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Army officer salary
Army officer salary

Today we will see a highly anticipated topic that is, CDS salary, about which every defence aspirant is excited. This will be a detailed article where we will focus on army officer salary, salary of army officer in hand, different allowances of army officer salary, salary to cadets in IMA/OTA (stipend) and this will be in the context of 7th Pay Commission for defence allowances.

There are various terms like Basic pay, Military Service Pay (MSP), Dearness Allowance, HAFA, field area allowance, transport allowance, etc which will be explained in detail so that you do not need to search about this topic in future. So, let’s begin with the salary of Indian Army officers after 7th Pay Commission.

CDS Salary (Understanding Basics)

You might have seen Level 10, Level 10B, Level 13, etc terms related to different ranks of Armed forces. But have you ever thought that what is its relevance of Levels in Armed forces?

“Levels” are introduced to bring uniformity in Armed forces (Army, Navy and Air force)

Officer belonging to the same level have the same salary (As given in the salary range given below)

A range of “Salary in Hand” is given for each level because actual salary in hand depends on your posting and allowances associated with the location where you are posted.

Let us first understand the different levels and their equivalent ranks in Army, Navy and Air force before seeing the salary of Army officers in India.

LevelArmy RankNavy RankAir Force Rank
Level 10 Lieutenant Sub-Lieutenant Flying Officer
Level 10 B Captain Lieutenant Flight Lieutenant
Level 11 Major Lieutenant
Level 12ALieutenant
Commander Wing Commander
Level 13 Colonel Captain Group Captain
Level 13A Brigadier Commodore Air Commodore
Level 14 Major General Rear Admiral Air Vice-Marshal
Level 15 Lieutenant
HAG Scale
Vice Admiral
HAG Scale
Air Marshal HAG
Level 16 HAG+Scale HAG+Scale HAG+Scale
Level 17 VCOAS/Army Cdr/
Lieutenant General
VCNS/Navy Cdr/
Vice Admiral
VACS/Airforce Cdr/
Air Marshal (NFSG)

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Army officer Salary

Let us begin with the Salary of Army officer and also army officer pay scale. Salary of army officer is given in a range because it differs as per location of posting and different allowances which will be explained below in this article.

LevelArmy RankSalary in Indian Rupees
Level 10 Lieutenant 56,100 – 1,77,500
Level 10 B Captain 61,300 – 1,93,900
Level 11 Major 69,400 – 2,07,200
Level 12A Lieutenant Colonel 1,21,200 – 2,12,400
Level 13 Colonel 1,30,600 – 2, 15,900
Level 13A Brigadier 1,39,600 – 2,17,600
Level 14 Major General 1,44,200 – 2,18,200
Level 15 Lieutenant
HAG Scale
1, 82, 200-2,24,100
Level 16 HAG+Scale 2,05,400 – 2,24,400
Level 17 VCOAS/Army Cdr/
Lieutenant General
Level 18 COAS 2,50,000/-(fixed)

Navy officer Salary

Now, let us see Salary of Navy officer and also Navy officer pay scale depending upon the level of officer. Salary of Navy officer is given in a range because it differs as per location of posting and different allowances which will be explained below in this article.

This CDS salary is as per 7th Pay Commission.

LevelNavy RankSalary in Indian Rupees
Level 10 Sub-Lieutenant 56,100 -1,77,500
Level 10 B Lieutenant 61,300 -1,93,900
Level 11 Lieutenant Commander 69,400 -2,07,200
Level 12A Commander 1,21,200 -2,12,400
Level 13 Captain 1,30,600 -2,15,900
Level 13A Commodore 1,39,600 -2,17,600
Level 14 Rear Admiral 1,44,200 -2,18,200
Level 15 Vice Admiral HAG Scale 1, 82, 200-2,24,100
Level 16 HAG+Scale 2,05,400 -2,24,400
Level 17 VCNS/Navy Cdr/ Vice
Admiral (NFSG)
Level 18 CNS 2,50,000/-(fixed)

Air force Officer Salary

There are always many questions and hypes about Salary of Air force officer. We will see air force officer pay scale depending on rank in Indian Air Force. Let us see CDS officer salary for Air force.

LevelAir Force RankSalary in Indian Rupees
Level 10 Flying Officer 56,100 – 1,77,500
Level 10 B Flight Lieutenant 61,300 – 1,93,900
Level 11 Squadron Leader 69,400 – 2,07,200
Level 12A Wing Commander 1,21,200 – 2,12,400
Level 13 Group Captain 1,30,600 -2,15,900
Level 13A Air Commodore 1,39,600 – 2,17,600
Level 14 Air Vice Marshal 1,44,200 – 2,18,200
Level 15 Air Marshal HAG Scale 1, 82, 200-2,24,100
Level 16 HAG+Scale 2,05,400 – 2,24,400
Level 17 VACS/Airforce Cdr/ Air Marshal
Level 18 CAS 2,50,000/-(fixed)

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Fixed stipend for cadets during training

CDS training salary or ‘cds officer training academy salary‘ are commonly searched terms, but you need to understand that this is a fixed stipend which cadets get at the time of training.

