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Rs. 5,000+ worth CDS Mock Tests at Only Rs. 445 (Rs. 2225) - 80% OFF Only For Today

Score 150+ marks with CDS Specific Mock Tests

45+ CDS Mock Tests 2020

(full syllabus tests)

Rs. 445 (Rs. 2225)

45+ CDS Mock Tests 2020

(full syllabus tests)

Score 150+ marks with CDS Specific Mock Tests

Rs. 445 (Rs. 2225)

Rs. 5,000+ worth CDS Mock Tests at Only Rs. 445 (Rs. 2225) - 80% OFF Only For Today

CDS Mock Test 2020

45+ CDS Mock Tests (Full Syllabus) to score 150+ Marks in CDS 2 2020 exam.
CDS Exam weightage, latest trends and exact types of questions as designed by UPSC.


15 GK Tests

(Full Syllabus)


15 Maths Tests

(Full Syllabus)


15 English Tests

(Full Syllabus)


2 Current Affairs

Special Tests

No one can stop you from scoring 150+ Marks if you give this test series and analyse your strong and weak areas.

How will the Tests be conducted?

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your one step can help you Join the Academy

45+ Full syllabus high quality cds mock test of worth rs. 5000+

huge 80% discount

Just 1 payment of only Rs. 445 (Rs. 2225)

Just 1 payment of
only Rs. 445 (Rs. 2225)

Key Features of CDS Mock Test 2020


High Quality 45+ CDS Tests


One Third Negative Marking


Wide coverage of Sources


Weightage similar to actual CDS Exam


Tests in Time Constraint
(120 Minutes)


World Class online Platform for Tests


Focus on concepts


100% exam like feel


Wide coverage of 1 year Current Affairs


Give Tests Unlimited Times


Last 5 Year CDS Question papers with Answer Key (PDF)

Reviews speak louder than Promises.

‘Direct Questions’ will be seen in the CDS English and Maths paper from this Test series!

We have done detailed analysis of CDS Maths and English papers and designed the tests accordingly. So the exact type of questions will be seen in the CDS 2 2020 Exam. In case of GK, major static GK and Current topics will be covered through this test series!

Score 35-40 Marks in CDS GK Paper

after solving 15 Full Syllabus Tests + 2 Current Affairs Tests

Just clearing the Cut Off is not our aim.

We need to aim for 35+ Marks in GK to be on a safer side. And it's easily possible. Because:

45+ Mock tests with 5000+ questions

and get super high value in very less cost

@445/- (Rs. 2225) only for today

This is how you'll give mock tests

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You cannot get the academy of your choice without scoring 60+ Marks in English and Maths!

Let's have a look at CDS Exam Last Year Cut Off

Just clearing sectional cut off (20 Marks) will take you nowhere. You need to score high marks in any 2 papers of the CDS Exam to get the academy of your choice. English and Maths are predictable and scoring topics. And I guarantee 60+ Marks in English and Maths if you solve Mock Tests seriously

Why do 99% aspirants fail to clear the CDS Written exam?

Most of the serious aspirants study hard to score good marks in CDS Exam. But still why do they fail to clear the written exam cutoff? Main reason is that they do not check the Previous year question papers and do not solve any Mock Test before actual CDS Exam.

“Do all the mistakes and experimentation in Mock Tests only.
So that there is no chance of mistake in FINAL CDS EXAM”

Our aim is to make you Join Academy
and not just clear the Written exam Cut Off!

join ‘Academy’ of your choice

You need to be 25-30 Marks above the written exam Cut Off if you want to find your name in the Final merit list. There is not much difference in Marks scored of recommended candidates in SSB (also it's not in your hand!)

So, it's better to score maximum marks in written examination which is completely in your hands by solving these Mock Tests and revising them at least once before exam.


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Frequently Asked Questions

You can complete the 45 CDS Mock Tests in just 15 days with this timetable.

Morning Study

Before 9am (Preferably New topic study)

English Mock Test

9:00am to 11:00am (Next 1 Hour Analysis of Mistakes!)

GK Mock Test

12:00pm to 2:00pm ((Next 1 Hour Analysis of Mistakes!)

Maths Mock Test

3:00 pm to 5:00pm

Evening Study

After 5pm (Preferably Revision of Topics you have studied till now!)


10 Minutes Meditation before Sleep

And remaining time (Morning and Evening)= Preparation (Out of total time available, spend 20% time for new learning, 40% time for Revision and Rest 40% Time for Test solving)

Yes. You can give Mock Tests multiple times till you master it. And you can give this mock test as per your time convenience.

These Mock Tests are applicable for the next attempt too (February 2021). So start giving Mock Tests from today itself.

One third Negative Marking is present in all 47 CDS Mock Tests. Also pattern, time limit and type of questions is same like CDS Exam (100% Exam like experience!)

45+ CDS Mock Tests

45+ CDS Mock Tests 2020

(full syllabus tests)

To Crack CDS Exam & Score 150+ Marks