions. It contain theory of each topic at beginning, sufficient MCQ’s on that topic, previous year questions and detailed solution of each question with tips and tricks. 
  4. General Science, Polity, History and Geography section of Pathfinder book is good to revise topics in short period of time (in last week of exam)
  5. NDA Pathfinder gives you a confidence of NDA syllabus coverage which matters alot at the time of exam. 

Con's of NDA Pathfinder Book

You need not worry, because these con’s of NDA Pathfinder will be compensated in additional sources which you will study alog with NDA Pathfinder book.

  1. Physics and Chemistry sections given in NDA Pathfinder book are not sufficient to tackle questions in NDA exam. You need to study some important chapters from 11th and 12th NCERT Books. 
  2. Not sufficient coverage of Current Affairs questions and Static GK questions
  3. All GK topics like Polity, History, Geography, etc are provided in the form of facts compilation. So, its becomes difficult to remember all facts as there is no linkage between them. 
  4. No coverage of Geography mapping. (When we are strong at geography mapping, it becomes more easy to understand other GK Subjects too !)
  5. Less theory part for Maths and English topics. 

NDA Exam Pathfinder 2022 Book Content

NDA Pathfinder book 2022 contains all Subjects of NDA exam which provides complete coverage of NDA Exam Paper.

  • NDA Maths Paper theory and Excellent exercise questions (for practice)
  • NDA English Paper theory and Excellent exercise questions (for practice)
  • ‘NDA exam’ question papers of last 4 attempts (Solved)
  • NDA GK each topic coverage (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Polity, Geography, History, Economy, Current events)

“Arihant NDA Pathfinder 2022” book contains more than 8000+ MCQ practice which is helpful in complete syllabus coverage with ample practice !

NDA Pathfinder 2022 Book Strategy to score 450+ in NDA exam

Now we will see the list of additional sources which you need to study along with NDA Pathfinder book to score 450+ Marks in upcoming NDA exam.

(You will get list of important NCERT Chapters of each subject which will add value in your NDA preparation. NCERT Books build a very strong foundation which will increase you score by minimum 40-50 marks)

Important Chapters to Study along with NDA Pathfinder Book

We will begin with Physics and Chemistry sources because:

  • Physics and Chemistry form a major chunk of NDA GAT paper
  • NDA Pathfinder 2022 is not sufficient for Physics and Chemistry

11th Physics NCERT Important Chapters :

  • Chapter 5: Laws of Motion
  • Chapter 6: Work, Energy and Power
  • Chapter 7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion
  • Chapter 8: Gravitation
  • Chapter 9: Mechanical Properties of Solids
  • Chapter 10: Mechanical properties of Fluids
  • Chapter 11: Thermal Properties of Matter
  • Chapter 12: Thermodynamics
  • Chapter 13: Kinetic Theory

11th Chemistry NCERT Important Chapters :

  • Unit 2: Structure of Atom
  • Unit 4: Chemical Bonding and molecular structure
  • Unit 5: States of matter
  • Unit 6: Thermodynamics
  • Unit 7: Equilibrium
  • Unit 8: Redox Reactions
  • Unit 9: Hydrogen
  • Unit 10: The s-block elements
  • Unit 11: The p-block elements
  • Unit 12: Organic chemistry
  • Unit 13: Hydrocarbons

After completing these important chapters, study 12th standard Chemistry and Physics NCERT’s (A to Z)

It will not take much time because you have already covered these topics in your 12th Board preparation. Now, you need to focus more on numerical and application part.

Moreover, these topics will be helpful for any other competitive exam like Engineering Entrance or medical entrance. So, you have to master it at any cost.

Geography NCERT Important Books :

  • 6th Geography NCERT book
  • 7th Geography NCERT book
  • 8th Geography NCERT book
  • 9th Geography NCERT book

These 4 NCERT books are very basic and equally important. After completing these 4 Basic NCERT’s, shift to 2 important NCERT of 11th standard from which you will see questions in NDA exam.

  • 11th NCERT: India Physical Environment (Imp)
  • 11th NCERT: Fundamentals of Physical geography (Imp)

NDA Pathfinder Book is enough for other GAT Subjects like History, Biology, Economy, Current affairs, etc

2 Tips for NDA preparation (Very Important)

  1. You have to score 40+ correct questions of NDA English Section at any cost. Because NDA Exam Pattern for English pattern is same and questions type is also repeated. So, strengthen your grammar rules form Wren and Martin (English Grammar) book and practice A to Z questions given in  Pathfinder book.

(English section of GAT paper will give you a confidence of clearing GAT paper and overall NDA cut off marks)

NDA English Paper Weightage

  • Spotting the errors
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Idioms and Phrases
  • Ordering of Sentences
  • Comprehension
  • Fill in the Blanks

2. Follow NDA Maths preparation plan to score high in Maths paper. Because if you fail in NDA Maths paper, your GAT paper will not even be checked.

(Also utilize NDA Pathfinder 2022 book as it contains ample questions for MCQ practice.)

NDA Pathfinder Latest Edition in English and Hindi

NDA Pathfinder book is available in Hindi as well as English (Similar to NDA Maths and GAT paper which are available in English and Hindi)

You can study in English or Hindi as per your language of comfort, but just make sure that you buy Latest Version of NDA Pathfinder Book 2022 so that your copy is updated with latest attempt questions and necessary content as per latest exam trends.

NDA Pathfinder 2022 pdf

Many aspirants demand NDA Pathfinder book free pdf but its not legal. Moreover, I will recommend you to get offline copy of book rather than searching fof NDA Pathfinder book 2022 pdf.

  • It is efficient to study in hard copy (Notes making and all)
  • Moreover, it gives author the credit for his quality content

And if you still want NDA Pathfinder pdf of latest copy, then you can purchase it from arihantbooks.com where you will get NDA Pathfinder pdf of latest version as well as complete ebook.

NDA Pathfinder Book Review

Instead of just giving 1 sentence review of NDA Pathfinder book 2022, I have given you detailed analysis and strategy to study for NDA exam with Pathfinder book. So, now you have a clear idea about hot to proceed in your NDA preparation with ‘Pathfinder for NDA’ book.

How was this article on NDA Pathfinder Review and Strategy? Do let our team know in the comment section below.



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