Stipend to Gentlemen or Lady
Cadets during the entire duration
of training in Service Academies
i.e. during the training period at
IMA and OTA.
Rs. 56,100/-
per month

Allowances in Indian Armed Forces

List of Indian Army Officer Allowances:

  1. Military Service Pay (MSP)
  2. Flying Allowance
  3. Siachen Allowance
  4. Uniform allowance
  5. Ration Allowance
  6. Transport Allowance ( TPTA )
  7. Children Education Allowance
  8. High Altitude Allowance
  9. Field Area Allowance (HAFA)
  10. Dearness Allowance
  11. Kit maintenance Allowance

All these Indian Army officer allowances will be explained in detail, and the exact amount of allowance in rupees will also be specified based on the 7th Pay Commission.

1. Military Service Pay (MSP)

Military Service Pay (MSP) to the officers from the rank of
Lieutenant to Brigadier
Rs 15,500 per month

(Military Service Pay or Military Service allowance is considered as a provision to compensate defence forces personnel for the special disadvantages, that is, hardship, danger, discipline that is associated with the military life)

2. Flying Allowance

Army Aviators (Pilots) serving in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to get flying allowance.

Lieutenant and above Ranks
(Level 10 and Above)
Rs 25,000 per month (fixed)
(R1H1 of Risk and Hardship Matrix)

3. Siachen Allowance

Siachen Allowance to officers
placed in Siachen
Rs. 42,500 per month.

4. Uniform allowance

Subsumed into the newly
Dress Allowance +
Kit maintenance allowance
Rs. 20,000 per year.

5. Ration Allowance

Defence officers in Field Area Free Rations
Defence officers posted in
peace area
Ration Money Allowance
(RMA) every month

6. Transport Allowance ( TPTA )

Higher TPTA Cities Rs. 7200 per month +DA
Other Cities Rs. 3600 per month+DA

List of Higher TPTA Cities in India: Hyderabad, Patna, Delhi, Ahmadabad, Surat, Bengaluru, Kochi, Kozhikode, Indore, Greater Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Ghaziabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Kolkata.

Armed forces Officers in Pay Level 14 and above, who are entitled to use official car by government, will have the option to avail official car facility or to draw the Transport allowance at the rate of Rs. 15,750+DA per month.

7. Children Education Allowance

Children Education Allowance
is admissible from Nursery
to 12th classes for two eldest child

Rs. 2250 per month
(Nursery to 12th )

8. High Altitude Allowance

High Altitude Allowance for Indian Armed Forces is divided into 3 categories:

  1. Cat-I Areas (areas between heights of 9000 ft. to 15000 ft )
  2. Cat-II Areas (areas that are above 15000 ft. in height )
  3. Cat-III Areas ( Areas that comprise certain specified areas that have especially uncongenial climate)
Rank Cat-I Areas Cat-II Areas Cat-III Areas
Lieutenant and above
(Above Level 10)
Rs. 3,400
per month
Rs. 5,300
per month
Rs. 25,000
per month

9. Field Area Allowance

Field Area Allowance given to Armed forces officials depends on Rank and Area of Operation where they are posted.

Rank Highly Active
Area Allowance
Lieutenant and above
(Above Level 10)
Rs. 16,900
per month
Rs. 10,500
per month
Rs. 6300
per month

10. Dearness Allowance (DA)

Dearness Allowance
Lieutenant and above
(Above Level 10)
Admissible at the same rates and
under the same condition as are
applicable to the civilian personnel
from time to time

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Salary of CDS Officer

We have coved A to Z aspects of salary of CDS Officer as well as Army officer allowances. So, you can calculate CDS salary based on location of posting with the help of this article.

Drastic increase in salary of Army officers can be seen after the 7th Pay Commission.

Indian Army Officer In-hand Salary

On average, after becoming officer in armed forces, your first In-Hand salary will be around Rs. 78,000-88,000 with all other facilities as per 7th pay commission.

It can even increase if you are posted in High altitude areas or Highly Active field areas.

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Jai Hind !!


  1. Sir the stipend for cadets was 21000/pm. Bt as u discussed in this article it is 56100pm , so the cadet who joins ima, ota, ifa, naval Academy will get 56100 per month .. Plzz tell in detail

    • Stipend to Gentlemen or Lady Cadets during the
      entire duration of training in Service Academies i.e.
      during the training period at IMA and OTA has been increased to 56,100 which is equivalent to Level 10 salary without allowances.

    • Yes. You can give this test series anytime till CDS Exam. But I will recommend taking tests Sunday to Sunday so that the syllabus will be completed in time.


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